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The divisions of the priests into four and twenty courses, to serve in the temple: the chiefs of the Levites.

 1 Now these were the divisions of the sons of Aaron: The sons of Aaron: Nadab, and Abiu, and Eleazar, and Ithamar.
Porro filiis Aaron hae partitiones erant. Filii Aaron : Nadab, et Abiu, et Eleazar, et Ithamar.

 2 But Nadab and Abiu died before their father, and had no children: so Eleazar, and Ithamar did the office of the priesthood.
Mortui sunt autem Nadab, et Abiu ante patrem suum absque liberis : sacerdotioque functus est Eleazar, et Ithamar.

 3 And David distributed them, that is, Sadoc of the sons of Eleazar, and Ahimelech of the sons of Ithamar, according to their courses and ministry.
Et divisit eos David, id est, Sadoc de filiis Eleazari, et Ahimelech de filiis Ithamar, secundum vices suas et ministerium.

 4 And there were found many more of the sons of Eleazar among the principal men, than of the sons of Ithamar. And he divided them so, that there were of the sons of Eleazar, sixteen chief men by their families: and of the sons of Ithamar eight by their families and houses.
Inventique sunt multo plures filii Eleazar in principibus viris, quam filii Ithamar. Divisit autem eis, hoc est, filiis Eleazar, principes per familias sedecim : et filiis Ithamar per familias et domos suas octo.

 5 And he divided both the families one with the other by lot: for there were princes of the sanctuary, and princes of God, both of the sons of Eleazar, and of the sons of Ithamar.
Porro divisit utrasque inter se familias sortibus : erant enim principes sanctuarii, et principes Dei, tam de filiis Eleazar, quam de filiis Ithamar.

 6 And Semeias the son of Nathanael the scribe a Levite, wrote them down before the king and the princes, and Sadoc the priest, and Ahimelech the son of Abiathar, and the princes also of the priestly and Levitical families: one house, which was over the rest, of Eleazar: and another house, which had the rest under it, of Ithamar.
Descripsitque eos Semeias filius Nathanael scriba Levites, coram rege et principibus, et Sadoc sacerdote, et Ahimelech filio Abiathar, principibus quoque familiarum sacerdotalium, et Leviticarum : unam domum, quae ceteris praeerat, Eleazar : et alteram domum, quae sub se habebat ceteros, Ithamar.

 7 Now the first lot came forth to Joiarib, the second to Jedei,
Exivit autem sors prima Jojarib, secunda Jedei,

 8 The third to Harim, the fourth to Seorim,
tertia Harim, quarta Seorim,

 9 The fifth to Melchia, the sixth to Maiman,
quinta Melchia, sexta Maiman,

 10 The seventh to Accos, the eighth to Abia,
septima Accos, octava Abia,

 11 The ninth to Jesua, the tenth to Sechenia,
nona Jesua, decima Sechenia,

 12 The eleventh to Eliasib, the twelfth to Jacim,
undecima Eliasib, duodecima Jacim,

 13 The thirteenth to Hoppha, the fourteenth to Isbaab,
tertiadecima Hoppha, decimaquarta Isbaab,

 14 The fifteenth to Belga, the sixteenth to Emmer,
decimaquinta Belga, decimasexta Emmer,

 15 The seventeenth to Hezir, the eighteenth to Aphses,
decimaseptima Hezir, decimaoctava Aphses,

 16 The nineteenth to Pheteia, the twentieth to Hezechiel,
decimanona Pheteia, vigesima Hezechiel,

 17 The one and twentieth to Jachin, the two and twentieth to Gamul,
vigesima prima Jachin, vigesima secunda Gamul,

 18 The three and twentieth to Dalaiau, the four and twentieth to Maaziau.
vigesima tertia Dalaiau, vigesima quarta Maaziau.

 19 These are their courses according to their ministries, to come into the house of the Lord, and according to their manner under the hand of Aaron their father: as the Lord the God of Israel had commanded.
Hae vices eorum secundum ministeria sua, ut ingrediantur domum Domini, et juxta ritum suum sub manu Aaron patris eorum : sicut praeceperat Dominus Deus Israel.

 20 Now of the rest of the sons of Levi, there was of the sons of Amram, Subael: and of the sons of Subael, Jehedeia.
Porro filiorum Levi, qui reliqui fuerant, de filiis Amram erat Subael, et de filiis Subael, Jehedeia.

 21 Also of the sons of Rohobia the chief Jesias.
De filiis quoque Rohobiae princeps Jesias.

 22 And the son of Isaar Salemoth, and the son of Salemoth Jahath:
Isaari vero filius Salemoth, filiusque Salemoth Jahath :

 23 And his son Jeriau the first, Amarias the second, Jahaziel the third, Jecmaan the fourth.
filiusque ejus Jeriau primus, Amarias secundus, Jahaziel tertius, Jecmaan quartus.

 24 The son of Oziel, Micha: the son of Micha, Samir.
Filius Oziel, Micha : filius Micha, Samir.

 25 The brother of Micha, Jesia: and the son of Jesia, Zacharias.
Frater Micha, Jesia : filiusque Jesiae, Zacharias.

 26 The sons of Merari: Moholi and Musi: the son of Oziau: Benno.
Filii Merari : Moholi, et Musi. Filius Oziau : Benno.

 27 The son also of Merari: Oziau, and Seam, and Zacchur, and Hebri.
Filius quoque Merari : Oziau et Soam et Zachur et Hebri.

 28 And the son of Moholi: Eleazar, who had no sons.
Porro Moholi filius : Eleazar, qui non habebat liberos.

 29 And the son of Cis, Jeramael.
Filius vero Cis, Jerameel.

 30 The sons of Musi: Moholi, Eder, and Jerimoth. These are the sons of Levi according to the houses of their families.
Filii Musi : Moholi, Eder et Jerimoth : isti filii Levi secundum domos familiarum suarum.

 31 And they also cast lots over against their brethren the sons of Aaron before David the king, and Sadoc, and Ahimelech, and the princes of the priestly and Levitical families, both the elder and the younger. The lot divided all equally.
Miseruntque et ipsi sortes contra fratres suos filios Aaron coram David rege, et Sadoc, et Ahimelech, et principibus familiarum sacerdotalium et Leviticarum, tam majores, quam minores : omnes sors aequaliter dividebat.

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