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Job persists in maintaining his innocence: and reproves his friends.

 1 Behold my eye hath seen all these things, and my ear hath heard them, and I have understood them all.
Ecce omnia haec vidit oculus meus, et audivit auris mea, et intellexi singula.

 2 According to your knowledge I also know: neither am I inferior to you.
Secundum scientiam vestram et ego novi : nec inferior vestri sum.

 3 But yet I will speak to the Almighty, and I desire to reason with God.
Sed tamen ad Omnipotentem loquar, et disputare cum Deo cupio,

 4 Having first shewn that you are forgers of lies, and maintainers of perverse opinions.
prius vos ostendens fabricatores mendacii, et cultores perversorum dogmatum.

 5 And I wish you would hold your peace, that you might be thought to be wise men.
Atque utinam taceretis, ut putaremini esse sapientes!

 6 Hear ye therefore my reproof, and attend to the judgment of my lips.
Audite ergo correptionem meam, et judicium labiorum meorum attendite.

 7 Hath God any need of your lie, that you should speak deceitfully for him?
Numquid Deus indiget vestro mendacio, ut pro illo loquamini dolos?

 8 Do you accept his person, and do you endeavour to judge for God?
Numquid faciem ejus accipitis, et pro Deo judicare nitimini?

 9 Or shall it please him, from whom nothing can be concealed? or shall he be deceived as a man, with your deceitful dealings?
aut placebit ei quem celare nihil potest? aut decipietur, ut homo, vestris fraudulentiis?

 10 He shall reprove you, because in secret you accept his person.
Ipse vos arguet, quoniam in abscondito faciem ejus accipitis.

 11 As soon as he shall move himself, he shall trouble you: and his dread shall fall upon you.
Statim ut se commoverit, turbabit vos, et terror ejus irruet super vos.

 12 Your remembrance shall be compared to ashes, and your necks shall be brought to clay.
Memoria vestra comparabitur cineri, et redigentur in lutum cervices vestrae.

 13 Hold your peace a little while, that I may speak whatsoever my mind shall suggest to me.
Tacete paulisper, ut loquar quodcumque mihi mens suggesserit.

 14 Why do I tear my flesh with my teeth, and carry my soul in my hands?
Quare lacero carnes meas dentibus meis, et animam meam porto in manibus meis?

 15 Although he should kill me, I will trust in him: but yet I will reprove my ways in his sight.
Etiam si occiderit me, in ipso sperabo : verumtamen vias meas in conspectu ejus arguam.

 16 And he shall be my saviour: for no hypocrite shall come before his presence.
Et ipse erit salvator meus : non enim veniet in conspectu ejus omnis hypocrita.

 17 Hear ye my speech, and receive with your ears hidden truths.
Audite sermonem meum, et aenigmata percipite auribus vestris.

 18 If I shall be judged, I know that I shall be found just.
Si fuero judicatus, scio quod justus inveniar.

 19 Who is he that will plead against me? let him come: why am I consumed holding my peace?
Quis est qui judicetur mecum? veniat : quare tacens consumor?

 20 Two things only do not to me, and then from thy face I shall not be hid:
Duo tantum ne facias mihi, et tunc a facie tua non abscondar :

 21 Withdraw thy hand far from me, and let not thy dread terrify me.
manum tuam longe fac a me, et formido tua non me terreat.

 22 Call me, and I will answer thee: or else I will speak, and do thou answer me.
Voca me, et ego respondebo tibi : aut certe loquar, et tu responde mihi.

 23 How many are my iniquities and sins? make me know my crimes and offences.
Quantas habeo iniquitates et peccata, scelera mea et delicta ostende mihi.

 24 Why hidest thou thy face, and thinkest me thy enemy?
Cur faciem tuam abscondis, et arbitraris me inimicum tuum?

 25 Against a leaf, that is carried away with the wind, thou shewest thy power, and thou pursuest a dry straw.
Contra folium, quod vento rapitur, ostendis potentiam tuam, et stipulam siccam persequeris :

 26 For thou writest bitter things against me, and wilt consume me for the sins of my youth.
scribis enim contra me amaritudines, et consumere me vis peccatis adolescentiae meae.

 27 Thou hast put my feet in the stocks, and hast observed all my paths, and hast considered the steps of my feet:
Posuisti in nervo pedem meum, et observasti omnes semitas meas, et vestigia pedum meorum considerasti,

 28 Who am to be consumed as rottenness, and as a garment that is moth-eaten.
qui quasi putredo consumendus sum, et quasi vestimentum quod comeditur a tinea.

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