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David's purpose to build a temple, is rewarded by most ample promises: David's thanksgiving.

 1 Now when David was dwelling in his house, he said to Nathan the prophet: Behold I dwell in a house of cedar: and the ark of the covenant of the Lord is under skins.
Cum autem habitaret David in domo sua, dixit ad Nathan prophetam : Ecce ego habito in domo cedrina : arca autem foederis Domini sub pellibus est.

 2 And Nathan said to David: Do all that is in thy heart: for God is with thee.
Et ait Nathan ad David : Omnia, quae in corde tuo sunt, fac : Deus enim tecum est.

 3 Now that night the word of God came to Nathan, saying:
Igitur nocte illa factus est sermo Dei ad Nathan, dicens :

 4 Go, and speak to David my servant: Thus saith the Lord: Thou shalt not build me a house to dwell in.
Vade, et loquere David servo meo : Haec dicit Dominus : Non aedificabis tu mihi domum ad habitandum.

 5 For I have not remained in a house from the time that I brought up Israel, to this day: but I have been always changing places in a tabernacle, and in a tent,
Neque enim mansi in domo ex eo tempore, quo eduxi Israel, usque ad diem hanc : sed fui semper mutans loca tabernaculi, et in tentorio

 6 Abiding with all Israel. Did I ever speak to any one, of all the judges of Israel, whom I charged to feed my people, saying: Why have you not built me a house of cedar?
manens cum omni Israel. Numquid locutus sum saltem uni judicum Israel, quibus praeceperam ut pascerent populum meum, et dixi : Quare non aedificastis mihi domum cedrinam?

 7 Now therefore thus shalt thou say to my servant David: Thus saith the Lord of hosts: I took thee from the pastures, from following the flock, that thou shouldst be ruler of my people Israel.
Nunc itaque sic loqueris ad servum meum David : Haec dicit Dominus exercituum : Ego tuli te, cum in pascuis sequereris gregem, ut esses dux populi mei Israel.

 8 And I have been with thee whithersoever thou hast gone: and have slain all thy enemies before thee, and have made thee a name like that of one of the great ones that are renowned in the earth.
Et fui tecum quocumque perrexisti : et interfeci omnes inimicos tuos coram te, fecique tibi nomen quasi unius magnorum, qui celebrantur in terra.

 9 And I have given a place to my people Israel: they shall be planted, and shall dwell therein, and shall be moved no more, neither shall the children of iniquity waste them, as at the beginning,
Et dedi locum populo meo Israel : plantabitur, et habitabit in eo, et ultra non commovebitur : nec filii iniquitatis atterent eos, sicut a principio,

 10 Since the days that I gave judges to my people Israel, and have humbled all thy enemies. And I declare to thee, that the Lord will build thee a house.
ex diebus quibus dedi judices populo meo Israel, et humiliavi universos inimicos tuos. Annuntio ergo tibi, quod aedificaturus sit tibi Dominus domum.

 11 And when thou shalt have ended thy days to go to thy fathers, I will raise up thy seed after thee, which shall be of thy sons: and I will establish his kingdom.
Cumque impleveris dies tuos ut vadas ad patres tuos, suscitabo semen tuum post te, quod erit de filiis tuis : et stabiliam regnum ejus.

 12 He shall build me a house, and I will establish his throne for ever.
Ipse aedificabit mihi domum, et firmabo solium ejus usque in aeternum.

 13 I will be to him a father, and he shall be to me a son: and I will not take my mercy away from him, as I took it from him that was before thee.
Ego ero ei in patrem, et ipse erit mihi in filium : et misericordiam meam non auferam ab eo, sicut abstuli ab eo qui ante te fuit.

 14 But I will settle him in my house, and in my kingdom for ever: and his throne shall be most firm for ever.
Et statuam eum in domo mea, et in regno meo usque in sempiternum : et thronus ejus erit firmissimus in perpetuum.

 15 According to all these words, and according to all this vision, so did Nathan speak to David.
Juxta omnia verba haec, et juxta universam visionem istam, sic locutus est Nathan ad David.

 16 And king David came and sat before the Lord, and said: Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house, that thou shouldst give such things to me?
Cumque venisset rex David, et sedisset coram Domino, dixit : Quis ego sum, Domine Deus, et quae domus mea, ut praestares mihi talia?

 17 But even this hath seemed little in thy sight, and therefore thou hast also spoken concerning the house of thy servant for the time to come: and hast made me remarkable above all men, O Lord God.
sed et hoc parum visum est in conspectu tuo, ideoque locutus es super domum servi tui etiam in futurum : et fecisti me spectabilem super omnes homines, Domine Deus.

 18 What can David add more, seeing thou hast thus glorified thy servant, and known him?
Quid ultra addere potest David, cum ita glorificaveris servum tuum, et cognoveris eum?

 19 O Lord, for thy servant's sake, according to thy own heart, thou hast shewn all this magnificence, and wouldst have all the great things to be known.
Domine, propter famulum tuum juxta cor tuum fecisti omnem magnificentiam hanc, et nota esse voluisti universa magnalia.

 20 O Lord there is none like thee: and there is no other God beside thee, of all whom we have heard of with our ears.
Domine, non est similis tui : et non est alius Deus absque te, ex omnibus, quos audivimus auribus nostris.

 21 For what other nation is there upon earth like thy people Israel, whom God went to deliver, and make a people for himself, and by his greatness and terrors cast out nations before their face whom he had delivered out of Egypt?
Quis enim est alius, ut populus tuus Israel, gens una in terra, ad quam perrexit Deus ut liberaret, et faceret populum sibi, et magnitudine sua atque terroribus, ejiceret nationes a facie ejus, quem de Aegypto liberarat?

 22 And thou hast made thy people Israel to be thy own people for ever, and thou, O Lord, art become their God.
Et posuisti populum tuum Israel tibi in populum usque in aeternum, et tu, Domine, factus es Deus ejus.

 23 Now therefore, O Lord, let the word which thou hast spoken to thy servant, and concerning his house, be established for ever, and do as thou hast said.
Nunc igitur Domine, sermo quem locutus es famulo tuo, et super domum ejus, confirmetur in perpetuum, et fac sicut locutus es.

 24 And let thy name remain and be magnified for ever: and let it be said: The Lord of hosts is God of Israel, and the house of David his servant remaineth before him.
Permaneatque et magnificetur nomen tuum usque in sempiternum, et dicatur : Dominus exercituum Deus Israel, et domus David servi ejus permanens coram eo.

 25 For thou, O Lord my God, hast revealed to the ear of thy servant, that thou wilt build him a house: and therefore thy servant hath found confidence to pray before thee.
Tu enim, Domine Deus meus, revelasti auriculam servi tui, ut aedificares ei domum : et idcirco invenit servus tuus fiduciam, ut oret coram te.

 26 And now O Lord, thou art God: and thou hast promised to thy servant such great benefits.
Nunc ergo Domine, tu es Deus : et locutus es ad servum tuum tanta beneficia.

 27 And thou hast begun to bless the house of thy servant, that it may be always before thee: for seeing thou blessest it, O Lord, it shall be blessed for ever.
Et coepisti benedicere domui servi tui, ut sit semper coram te : te enim, Domine, benedicente, benedicta erit in perpetuum.

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