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The destruction of Tyre. It shall be repaired again after seventy years.

 1 The burden of Tyre. Howl, ye ships of the sea, for the house is destroyed, from whence they were wont to come: from the land of Cethim it is revealed to them.
Onus Tyri. Ululate, naves maris, quia vastata est domus unde venire consueverant : de terra Cethim revelatum est eis.

 2 Be silent, you that dwell in the island: the merchants of Sidon passing over the sea, have filled thee.
Tacete, qui habitatis in insula; negotiatores Sidonis, transfretantes mare, repleverunt te.

 3 The seed of the Nile in many waters, the harvest of the river is her revenue: and she is become the mart of the nations.
In aquis multis semen Nili; messis fluminis fruges ejus : et facta est negotiatio gentium.

 4 Be thou ashamed, O Sidon: for the sea speaketh, even the strength of the sea, saying: I have not been in labour, nor have I brought forth, nor have I nourished up young men, nor brought up virgins.
Erubesce, Sidon; ait enim mare, fortitudo maris, dicens : Non parturivi, et non peperi, et non enutrivi juvenes, nec ad incrementum perduxi virgines.

 5 When it shall be heard in Egypt, they will be sorry when they shall hear of Tyre:
Cum auditum fuerit in Aegypto, dolebunt cum audierint de Tiro.

 6 Pass over the seas, howl, ye inhabitants of the island.
Transite maria, ululate, qui habitatis in insula!

 7 Is not this your city, which gloried from of old in her antiquity? her feet shall carry her afar off to sojourn.
Numquid non vestra haec est, quae gloriabatur a diebus pristinis in antiquitate sua? Ducent eam pedes sui longe ad peregrinandum.

 8 Who hath taken this counsel against Tyre, that was formerly crowned, whose merchants were princes, and her traders the nobles of the earth?
Quis cogitavit hoc super Tyrum quondam coronatam, cujus negotiatores principes, institores ejus inclyti terrae?

 9 The Lord of hosts hath designed it, to pull down the pride of all glory, and bring to disgrace all the glorious ones of the earth.
Dominus exercituum cogitavit hoc, ut detraheret superbiam omnis gloriae, et ad ignominiam deduceret universos inclytos terrae.

 10 Pass thy land as a river, O daughter of the sea, thou hast a girdle no more.
Transi terram tuam quasi flumen, filia maris! non est cingulum ultra tibi.

 11 He stretched out his hand over the sea, he troubled kingdoms: the Lord hath given a charge against Chanaan, to destroy the strong ones thereof.
Manum suam extendit super mare; conturbavit regna. Dominus mandavit adversus Chanaan, ut contereret fortes ejus;

 12 And he said: Thou shalt glory no more, O virgin daughter of Sidon, who art oppressed: arise and sail over to Cethim, there also thou shalt have no, rest.
et dixit : Non adjicies ultra ut glorieris, calumniam sustinens virgo filia Sidonis : in Cethim consurgens transfreta : ibi quoque non erit requies tibi.

 13 Behold the land of the Chaldeans, there was not such a people, the Assyrian founded it: they have led away the strong ones thereof into captivity, they have destroyed the houses thereof, they have brought it to ruin.
Ecce terra Chaldaeorum, talis populus non fuit : Assur fundavit eam; in captivitatem traduxerunt robustos ejus, suffoderunt domos ejus, posuerunt eam in ruinam.

 14 Howl, O ye ships of the sea, for your strength is laid waste.
Ululate, naves maris, quia devastata est fortitudo vestra.

 15 And it shall come to pass in that day that thou, O Tyre, shalt be forgotten, seventy years, according to the days of one king: but after seventy years, there shall be unto Tyre as the song of a harlot.
Et erit in die illa : in oblivione eris, o Tyre! septuaginta annis, sicut dies regis unius; post septuaginta autem annos erit Tyro quasi canticum meretricis :

 16 Take a harp, go about the city, thou harlot that hast been forgotten: sing well, sing many a song, that thou mayst be remembered.
Sume citharam, circui civitatem, meretrix oblivioni tradita : bene cane, frequenta canticum, ut memoria tui sit.

 17 And it shall come to pass after seventy years, that the Lord will visit Tyre, and will bring her back again to her traffic: and she shall commit fornication again with all the kingdoms of the world upon the face of the earth.
Et erit post septuaginta annos : visitabit Dominus Tyrum, et reducet eam ad mercedes suas, et rursum fornicabitur cum universis regnis terrae super faciem terrae;

 18 And her merchandise and her hire shall be sanctified to the Lord: they shall not be kept in store, nor laid up: for her merchandise shall be for them that shall dwell before the Lord, that they may eat unto fulness, and be clothed for a continuance.
et erunt negotiationes ejus et mercedes ejus sanctificatae Domino : non condentur neque reponentur, quia his qui habitaverint coram Domino erit negotiatio ejus, ut manducent in saturitatem, et vestiantur usque ad vetustatem.

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