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The divisions of the porters. Offices of other Levites.

 1 And the divisions of the porters: of the Corites Meselemia, the son of Core, of the sons of Asaph.
Divisiones autem janitorum : de Coritis Meselemia, filius Core, de filiis Asaph.

 2 The sons of Meselemia: Zacharias the firstborn, Jadihel the second, Zabadias the third, Jathanael the fourth,
Filii Meselemiae : Zacharias primogenitus, Jadihel secundus, Zabadias tertius, Jathanael quartus,

 3 Elam the fifth, Johanan the sixth, Elioenai the seventh.
Aelam quintus, Johanan sextus, Elioenai septimus.

 4 And the sons of Obededom, Semeias the firstborn, Jozabad the second, Joaha the third, Sachar the fourth, Nathanael the fifth,
Filii autem Obededom : Semeias primogenitus, Jozabad secundus, Joaha tertius, Sachar quartus, Nathanael quintus,

 5 Ammiel the sixth, Issachar the seventh, Phollathi the eighth: for the Lord had blessed him.
Ammiel sextus, Issachar septimus, Phollathi octavus : quia benedixit illi Dominus.

 6 And to Semei his son were born sons, herds of their families: for they were men of great valour.
Semei autem filio ejus nati sunt filii, praefecti familiarum suarum : erant enim viri fortissimi.

 7 The sons then of Semeias were Othni, and Raphael, and Obed, Elizabad, and his brethren most valiant men: and Eliu, and Samachias.
Filii ergo Semeiae : Othni, et Raphael, et Obed, Elzabad, fratres ejus viri fortissimi : Eliu quoque et Samachias.

 8 All these of the sons of Obededom: they, and their sons, and their brethren most able men for service, sixty-two of Obededom.
Omnes hi, de filiis Obededom : ipsi, et filii, et fratres eorum fortissimi ad ministrandum, sexaginta duo de Obededom.

 9 And the sons of Meselemia, and their brethren strong men, were eighteen.
Porro Meselemiae filii, et fratres eorum robustissimi, decem et octo.

 10 And of Hosa, that is, of the sons of Merari: Semri the chief, (for he had not a firstborn, and therefore his father made him chief.)
De Hosa autem, id est, de filiis Merari : Semri princeps ( non enim habuerat primogenitum, et idcirco posuerat eum pater ejus in principem),

 11 Helcias the second, Tabelias the third, Zacharias the fourth: all these the sons, and the brethren of Hosa, were thirteen.
Helcias secundus, Tabelias tertius, Zacharias quartus : omnes hi filii, et fratres Hosa, tredecim.

 12 Among these were the divisions of the porters, so that the chiefs of the wards, as well as their brethren, always ministered in the house of the Lord.
Hi divisi sunt in janitores, ut semper principes custodiarum, sicut et fratres eorum ministrarent in domo Domini.

 13 And they cast lots equally, both little and great, by their families for every one of the gates.
Missae sunt ergo sortes ex aequo, et parvis, et magnis, per familias suas in unamquamque portarum.

 14 And the lot of the east fell to Selemias. But to his son Zacharias, a very wise and learned man, the north gate fell by lot.
Cecidit ergo sors orientalis, Selemiae. Porro Zachariae filio ejus, viro prudentissimo, et erudito, sortito obtigit plaga septentrionalis.

 15 And to Obededom and his sons that towards the south: in which part of the house was the council of the ancients.
Obededom vero et filiis ejus ad austrum : in qua parte domus erat senrioum concilium.

 16 To Sephim, and Hosa towards the west, by the gate which leadeth to the way of the ascent: ward against ward.
Sephim, et Hosa ad occidentem, juxta portam, quae ducit ad viam ascensionis : custodia contra custodiam.

 17 Now towards the east were six Levites: and towards the north four a day: and towards the south likewise four a day: and where the council was, two and two.
Ad orentem vero Levitae sex : et ad aquilonem, quatuor per diem : atque ad meridiem similiter in die quatuor : et ubi erat concilium bini et bini.

 18 In the cells also of the porters toward the west four in the way: and two at every cell.
In cellulis quoque janitorum ad occidentem quatuor in via, binique per cellulas.

 19 These are the divisions of the porters of the sons of Core, and of Merari.
Hae sunt divisiones janitorum filiorum Core et Merari.

 20 Now Achias was over the treasures of the house of God, and the holy vessels.
Porro Achias erat super thesauros domus Dei, et vasa sanctorum.

 21 The sons of Ledan, the sons of Gersonni: of Ledan were heads of the families, of Ledan, and Gersonni, Jehieli.
Filii Ledan, filii Gersonni : de Ledan principes familiarum Ledan, et Gersonni, Jehieli.

 22 The sons of Jehieli: Zathan and Joel, his brethren over the treasures of the house of the Lord,
Filii Jehieli : Zathan, et Joel fratres ejus super thesauros domus Domini.

 23 With the Amramites, and Isaarites, and Hebronites, and Ozielites.
Amramitis, et Isaaritis, et Hebronitis, et Ozihelitis.

 24 And Subael the son of Gersom, the son of Moses, was chief over the treasures.
Subael autem filius Gersom, filii Moysi, praepositus thesauris.

 25 His brethren also, Eliezer, whose son Rohobia, and his son Isaias, and his son Joram, and his son Zechri, and his son Selemith.
Fratres quoque ejus Eliezer, cujus filius Rahabia, et hujus filius Isaias, et hujus filius Joram, hujus quoque filius Zechri, et hujus filius Selemith.

 26 Which Selemith and his brethren were over the treasures of the holy things, which king David, and the heads of families, and the captains over thousands and over hundreds, and the captains of the host had dedicated,
Ipse Selemith, et fratres ejus, super thesauros sanctorum, quae sanctificavit David rex, et principes familiarum, et tribuni, et centuriones, et duces exercitus,

 27 Out of the wars, and the spoils won in battles, which they had consecrated to the building and furniture of the temple of the Lord.
de bellis, et manubiis praeliorum, quae consecraverant ad instaurationem, et supellectilem templi Domini.

 28 And all these things that Samuel the seer and Saul the son of Cis, and Abner the son of Ner, and Joab the son of Sarvia had sanctified: and whosoever had sanctified those things, they were under the hand of Selemith and his brethren.
Haec autem universa sanctificavit Samuel videns, et Saul filius Cis, et Abner filius Ner, et Joab filius Sarviae : omnes, qui sanctificaverant ea per manum Selemith, et fratrum ejus.

 29 But Chonenias and his sons were over the Isaarites, for the business abroad over Israel to teach them and judge them.
Isaaritis vero praeerat Chonenias, et filii ejus ad opera forinsecus super Israel ad docendum et judicandum eos.

 30 And of the Hebronites Hasabias, and his brethren most able men, a thousand seven hundred had the charge over Israel beyond the Jordan westward, in all the works of the Lord, and for the service of the king.
Porro de Hebronitis Hasabias, et fratres ejus viri fortissimi, mille septingenti praeerant Israeli trans Jordanem contra occidentem, in cunctis operibus Domini, et in ministerium regis.

 31 And the chief of the Hebronites was Jeria according to their families and kindreds. In the fortieth year of the reign of David they were numbered, and there were found most valiant men in Jazer Galaad,
Hebronitarum autem princeps fuit Jeria secundum familias et cognationes eorum. Quadragesimo anno regni David recensiti sunt, et inventi sunt viri fortissimi in Jazer Galaad,

 32 And his brethren of stronger age, two thousand seven hundred chiefs of families. And king David made them rulers over the Rubenites and the Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasses, for all the service of God, and the king.
fratresque ejus robustioris aetatis, duo millia septingenti principes familiarum. Praeposuit autem eos David rex Rubenitis, et Gadditis, et dimidiae tribui Manasse, in omne ministerium Dei, et regis.

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