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The Israelites, priests, and Levites, who first dwelt in Jerusalem after the captivity. A repetition of the genealogy of Saul.

 1 And all Israel was numbered: and the sum of them was written in the book of the kings of Israel, and Juda: and they were carried away to Babylon for their transgression.
Universus ergo Israel dinumeratus est et summa eorum scripta est in libro regum Israel, et Juda : translatique sunt in Babylonem propter delictum suum.

 2 Now the first that dwelt in their possessions, and in their cities, were the Israelites, and the priests, and the Levites, and the Nathineans.
Qui autem habitaverunt primi in possessionibus, et in urbibus suis : Israel, et sacerdotes, et Levitae, et Nathinaei.

 3 And in Jerusalem dwelt of the children of Juda, and of the children of Benjamin, and of the children of Ephraim, and of Manasses.
Commorati sunt in Jerusalem de filiis Juda, et de filiis Benjamin, de filiis quoque Ephraim, et Manasse.

 4 Othei the son of Ammiud, the son of Amri, the son of Omrai, the son of Bonni, of the sons of Phares the son of Juda.
Othei filius Ammiud, filii Amri, filii Omrai, filii Bonni, de filiis Phares filii Juda.

 5 And of Siloni: Asaia the firstborn, and his sons.
Et de Siloni : Asaia primogenitus, et filii ejus.

 6 And of the sons of Zara: Jehuel, and their brethren, six hundred and ninety.
De filiis autem Zara, Jehuel, et fratres eorum, sexcenti nonaginta.

 7 And of the sons of Benjamin: Sale the son of Mosollam, the son of Oduia, the son of Asana:
Porro de filiis Benjamin : Salo filius Mosollam, filii Oduia, filii Asana :

 8 And Jobania the son of Jeroham: and Ela the son of Ozi, the son of Mochori: and Mosallam the son of Saphatias, the son of Rahuel, the son of Jebania:
et Jobania filius Jeroham : et Ela filius Ozi, filii Mochori : et Mosollam filius Saphatiae, filii Rahuel, filii Jebaniae,

 9 And their brethren by their families, nine hundred and fifty-six. All these were heads of their families, by the houses of their fathers.
et fratres eorum per familias suas, nongenti quinquaginta sex. Omnes hi, principes cognationum per domos patrum suorum.

 10 And of the priests: Jedaia, Joiarib, and Jachin:
De sacerdotibus autem : Jedaia, Joiarib, et Jachin :

 11 And Azarias the son of Helcias, the son of Mosollam, the son of Sadoc, the son of Maraioth, the son of Achitob, high priest of the house of God.
Azarias quoque filius Helciae, filii Mosollam, filii Sadoc, filii Maraioth, filii Achitob, pontifex domus Dei.

 12 And Adaias the son of Jeroham, the son of Phassur, the son of Melchias, and Maasai the son of Adiel, the son of Jezra, the son of Mosollam, the son of Mosollamith, the son of Emmer.
Porro Adaias filius Jeroham, filii Phassur, filii Melchiae : et Maasai filius Adiel filii Jezra, filii Mosollam, filii Mosollamith, filii Emmer.

 13 And their brethren heads in their families a thousand seven hundred and threescore, very strong and able men for the work of the ministry in the house of God.
Fratres quoque eorum principes per familias suas, mille septingenti sexaginta, fortissimi robore ad faciendum opus ministerii in domo Dei.

 14 And of the Levites: Semeia the son of Hassub the son of Ezricam, the son of Hasebia of the sons of Merari.
De Levitis autem : Semeia filius Hassub filii Ezricam, filii Hasebia de filiis Merari.

 15 And Bacbacar the carpenter, and Galal, and Mathania the son of Micha, the son of Zechri the son of Asaph:
Bacbacar quoque carpentarius, et Galal, et Mathania filius Micha, filii Zechri, filii Asaph :

 16 And Obdia the son of Semeia, the son of Galal, the son of Idithum: and Barachia the son of Asa, the son of Elcana, who dwelt in the suburbs of Netophati.
et Obdia filius Semeiae, filii Galal, filii Idithun : et Barachia filius Asa, filii Elcana, qui habitavit in atriis Netophati.

 17 And the porters were Sellum, and Accub, and Telmon, and Ahiman: and their brother Sellum was the prince,
Janitores autem : Sellum, et Accub, et Telmon, et Ahimam : et frater eorum Sellum princeps,

 18 Until that time, in the king's gate eastward, the sons of Levi waited by their turns.
usque ad illud tempus, in porta regis ad orientem, observabant per vices suas de filiis Levi.

 19 But Sellum the son of Core, the son of Abiasaph, the son of Core, with his brethren and his father's house, the Corites were over the works of the service, keepers of the gates of the tabernacle: and their families in turns were keepers of the entrance of the camp of the Lord.
Sellum vero filius Core filii Abiasaph, filii Core, cum fratribus suis, et domo patris sui, hi sunt Coritae super opera ministerii, custodes vestibulorum tabernaculi : et familiae eorum per vices castrorum Domini custodientes introitum.

 20 And Phinees the son of Eleazar, was their prince before the Lord,
Phinees autem filius Eleazari, erat dux eorum coram Domino.

 21 And Zacharias the son of Mosollamia, was porter of the gate of the tabernacle of the testimony:
Porro Zacharias filius Mosollamia, janitor portae tabernaculi testimonii.

 22 All these that were chosen to be porters at the gates, were two hundred and twelve: and they were registered in their proper towns: whom David and Samuel the seer appointed in their trust.
Omnes hi electi in ostiarios per portas, ducenti duodecim : et descripti in villis propriis, quos constituerunt David, et Samuel videns, in fide sua

 23 As well them as their sons, to keep the gates of the house of the Lord, and the tabernacle by their turns.
tam ipsos, quam filios eorum in ostiis domus Domini, et in tabernaculo vicibus suis.

 24 In four quarters were the porters: that is to say, toward the east, and west, and north, and south.
Per quatuor ventos erant ostiarii : id est, ad orientem, et ad occidentem, et ad aquilonem, et ad austrum.

 25 And their brethren dwelt in villages, and came upon their sabbath days from time to time.
Fratres autem eorum in viculis morabantur, et veniebant in sabbatis suis de tempore usque ad tempus.

 26 To these four Levites were committed the whole number of the porters, and they were over the chambers, and treasures, of the house of the Lord.
His quatuor Levitis creditus erat omnis numerus janitorum, et erant super exedras, et thesauros domus Domini.

 27 And they abode in their watches round about the temple of the Lord: that when it was time, they might open the gates in the morning.
Per gyrum quoque templi Domini morabantur in custodiis suis : ut cum tempus fuisset, ipsi mane aperirent fores.

 28 And some of their stock had the charge of the vessels for the ministry: for the vessels were both brought in and carried out by number.
De horum genere erant et super vasa ministerii : ad numerum enim et inferebantur vasa, et efferebantur.

 29 Some of them also had the instruments of the sanctuary committed unto them, and the charge of the fine flour, and wine, and oil, and frankincense, and spices.
De ipsis et qui credita habebant utensilia sanctuarii, praeerant similae, et vino, et oleo, et thuri, et aromatibus.

 30 And the sons of the priests made the ointments of the spices.
Filii autem sacerdotum unguenta ex aromatibus conficiebant.

 31 And Mathathias a Levite, the firstborn of Sellum the Corite, was overseer of such things as were fried in the fryingpan.
Et Mathathias Levites primogenitus Sellum Coritae, praefectus erat eorum, quae in sartagine frigebantur.

 32 And some of the sons of Caath their brethren, were over the loaves of proposition, to prepare always new for every sabbath.
Porro de filiis Caath fratribus eorum, super panes erant propositionis, ut semper novos per singula sabbata praepararent.

 33 These are the chief of the singing men of the families of the Levites, who dwelt in the chambers, by the temple, that they might serve continually day and night in their ministry.
Hi sunt principes cantorum per familias Levitarum, qui in exedris morabantur, ut die ac nocte jugiter suo ministerio deservirent.

 34 The heads of the Levites, princes in their families, abode in Jerusalem.
Capita Levitarum, per familias suas principes, manserunt in Jerusalem.

 35 And in Gabaon dwelt Jehiel the father of Gabaon, and the name of hill wife was Maacha:
In Gabaon autem commorati sunt pater Gabaon Jehiel, et nomen uxoris ejus Maacha.

 36 His firstborn son Abdon, and Sur, and Cis, and Baal, and Ner, and Nadab,
Filius primogenitus ejus Abdon, et Sur, et Cis, et Baal, et Ner, et Nadab,

 37 Gedor also, and Ahio, and Zacharias, and Macelloth.
Gedor quoque, et Ahio, et Zacharias, et Macelloth.

 38 And Macelloth beget Samaan: these dwelt over against their brethren in Jerusalem, with their brethren.
Porro Macelloth genuit Samaan : isti habitaverunt e regione fratrum suorum in Jerusalem cum fratribus suis.

 39 Now Ner beget Cia: and Cis begot Saul: and Saul beget Jonathan and Melchisua, and Abinadab, and Esbaal.
Ner autem genuit Cis : et Cis genuit Saul : et Saul genuit Jonathan, et Melchisua, et Abinadab, et Esbaal.

 40 And the son of Jonathan, was Meribbaal: and Meribbaal beget Micha.
Filius autem Jonathan, Meribbaal : et Meribbaal genuit Micha.

 41 And the sons of Micha, were Phithon, and Melech, and Tharaa, and Ahaz.
Porro filii Micha, Phithon, et Melech, et Tharaa, et Ahaz.

 42 And Ahaz beget Jara, and Jara beget Alamath, and Azmoth, and Zamri. And Zamri beget Mesa.
Ahaz autem genuit Jara, et Jara genuit Alamath, et Azmoth, et Zamri. Zamri autem genuit Mosa.

 43 And Mesa beget Banaa: whose son Raphaia beget Elasa: of whom was born Asel.
Mosa vero genuit Banaa : cujus filius Raphaia, genuit Elasa : de quo ortus est Asel.

 44 And he had six sons whose names are, Ezricam, Bochru, Ismahel, Saria, Obdia, Hanan: these are the sons of Asel.
Porro Asel sex filios habuit his nominibus : Ezricam, Bocru, Ismahel, Saria, Obdia, Hanan : hi sunt filii Asel.

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