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The genealogy of the house of David.

 1 Now these were the sons of David that were born to him in Hebron: the firstborn Amnon of Achinoam the Jezrahelitess, the second Daniel of Abigail the Carmelitess.
David vero hos habuit filios, qui ei nati sunt in Hebron : primogenitum Amnon ex Achinoam Jezrahelitide, secundum Daniel de Abigail Carmelitide,

 2 The third Absalom the son of Maacha the daughter of Tolmai king of Gessur, the fourth Adonias the son of Aggith,
tertium Absalom filium Maacha filiae Tholmai regis Gessur, quartum Adoniam filium Aggith,

 3 The fifth Saphatias of Abital, the sixth Jethrahem of Egla, his wife.
quintum Saphathiam ex Abital, sextum Jethraham de Egla uxore sua.

 4 So six sons were born to him in Hebron, where he reigned seven years and six months. And in Jerusalem he reigned three and thirty years.
Sex ergo nati sunt ei in Hebron, ubi regnavit septem annis et sex mensibus. Triginta autem et tribus annis regnavit in Jerusalem.

 5 And these sons were born to him in Jerusalem: Simmaa, and Sobab, and Nathan, and Solomon, four of Bethsabee the daughter of Ammiel.
Porro in Jerusalem nati sunt ei filii, Simmaa, et Sobab, et Nathan, et Salomon, quatuor de Bethsabee filia Ammiel,

 6 Jebaar also and Elisama,
Jebaar quoque et Elisama,

 7 And Eliphaleeh, and Noge, and Nepheg, and Japhia,
et Eliphaleth, et Noge, et Nepheg, et Japhia,

 8 And Elisama, and Eliada, and Elipheleth, nine:
necnon Elisama, et Eliada, et Elipheleth, novem :

 9 All these the sons of David, beside the sons of the concubines: and they had a sister Thamar.
omnes hi, filii David absque filiis concubinarum : habueruntque sororem Thamar.

 10 And Solomon's son was Roboam: whose son Abia beget Asa. And his son was Josaphat,
Filius autem Salomonis, Roboam : cujus Abia filius genuit Asa. De hoc quoque natus est Josaphat,

 11 The father of Joram: and Joram begot Ochozias, of whom was born Joas:
pater Joram : qui Joram genuit Ochoziam, ex quo ortus est Joas :

 12 And his son Amasias begot Azarias. And Joathan the son of Azarias
et hujus Amasias filius genuit Azariam. Porro Azariae filius Joatham

 13 Beget Achaz, the father of Ezechias, of whom was born Manasses.
procreavit Achaz patrem Ezechiae, de quo natus est Manasses.

 14 And Manasses beget Amen the father of Josias.
Sed et Manasses genuit Amon patrem Josiae.

 15 And the sons of Josias were, the firstborn Johanan, the second Joakim, the third Sedecias, the fourth Sellum.
Filii autem Josiae fuerunt : primogenitus Johanan, secundus Joakim, tertius Sedecias quartus Sellum.

 16 Of Joakim was born Jechonias, and Sedecias.
De Joakim natus est Jechonias, et Sedecias.

 17 The sons of Jechonias were Asir, Salathiel,
Filii Jechoniae fuerunt : Asir, Salathiel,

 18 Melchiram, Phadaia, Senneser and Jecemia, Sama, and Nadabia.
Melchiram, Phadaia, Senneser, et Jecemia, Sama, et Nadabia.

 19 Of Phadaia were born Zorobabel and Semei. Zorobabel beget Mosollam, Hananias, and Salomith their sister:
De Phadaia orti sunt Zorobabel et Semei. Zorobabel genuit Mosollam, Hananiam, et Salomith sororem eorum :

 20 Hasaba also, and Ohol, and Barachias, and Hasadias, Josabhesed, five.
Hasaban quoque, et Ohol, et Barachian, et Hasadian, Josabhesed, quinque.

 21 And the son of Hananias was Phaltias the father of Jeseias, whose son was Raphaia. And his son was Arnan, of whom was born Obdia, whose son was Sechenias.
Filius autem Hananiae, Phaltias pater Jeseiae, cujus filius Raphaia : hujus quoque filius, Arnan, de quo natus est Obdia, cujus filius fuit Sechenias.

 22 The son of Sechenias, was Semeia, whose sons were Hattus, and Jegaal, and Baria, and Naaria, and Saphat, six in number.
Filius Secheniae, Semeia : cujus filii Hattus, et Jegaal, et Baria, et Naaria, et Saphat, sex numero.

 23 The sons of Naaria, Elioenai, and Ezechias, and Ezricam, three.
Filius Naariae, Elioenai, et Ezechias, et Ezricam, tres.

 24 The sons of Elioenai, Oduia, and Eliasub, and Pheleia, and Accub, and Johanan, and Dalaia, and Anani, seven.
Filii Elioenai, Oduia, et Eliasub, et Pheleia, et Accub, et Johanan, et Dalaia, et Anani, septem.

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