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Genealogies of Issachar, Benjamin, Nephtali, Manasses, Ephraim, and Aser.

 1 Now the sons of Issachar were Thola, and Phua, Jasub and Simeron, four.
Porro filii Issachar : Thola, et Phua, Jasub, et Simeron, quatuor.

 2 The sons of Thola: Ozi and Raphaia, and Jeriel, and Jemai, and Jebsem, and Samuel, chiefs of the houses of their kindreds. Of the posterity of Thola were numbered in the days of David, two and twenty thousand six hundred most valiant men.
Filii Thola : Ozi, et Raphaia, et Jeriel, et Jemai, et Jebsem, et Samuel, principes per domos cognationum suarum. De stirpe Thola viri fortissimi numerati sunt in diebus David, viginti duo millia sexcenti.

 3 The sons of Ozi: Izrahia, of whom were born Michael, and Obadia, and Joel, and Jesia, five all great men.
Filii Ozi : Izrahia, de quo nati sunt Michael, et Obadia, et Joel, et Jesia, quinque omnes principes.

 4 And there were with them by their families and peoples, six and thirty thousand most valiant men ready for war: for they had many wives and children.
Cumque eis per familias, et populos suos, accincti ad praelium, viri fortissimi, triginta sex millia : multas enim habuerunt uxores, et filios.

 5 Their brethren also throughout all the house of Issachar, were numbered fourscore and seven thousand most valiant men for war.
Fratres quoque eorum per omnem cognationem Issachar robustissimi ad pugnandum, octoginta septem millia numerati sunt.

 6 The sons of Benjamin were Bela, and Bechor, and Jadihel, three.
Filii Benjamin : Bela, et Bechor, et Jadihel, tres.

 7 The sons of Bela: Esbon, and Ozi, and Ozial, and Jerimoth and Urai, five chiefs of their families, and most valiant warriors, and their number was twenty-two thousand and thirty-four.
Filii Bela : Esbon, et Ozi, et Oziel, et Jerimoth, et Urai, quinque principes familiarum, et ad pugnandum robustissimi : numerus autem eorum, viginti duo millia et triginta quatuor.

 8 And the sons of Bechor were Zamira, and Joas, and Eliezer, and Elioenai, and Amai, and Jerimoth, and Abia, and Anathoth, and Almath: all these were the sons of Bechor.
Porro filii Bechor : Zamira, et Joas, et Eliezer, et Elioenai, et Amri, et Jerimoth, et Abia, et Anathoth, et Almath : omnes hi, filii Bechor.

 9 And they were numbered by the families, heads of their kindreds, most valiant men for war, twenty thousand and two hundred.
Numerati sunt autem per familias suas principes cognationum suarum ad bella fortissimi, viginti millia et ducenti.

 10 And the son of Jadihel: Balan. And the sons of Balan: Jehus and Benjamin and Aod, and Chanana, and Zethan and Tharsis, and Ahisahar.
Porro filii Jadihel : Balan. Filii autem Balan : Jehus, et Benjamin, et Aod, et Chanana, et Zethan, et Tharsis, et Ahisahar :

 11 All these were sons of Jadihel, heads of their kindreds, most valiant men, seventeen thousand and two hundred fit to go out to war.
omnes hi filii Jadihel, principes cognationum suarum viri fortissimi, decem et septem millia et ducenti ad praelium procedentes.

 12 Sepham also and Hapham the sons of Hir: and Hasim the sons of Aher.
Sepham quoque, et Hapham filii Hir : et Hasim filii Aher.

 13 And the sons of Nephtali were Jasiel, and Guni, and Jezer, and Sellum, sons of Bala.
Filii autem Nephthali : Jaziel, et Guni, et Jeser, et Sellum, filii Bala.

 14 And the son of Manasses, Ezriel: and his concubine the Syrian bore Machir the father of Galaad.
Porro filius Manasse, Esriel : concubinaque ejus Syra peperit Machir patrem Galaad.

 15 And Machir took wives for his sons Happhim, and Saphan: and he had a sister named Maacha: the name of the second was Salphaad, and Salphaad had daughters.
Machir autem accepit uxores filiis suis Happhim, et Saphan : et habuit sororem nomine Maacha : nomen autem secundi, Salphaad, nataeque sunt Salphaad filiae.

 16 And Maacha the wife of Machir bore a son, and she called his name Phares: and the name of his brother was Sares: and his sons were Ulam and Recen.
Et peperit Maacha uxor Machir filium, vocavitque nomen ejus Phares : porro nomen fratris ejus, Sares : et filii ejus, Ulam, et Recen.

 17 And the son of Ulam, Baden. These are the sons of Galaad, the son of Machir the son of Manasses.
Filius autem Ulam, Badan : hi sunt filii Galaad, filii Machir, filii Manasse.

 18 And his sister named Queen bore Goodlyman, and Abiezer, and Mohola.
Soror autem ejus Regina peperit Virum decorum, et Abiezer, et Mohola.

 19 And the sons of Semida were Ahiu, and Sechem, and Leci and Aniam.
Erant autem filii Semida, Ahin, et Sechem, et Leci, et Aniam.

 20 And the sons of Ephraim were Suthala, Bared his son, Thahath his son, Elada his son, Thahath his son, and his son Zabad,
Filii autem Ephraim : Suthala, Bared filius ejus, Thahath filius ejus, Elada filius ejus, Thahath filius ejus, hujus filius Zabad,

 21 And his son Suthala, and his son Ezer, and Elad: and the men of Geth born in the land slew them, because they came down to invade their possessions.
et hujus filius Suthula, et hujus filius Ezer et Elad : occiderunt autem eos viri Geth indigenae, quia descenderant ut invaderent possessiones eorum.

 22 And Ephraim their father mourned many days, and his brethren came to comfort him.
Luxit igitur Ephraim pater eorum multis diebus, et venerunt fratres ejus ut consolarentur eum.

 23 And he went in to his wife: and she conceived and bore a son, and he called his name Beria, because he was born when it went evil with his house:
Ingressusque est ad uxorem suam : quae concepit, et peperit filium, et vocavit nomen ejus Beria, eo quod in malis domus ejus ortus esset :

 24 And his daughter was Sara, who built Bethoron, the nether and the upper, and Ozensara.
filia autem ejus fuit Sara, quae aedificavit Bethoron inferiorem et superiorem, et Ozensara.

 25 And Rapha was his son, and Reseph, and Thale, of whom was born Thaan,
Porro filius ejus Rapha, et Reseph, et Thale, de quo natus est Thaan,

 26 Who begot Laadan: and his son was Ammiud, who beget Elisama,
qui genuit Laadan : hujus quoque filius Ammiud, qui genuit Elisama,

 27 Of whom was born Nun, who had Josue for his son.
de quo ortus est Nun, qui habuit filium Josue.

 28 And their possessions and habitations were Bethel with her daughters, and eastward Noran, and westward Gazer and her daughters, Sichem also with her daughters, as far as Ass with her daughters.
Possessio autem eorum et habitatio, Bethel cum filiabus suis, et contra orientem Noran, ad occidentalem plagam Gazer et filiae ejus, Sichem quoque cum filiabus suis, usque ad Aza cum filiabus ejus.

 29 And by the borders of the sons of Manasses Bethsan and her daughters, Thanach and her daughters, Mageddo and her daughters: Dor and her daughters: in these dwelt the children of Joseph, the son of Israel.
Juxta filios quoque Manasse Bethsan, et filias ejus, Thanach et filias ejus, Mageddo et filias ejus, Dor et filias ejus : in his habitaverunt filii Joseph, filii Israel.

 30 The children of Aser were Jemna, and Jesua, and Jessui, and Baria, and Sara their sister.
Filii Aser : Jemna, et Jesua, et Jessui, et Baria, et Sara soror eorum.

 31 And the sons of Baria: Haber, and Melchiel: he is the father of Barsaith.
Filii autem Baria : Heber, et Melchiel : ipse est pater Barsaith.

 32 And Heber beget Jephlat, and Somer, and Hotham, and Suaa their sister.
Heber autem genuit Jephlat, et Somer, et Hotham, et Suaa sororem eorum.

 33 The sons of Jephlat: Phosech, and Chamaal, and Asoth: these are the sons of Jephlat.
Filii Jephlat : Phosech, et Chamaal, et Asoth : hi filii Jephlat.

 34 And the sons of Somer: Ahi, and Roaga, and Haba, and Aram.
Porro filii Somer : Ahi, et Roaga, et Haba, et Aram.

 35 And the sons of Helem his brother: Supha, and Jemna, and Selles, and Amal.
Filii autem Helem fratris ejus : Supha, et Jemna, et Selles et Amal.

 36 The sons of Supha: Sue, Hernapher, and Sual, and Beri, and Jamra.
Filii Supha : Sue, Harnapher, et Sual, et Beri, et Jamra,

 37 Bosor and Hod, and Samma, and Salusa, and Jethran, and Bera.
Bosor, et Hod, et Samma, et Salusa, et Jethran, et Bera.

 38 The sons of Jether: Jephone, and Phaspha, and Ara.
Filii Jether : Jephone, et Phaspha, et Ara.

 39 And the sons of Olla: Aree, and Haniel, and Resia.
Filii autem Olla : Aree, et Haniel, et Resia.

 40 All these were sons of Aser, heads of their families, choice and most valiant captains of captains: and the number of them that were of the age that was fit for war, was six and twenty thousand.
Omnes hi filii Aser, principes cognationum, electi atque fortissimi duces ducum : numerus autem eorum aetatis, quae apta esset ad bellum, viginti sex millia.

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