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Satan, by God's permission, striketh Job with ulcers from head to foot: his patience is still invincible.

 1 And it came to pass, when on a certain day the sons of God came, and stood before the Lord, and Satan came among them, and stood in his sight,
Factum est autem, cum quadam die venissent filii Dei, et starent coram Domino, venisset quoque Satan inter eos, et staret in conspectu ejus,

 2 That the Lord said to Satan: Whence comest thou? And he answered and said: I have gone round about the earth, and walked through it.
ut diceret Dominus ad Satan : Unde venis? Qui respondens ait : Circuivi terram, et perambulavi eam.

 3 And the Lord said to Satan: Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a man simple, and upright, and fearing God, and avoiding evil, and still keeping his innocence? But thou hast moved me against him, that I should afflict him without cause.
Et dixit Dominus ad Satan : Numquid considerasti servum meum Job, quod non sit ei similis in terra, vir simplex et rectus, ac timens Deum, et recedens a malo, et adhuc retinens innocentiam? Tu autem commovisti me adversus eum, ut affligerem eum frustra.

 4 And Satan answered, and said: Skin for skin, and all that a man hath he will give for his life:
Cui respondens Satan, ait : Pellem pro pelle, et cuncta quae habet homo dabit pro anima sua;

 5 But put forth thy hand, and touch his bone and his flesh, and then thou shalt see that he will bless thee to thy face.
alioquin mitte manum tuam, et tange os ejus et carnem; et tunc videbis quod in faciem benedicat tibi.

 6 And the Lord said to Satan: Behold he is in thy hand, but yet save his life.
Dixit ergo Dominus ad Satan : Ecce in manu tua est; verumtamen animam illius serva.

 7 So Satan went forth from the presence Of the Lord, and struck Job with a very grievous ulcer, from the sole of the foot even to the top of his head:
Egressus igitur Satan a facie Domini, percussit Job ulcere pessimo, a planta pedis usque ad verticem ejus;

 8 And he took a potsherd and scraped the corrupt matter, sitting on a dunghill.
qui testa saniem radebat, sedens in sterquilinio.

 9 And his wife said to him: Dost thou still continue in thy simplicity? bless God and die.
Dixit autem illi uxor sua : Adhuc tu permanes in simplicitate tua? Benedic Deo, et morere.

 10 And he said to her: Thou hast spoken like one of the foolish women: if we have received good things at the hand of God, why should we not receive evil? In all these things Job did not sin with his lips.
Qui ait ad illam : Quasi una de stultis mulieribus locuta es; si bona suscepimus de manu Dei, mala quare non suscipiamus? In omnibus his non peccavit Job labiis suis.

 11 Now when Job's three friends heard all the evil that had befallen him, they came every one from his own place, Alphas the Themanite, and Baldad the Suhite, and Sophar the Naamathite. For they had made an appointment to come together and visit him, and comfort him.
Igitur audientes tres amici Job omne malum quod accidisset ei, venerunt singuli de loco suo, Eliphaz Themanites, et Baldad Suhites, et Sophar Naamathites. Condixerant enim ut pariter venientes visitarent eum, et consolarentur.

 12 And when they had lifted up their eyes afar off, they knew him not, and crying out they wept, and rending their garments they sprinkled dust upon their heads towards heaven.
Cumque elevassent procul oculos suos, non cognoverunt eum, et exclamantes ploraverunt, scissisque vestibus, sparserunt pulverem super caput suum in caelum.

 13 And they sat with him on the ground seven days and seven nights, and no man spoke to him a word: for they saw that his grief was very great.
Et sederunt cum eo in terra septem diebus et septem noctibus; et nemo loquebatur ei verbum, videbant enim dolorem esse vehementem.

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