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Job shews the wonderful change of his temporal estate, from welfare to great calamity.

 1 But now the younger in time scorn me, whose fathers I would not have set with the dogs of my flock:
Nunc autem derident me juniores tempore, quorum non dignabar patres ponere cum canibus gregis mei :

 2 The strength of whose hands was to me as nothing, and they were thought unworthy of life itself.
quorum virtus manuum mihi erat pro nihilo, et vita ipsa putabantur indigni :

 3 Barren with want and hunger, who gnawed in the wilderness, disfigured with calamity and misery.
egestate et fame steriles, qui rodebant in solitudine, squallentes calamitate et miseria.

 4 And they ate grass, and barks of trees, and the root of junipers was their food.
Et mandebant herbas, et arborum cortices, et radix juniperorum erat cibus eorum :

 5 Who snatched up these things out of the valleys, and when they had found any of them, they ran to them with a cry.
qui de convallibus ista rapientes, cum singula reperissent, ad ea cum clamore currebant :

 6 They dwelt in the desert places of torrents, and in caves of earth, or upon the gravel.
in desertis habitabant torrentium, et in cavernis terrae, vel super glaream :

 7 They pleased themselves among these kind of things, and counted it delightful to be under the briers.
qui inter hujuscemodi laetabantur, et esse sub sentibus delicias computabant :

 8 The children of foolish and base men, and not appearing at all upon the earth.
filii stultorum et ignobilium, et in terra penitus non parentes.

 9 Now I am turned into their song, and am become their byword.
Nunc in eorum canticum versus sum, et factus sum eis in proverbium.

 10 They abhor me, and flee far from me, and are not afraid to spit in my face.
Abominantur me, et longe fugiunt a me, et faciem meam conspuere non verentur.

 11 For he hath opened his quiver, and hath afflicted me, and hath put a bridle into my mouth.
Pharetram enim suam aperuit, et afflixit me, et frenum posuit in os meum.

 12 At the right hand of my rising, my calamities forthwith arose: they have overthrown my feet, and have overwhelmed me with their paths as with waves.
Ad dexteram orientis calamitates meae illico surrexerunt : pedes meos subverterunt, et oppresserunt quasi fluctibus semitis suis.

 13 They have destroyed my ways, they have lain in wait against me, and they have prevailed, and there was none to help.
Dissipaverunt itinera mea : insidiati sunt mihi, et praevaluerunt, et non fuit qui ferret auxilium.

 14 They have rushed in upon me, as when a wall is broken, and a gate opened, and have rolled themselves down to my miseries.
Quasi rupto muro, et aperta janua, irruerunt super me, et ad meas miserias devoluti sunt.

 15 I am brought to nothing: as a wind thou hast taken away my desire: and my prosperity hath passed away like a cloud.
Redactus sum in nihilum; abstulisti quasi ventus desiderium meum, et velut nubes pertransiit salus mea.

 16 And now my soul fadeth within myself, and the days of affliction possess me.
Nunc autem in memetipso marcescit anima mea, et possident me dies afflictionis.

 17 In the night my bone is pierced with sorrows: and they that feed upon me, do not sleep.
Nocte os meum perforatur doloribus, et qui me comedunt, non dormiunt.

 18 With the multitude of them my garment is consumed, and they have girded me about, as with the collar of my coat.
In multitudine eorum consumitur vestimentum meum, et quasi capito tunicae succinxerunt me.

 19 I am compared to dirt, and am likened to embers and ashes.
Comparatus sum luto, et assimilatus sum favillae et cineri.

 20 I cry to thee, and thou hearest me not: I stand up, and thou dost not regard me.
Clamo ad te, et non exaudis me : sto, et non respicis me.

 21 Thou art changed to be cruel toward me, and in the hardness of thy hand thou art against me.
Mutatus es mihi in crudelem, et in duritia manus tuae adversaris mihi.

 22 Thou hast lifted me up, and set me as it were upon the wind, and thou hast mightily dashed me.
Elevasti me, et quasi super ventum ponens elisisti me valide.

 23 I know that thou wilt deliver me to death, where a house is appointed for every one that liveth.
Scio quia morti trades me, ubi constituta est domus omni viventi.

 24 But yet thou stretchest not forth thy hand to their consumption: and if they shall fall down thou wilt save.
Verumtamen non ad consumptionem eorum emittis manum tuam : et si corruerint, ipse salvabis.

 25 I wept heretofore for him that was afflicted, and my soul had compassion on the poor.
Flebam quondam super eo qui afflictus erat, et compatiebatur anima mea pauperi.

 26 I expected good things, and evils are come upon me: I waited for light, and darkness broke out.
Expectabam bona, et venerunt mihi mala : praestolabar lucem, et eruperunt tenebrae.

 27 My inner parts have boiled without any rest, the days of affliction have prevented me.
Interiora mea efferbuerunt absque ulla requie : praevenerunt me dies afflictionis.

 28 I went mourning without indignation; I rose up, and cried in the crowd.
Moerens incedebam, sine furore, consurgens, in turba clamabam.

 29 I was the brother of dragons, and companion of ostriches.
Frater fui draconum, et socius struthionum.

 30 My skin is become black upon me, and my bones are dried up with heat.
Cutis mea denigrata est super me, et ossa mea aruerunt prae caumate.

 31 My harp is turned to mourning, and my organ into the voice of those that weep.
Versa est in luctum cithara mea, et organum meum in vocem flentium.

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