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David is made king. He taketh the castle of Sion. A catalogue of his valiant men.

 1 Then all Israel gathered themselves to David in Hebron, saying: We are thy bone, and thy flesh.
Congregatus est igitur omnis Israel ad David in Hebron, dicens : Os tuum sumus, et caro tua.

 2 Yesterday also, and the day before when Saul was king, thou wast he that leddest out and broughtest in Israel: for the Lord thy God said to thee: Thou shalt feed my people Israel, and thou shalt; be ruler over them.
Heri quoque et nudiustertius cum adhuc regnaret Saul, tu eras qui educebas, et introducebas Israel : tibi enim dixit Dominus Deus tuus : Tu pasces populum meum Israel, et tu eris princeps super eum.

 3 So all the ancients of Israel came to the king to Hebron, and David made a covenant with them before the Lord: and they anointed him king over Israel, according to the word of the Lord which he spoke in the hand of Samuel.
Venerunt ergo omnes majores natu Israel ad regem in Hebron, et iniit David cum eis foedus coram Domino : unxeruntque eum regem super Israel, juxta sermonem Domini, quem locutus est in manu Samuel.

 4 And David and all Israel went to Jerusalem, which is Jebus, where the Jebusites were the inhabitants of the land.
Abiit quoque David, et omnis Israel in Jerusalem : haec est Jebus, ubi erant Jebusaei habitatores terrae.

 5 And the inhabitants of Jebus said to David: Thou shalt not come in here. But David took the castle of Sion, which is the city of David.
Dixeruntque qui habitabant in Jebus ad David : Non ingredieris huc. Porro David cepit arcem Sion, quae est civitas David,

 6 And he said: Whosoever shall first strike the Jebusites, shall be the head and chief captain. And Joab the son of Sarvia went up first, and was made the general.
dixitque : Omnis qui percusserit Jebusaeum in primis, erit princeps, et dux. Ascendit igitur primus Joab filius Sarviae, et factus est princeps.

 7 And David dwelt in the castle, and therefore it was called the city of David.
Habitavit autem David in arce, et idcirco appellata est civitas David.

 8 And he built the city round about from Mello all round, and Joab built the rest of the city.
Aedificavitque urbem in circuitu a Mello usque ad gyrum, Joab autem reliqua urbis exstruxit.

 9 And David went on growing and increasing, and the Lord of hosts was with him.
Proficiebatque David vadens et crescens, et Dominus exercituum erat cum eo.

 10 These are the chief of the valiant men of David, who helped him to be made king over all Israel, according to the word of the Lord, which he spoke to Israel.
Hi principes virorum fortium David, qui adjuverunt eum ut rex fieret super omnem Israel juxta verbum Domini, quod locutus est ad Israel.

 11 And this is the number of the heroes of David: Jesbaam the son of Hachamoni the chief among the thirty: he lifted up his spear against three hundred wounded by him at one time.
Et iste numerus robustorum David : Jesbaam filius Hachamoni princeps inter triginta : iste levavit hastam suam super trecentos vulneratos una vice.

 12 And after him was Eleazar his uncle's son the Ahohite, who was one of the three mighties.
Et post eum Eleazar filius patrui ejus Ahohites, qui erat inter tres potentes.

 13 He was with David in Phesdomim, when the Philistines were gathered to that place to battle: and the field of that country was full of barley, and the people fled from before the Philistines.
Iste fuit cum David in Phesdomim, quando Philisthiim congregati sunt ad locum illum in praelium : et erat ager regionis illius plenus hordeo, fugeratque populus a facie Philisthinorum.

 14 But these men stood in the midst of the field, and defended it: and they slew the Philistines, and the Lord gave a great deliverance to his people.
Hi steterunt in medio agri, et defenderunt eum : cumque percussissent Philisthaeos, dedit Dominus salutem magnam populo suo.

 15 And three of the thirty captains went down to the rock, wherein David was, to the cave of Odollam, when the Philistines encamped in the valley of Raphaim.
Descenderunt autem tres de triginta principibus ad petram, in qua erat David, ad speluncam Odollam, quando Philisthiim fuerant castrametati in valle Raphaim.

 16 And David was in a hold, and the garrison of the Philistines in Bethlehem.
Porro David erat in praesidio, et statio Philisthinorum in Bethlehem.

 17 And David longed, and said: O that some man would give me water of the cistern of Bethlehem, which is in the gate.
Desideravit igitur David, et dixit : O si quis daret mihi aquam de cisterna Bethlehem, quae est in porta!

 18 And these three broke through the midst of the camp of the Philistines, and drew water out of the cistern of Bethlehem, which was in the gate, and brought it to David to drink: and he would not drink of it, but rather offered it to the Lord,
Tres ergo isti per media castra Philisthinorum perrexerunt, et hauserunt aquam de cisterna Bethlehem, quae erat in porta, et attulerunt ad David ut biberet. Qui noluit, sed magis libavit illam Domino,

 19 Saying: God forbid that I should do this in the sight of my God, and should drink the blood of these men: for with the danger of their lives they have brought me the water. And therefore he would not drink. These things did the three most valiant.
dicens : Absit ut in conspectu Dei mei hoc faciam, et sanguinem istorum virorum bibam : quia in periculo animarum suarum attulerunt mihi aquam. Et ob hanc causam noluit bibere : haec fecerunt tres robustissimi.

 20 And Abisai the brother of Joab, he was chief of three, and he lifted up his spear against three hundred whom he slew, and he was renowned among the three,
Abisai quoque frater Joab ipse erat princeps trium, et ipse levavit hastam suam contra trecentos vulneratos, et ipse erat inter tres nominatissimus,

 21 And illustrious among the second three, and their captain: but yet he attained not to the first three.
et inter tres secundos inclytus, et princeps eorum : verumtamen usque ad tres primos non pervenerat.

 22 Banaias the son of Joiada, a most valiant man, of Cabseel, who had done many acts: he slew the two ariels of Moab: and he went down, and killed a lion in the midst of a pit in the time of snow.
Banaias filius Jojadae viri robustissimi, qui multa opera perpetrarat, de Cabseel : ipse percussit duos Ariel Moab : et ipse descendit, et interfecit leonem in media cisterna tempore nivis.

 23 And he slew an Egyptian, whose stature was of five cubits, and who had a spear like a weaver's beam: and he went down to him with a staff, and plucked away the spear, that he held in his hand, and slew him with his own spear.
Et ipse percussit virum aegyptium, cujus statura erat quinque cubitorum, et habebat lanceam ut liciatorium texentium : descendit igitur ad eum cum virga, et rapuit hastam, quam tenebat manu, et interfecit eum hasta sua.

 24 These things did Banaias the son of Joiada, who was renowned among the three valiant ones,
Haec fecit Banaias filius Jojadae, qui erat inter tres robustos nominatissimus,

 25 And the first among the thirty, but yet to the three he attained not: and David made him of his council.
inter triginta primus, verumtamen ad tres usque non pervenerat : posuit autem eum David ad auriculam suam.

 26 Moreover the most valiant men of the army, were Asahel brother of Joab, and Elchanan the son of his uncle of Bethlehem,
Porro fortissimi viri in exercitu, Asahel frater Joab, et Elchanan filius patrui ejus de Bethlehem,

 27 Sammoth an Arorite, Helles a Phalonite,
Sammoth Arorites, Helles Pharonites,

 28 Ira the son of Acces a Thecuite, Abiezer an Anathothite,
Ira filius Acces Thecuites, Abiezer Anathothites,

 29 Sobbochai a Husathite, Ilai an Ahohite,
Sobbochai Husathites, Ilai Ahohites,

 30 Maharai a Netophathite, Heled the son of Baana a Netophathite,
Maharai Netophathites, Heled filius Baana Netophathites,

 31 Ethai the son of Ribai of Gabaath of the sons of Benjamin, Banal a Pharathonite,
Ethai filius Ribai de Gabaath filiorum Benjamin, Banaia Pharatonites,

 32 Hurai of the torrent Gaas, Abiel an Arbathite, Azmoth a Bauramite, Eliaba a Salabonite,
Hurai de torrente Gaas, Abiel Arbathites, Azmoth Bauramites, Eliaba Salabonites.

 33 The sons of Assem a, Gezonite, Jonathan the son of Sage an Ararite,
Filii Assem Gezonites, Jonathan filius Sage Ararites,

 34 Ahiam the son of Sachar an Ararite,
Ahiam filius Sachar Ararites,

 35 Eliphal the son of Ur,
Eliphal filius Ur,

 36 Hepher a Mecherathite, Ahia a Phelonite,
Hepher Mecherathites, Ahia Phelonites,

 37 Hesro a Carmelite, Naarai the son of Azbai,
Hesro Carmelites, Naarai filius Asbai,

 38 Joel the brother of Nathan, Mibahar the son of Agarai.
Joel frater Nathan, Mibahar filius Agarai,

 39 Selec an Ammonite, Naharai a Berothite, the armourbearer of Joab the son of Sarvia.
Selec Ammonites, Naharai Berothites armiger Joab filii Sarviae,

 40 Ira a Jethrite, Gareb a Jethrite,
Ira Jethraeus, Gareb Jethraeus,

 41 Urias a Hethite, Zabad the son of Oholi,
Urias Hethaeus, Zabad filius Oholi,

 42 Adina the son of Siza a Rubenite the prince of the Rubenites, and thirty with him:
Adina filius Siza Rubenites princeps Rubenitarum, et cum eo triginta :

 43 Hanan the son of Maacha, and Josaphat a Mathanite,
Hanan filius Maacha, et Josaphat Mathanites,

 44 Ozia an Astarothite, Samma, and Jehiel the sons of Hotham an Arorite,
Ozia Astarothites, Samma, et Jehiel filii Hotham Arorites,

 45 Jedihel the son of Zamri, and Jobs his brother a Thosaite,
Jedihel filius Samri, et Joha frater ejus Thosaites,

 46 Eliel a Mithumite, and Jeribai, and Josaia the sons of Elnaim, and Jethma a Moabite, Eliel, and Obed, and Jasiel of Masobia.
Eliel Mahumites, et Jeribai, et Josaia filii Elnaem, et Jethma Moabites, Eliel, et Obed, et Jasiel de Masobia.

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