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Rabba is taken. Other victories over the Philistines.

 1 And it came to pass after the course of a year, at the time that kings go out to battle, Joab gathered together an army and the strength of the troops, and wasted the land of the children of Ammon: and went and besieged Rabba. But David stayed at Jerusalem, when Joab smote Rabba, and destroyed it.
Factum est autem post anni circulum, eo tempore quo solent reges ad bella procedere, congregavit Joab exercitum, et robur militiae, et vastavit terram filiorum Ammon : perrexitque et obsedit Rabba. Porro David manebat in Jerusalem, quando Joab percussit Rabba, et destruxit eam.

 2 And David took the crown of Melchom from his head, and found in it a talent weight of gold, and most precious stones, and he made himself a diadem of it: he took also the spoils of the city which were very great.
Tulit autem David coronam Melchom de capite ejus, et invenit in ea auri pondo talentum, et pretiosissimas gemmas, fecitque sibi inde diadema : manubias quoque urbis plurimas tulit;

 3 And the people that were therein he brought out: and made harrows, and sleds, and chariots of iron to go over them, so that they were cut and bruised to pieces: in this manner David dealt with all the cities of the children of Ammon: and he returned with all his people to Jerusalem.
populum autem, qui erat in ea, eduxit, et fecit super eos tribulas, et trahas, et ferrata carpenta transire, ita ut dissecarentur, et contererentur. Sic fecit David cunctis urbibus filiorum Ammon : et reversus est cum omni populo suo in Jerusalem.

 4 After this there arose a war at Gazer against the Philistines: in which Sabachai the Husathite slew Saphai of the race of Raphaim, and humbled them.
Post haec initum est bellum in Gazer adversum Philisthaeos, in quo percussit Sobochai Husathites, Saphai de genere Raphaim, et humiliavit eos.

 5 Another battle also was fought against the Philistines, in which Adeodatus the son of Saltus a Bethlehemite slew the brother of Goliath the Gethite, the staff of whose spear was like a weaver's beam.
Aliud quoque bellum gestum est adversus Philisthaeos, in quo percussit Adeodatus filius Saltus Bethlehemites fratrem Goliath Gethaei, cujus hastae lignum erat quasi liciatorium texentium.

 6 There was another battle also in Geth, in which there was a man of great stature, whose fingers and toes were four and twenty, six on each hand and foot: who also was born of the stock of Rapha.
Sed et aliud bellum accidit in Geth, in quo fuit homo longissimus, senos habens digitos, id est, simul viginti quatuor : qui et ipse de Rapha fuerat stirpe generatus.

 7 He reviled Israel: but Jonathan the son of Samaa the brother of David slew him. These were the sons of Rapha in Geth, who fell by the hand of David and his servants.
Hic blasphemavit Israel : et percussit eum Jonathan filius Samaa fratris David. Hi sunt filii Rapha in Geth, qui ceciderunt in manu David et servorum ejus.

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