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Other genealogies of Juda and Simeon, and their victories.

 1 The sons of Juda: Phares, Hesron, and Charmi, and Hur, and Sobal.
Filii Juda : Phares, Hesron, et Charmi, et Hur, et Sobal.

 2 And Raia the son of Sobal beget Jahath, of whom were born Ahumai, and Laad. These are the families of Sarathi.
Raia vero filius Sobal genuit Jahath, de quo nati sunt Ahumai, et Laad : hae cognationes Sarathi.

 3 And this is the posterity of Etam: Jezrahel, and Jesema, and Jedebos: and the name of their sister was Asalelphuni.
Ista quoque stirpes Etam : Jezrahel, et Jesema, et Jedebos. Nomen quoque sororis eorum, Asalelphuni.

 4 And Phanuel the father of Gedor, and Ezar the father of Hosa, these are the sons of Hur the firstborn of Ephratha the father of Bethlehem.
Phanuel autem pater Gedor, et Ezer pater Hosa : isti sunt filii Hur primogeniti Ephratha patris Bethlehem.

 5 And Assur the father of Thecua had two wives, Halaa and Naara:
Assur vero patri Thecuae erant duae uxores, Halaa et Naara.

 6 And Naara bore him Ozam, and Hepher, and Themani, and Ahasthari: these are the sons of Naara.
Peperit autem ei Naara, Oozam, et Hepher, et Themani, et Ahasthari : isti sunt filii Naara.

 7 And the sons of Halaa, Sereth, Isaar, and Ethnan.
Porro filii Halaa, Sereth, Isaar et Ethnan.

 8 And Cos begot Anob, and Soboba, the kindred of Aharehel the son of Arum.
Cos autem genuit Anob, et Soboba, et cognationem Aharehel filii Arum.

 9 And Jabes was more honourable than any of his brethren, and his mother called his name Jabes, saying: Because I bore him with sorrow.
Fuit autem Jabes inclytus prae fratribus suis, et mater ejus vocavit nomen illius Jabes, dicens : Quia peperi eum in dolore.

 10 And Jabes called upon the God of Israel, saying: If blessing thou wilt bless me, and wilt enlarge my borders, and thy hand be with me, and thou save me from being oppressed by evil. And God granted him the things he prayed for.
Invocavit vero Jabes Deum Israel, dicens : Si benedicens benedixeris mihi, et dilataveris terminos meos, et fuerit manus tua mecum, et feceris me a malitia non opprimi. Et praestitit Deus quae precatus est.

 11 And Caleb the brother of Sua beget Mahir, who was the father of Esthon.
Caleb autem frater Sua genuit Mahir, qui fuit pater Esthon.

 12 And Esthon beget Bethrapha, and Phesse, and Tehinna father of the city of Naas: these are the men of Recha.
Porro Esthon genuit Bethrapha, et Phesse, et Tehinna patrem urbis Naas : hi sunt viri Recha.

 13 And the sons of Cenez were Othoniel, and Saraia. And the sons of Othoniel, Hathath, and Maonathi.
Filii autem Cenez, Othoniel, et Saraia. Porro filii Othoniel, Hathath, et Maonathi.

 14 Maonathi beget Ophra, and Saraia begot Joab the father of the Valley of artificers: for artificers were there.
Maonathi genuit Ophra, Saraia autem genuit Joab patrem Vallis artificum : ibi quippe artifices erant.

 15 And the sons of Caleb the son of Jephone, were Hir, and Ela, and Naham. And the sons of Ela: Cenez.
Filii vero Caleb filii Jephone, Hir, et Ela, et Naham. Filii quoque Ela : Cenez.

 16 The sons also of Jaleleel: Ziph, and Zipha, Thiria, and Asrael.
Filii quoque Jaleleel : Ziph, et Zipha, Thiria, et Asrael.

 17 And the sons of Esra, Jether, and Mered, and Epher, and Jalon, and he beget Mariam, and Sammai, and Jesba the father of Esthamo.
Et filii Ezra, Jether, et Mered, et Epher, et Jalon, genuitque Mariam, et Sammai, et Jesba patrem Esthamo.

 18 And his wife Judaia, bore Jared the father of Gedor, and Heber the father of Socho, and Icuthiel the father of Zanoe. And these are the sons of Bethia the daughter of Pharao, whom Mered took to wife.
Uxor quoque ejus Judaia, peperit Jared patrem Gedor, et Heber patrem Socho, et Icuthiel patrem Zanoe : hi autem filii Bethiae filiae Pharaonis, quam accepit Mered.

 19 And the sons of his wife Odaia the sister of Naham the father of Celia, Garmi, and Esthamo, who was of Machathi.
Et filii uxoris Odaiae sororis Naham patris Ceila, Garmi, et Esthamo, qui fuit de Machathi.

 20 The sons also of Simon, Amnon, and Rinna the son of Hanan, and Thilon. And the sons of Jesi Zoheth, and Benzoheth.
Filii quoque Simon, Amnon, et Rinna filius Hanan, et Thilon. Et filii Jesi, Zoheth, et Benzoheth.

 21 The sons of Sela the son of Juda: Her the father of Lecha, and Laada the father of Maresa, and the families of the house of them that wrought fine linen in the House of oath.
Filii Sela, filii Juda : Her pater Lecha, et Laada pater Maresa, et cognationes domus operantium byssum in Domo juramenti.

 22 And he that made the sun to stand, and the men of Lying, and Secure, and Burning, who were princes in Moab, and who returned into Lahem. Now these are things of old.
Et qui stare fecit solem, virique Mendacii, et Securus, et Incendens, qui principes fuerunt in Moab, et qui reversi sunt in Lahem : haec autem verba vetera.

 23 These are the potters, and they dwelt in Plantations, and Hedges, with the king for his works, and they abode there.
Hi sunt figuli habitantes in plantationibus, et in sepibus, apud regem in operibus ejus, commoratique sunt ibi.

 24 The sons of Simeon: Namuel, and Jamin, Jarib, Zara, Saul:
Filii Simeon : Namuel et Jamin, Jarib, Zara, Saul.

 25 Sellum his son, Mapsam his son, Masma his son.
Sellum filius ejus, Mapsam filius ejus, Masma filius ejus.

 26 The sons of Masma: Hamuel his son, Zachur his son, Semei his son.
Filii Masma : Hamuel filius ejus, Zachur filius ejus, Semei filius ejus.

 27 The sons of Semei were sixteen, and six daughters: but his brethren had not many sons, and the whole kindred could not reach to the sum of the children of Juda.
Filii Semei sedecim, et filiae sex : fratres autem ejus non habuerunt filios multos, et universa cognatio non potuit adaequare summam filiorum Juda.

 28 And they dwelt in Bersabee, and Molada, and Hasarsuhal,
Habitaverunt autem in Bersabee, et Molada, et Hasarsuhal,

 29 And in Bala, and in Asom, and in Tholad,
et in Bala, et in Asom, et in Tholad,

 30 And in Bathuel, and in Horma, and in Siceleg,
et in Bathuel, et in Horma, et in Siceleg,

 31 And in Bethmarchaboth, and in Hasarsusim, and in Bethberai, and in Saarim. These were their cities unto the reign of David.
et in Bethmarchaboth, et in Hasarsusim, et in Bethberai, et in Saarim : hae civitates eorum usque ad regem David.

 32 Their towns also were Etam, and Aen, Remmon, and Thochen, and Asan, five cities.
Villae quoque eorum : Etam, et Aen, Remmon, et Thochen, et Asan, civitates quinque.

 33 And all their villages round about these cities as far as Baal. This was their habitation, and the distribution of their dwellings.
Et universi vinculi eorum per circuitum civitatum istarum usque ad Baal : haec est habitatio eorum, et sedium distributio.

 34 And Mosabab and Jemlech, and Josa, the son of Amasias,
Mosobab quoque et Jemlech, et Josa filius Amasiae,

 35 And Joel, and Jehu the son of Josabia the son of Saraia, the son of Asiel,
et Joel, et Jehu filius Josabiae filii Saraiae filii Asiel,

 36 And Elioenai, and Jacoba, and Isuhaia, and Asaia, and Adiel, and Ismiel, and Banaia,
et Elioenai, et Jacoba, et Isuhaia, et Asaia, et Adiel, et Ismiel, et Banaia,

 37 Ziza also the son of Sephei the son of Allon the son of Idaia the son of Semri the son of Samaia.
Ziza quoque filius Sephei filii Allon filii Idaia filii Semri filii Samaia.

 38 These were named princes in their kindreds, and in the houses of their families were multiplied exceedingly.
Isti sunt nominati principes in cognationibus suis, et in domo affinitatum suarum multiplicati sunt vehementer.

 39 And they went forth to enter into Gador as far as to the east side of the valley, to seek pastures for their flocks.
Et profecti sunt ut ingrederentur in Gador usque ad orientem vallis, et ut quaererent pascua gregibus suis.

 40 And they found fat pastures, and very good, and a country spacious, and quiet, and fruitful, in which some of the race of Cham had dwelt before.
Inveneruntque pascuas uberes, et valde bonas, et terram latissimam et quietam et fertilem, in qua ante habitaverant de stirpe Cham.

 41 And these whose names are written above, came in the days of Ezechias king of Juda: and they beat down their tents, and slew the inhabitants that were found there, and utterly destroyed them unto this day: and they dwelt in their place, because they found there fat pastures.
Hi ergo venerunt, quos supra descripsimus nominatim, in diebus Ezechiae regis Juda : et percusserunt tabernacula eorum, et habitatores qui inventi fuerant ibi, et deleverunt eos usque in praesentem diem : habitaveruntque pro eis, quoniam uberrimas pascuas ibidem repererunt.

 42 Some also of the children of Simeon, five hundred men, went into mount Seir, having for their captains Phaltias and Naaria and Raphaia and Oziel the sons of Jesi:
De filiis quoque Simeon abierunt in montem Seir viri quingenti, habentes principes Phalthiam et Naariam et Raphaiam et Oziel filios Jesi :

 43 And they slew the remnant of the Amalecites, who had been able to escape, and they dwelt there in their stead unto this day.
et percusserunt reliquias, quae evadere potuerant, Amalecitarum, et habitaverunt ibi pro eis usque ad diem hanc.

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