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The destruction of Babylon by the Medes and Persians: a prophecy against the Edomites and the Arabians.

[1] The burden of the desert of the sea. As whirlwinds come from the south, it cometh from the desert from a terrible land.
Onus deserti maris. Sicut turbines ab africo veniunt, de deserto venit, de terra horribili.

[2] A grievous vision is told me: he that is unfaithful dealeth unfaithfully: and he that is a spoiler, spoileth. Go up, O Elam, besiege, O Mede: I have made all the mourning thereof to cease.
Visio dura nuntiata est mihi : qui incredulus est infideliter agit; et qui depopulator est vastat. Ascende, Aelam; obside, Mede; omnem gemitum ejus cessare feci.

[3] Therefore are my loins filled with pain, anguish hath taken hold of me, as the anguish of a woman in labour: I fell down at the hearing of it, I was troubled at the seeing of it.
Propterea repleti sunt lumbi mei dolore; angustia possedit me sicut angustia parturientis; corrui cum audirem, conturbatus sum cum viderem.

[4] My heart failed, darkness amazed me: Babylon my beloved is become a wonder to me.
Emarcuit cor meum; tenebrae stupefecerunt me : Babylon dilecta mea posita est mihi in miraculum.

[5] Prepare the table, behold in the watchtower them that eat and drink: arise, ye princes, take up the shield.
Pone mensam, contemplare in specula comedentes et bibentes : surgite, principes, arripite clypeum.

[6] For thus hath the Lord said to me: Go, and set a watchman: and whatsoever he shall see, let him tell.
Haec enim dixit mihi Dominus : Vade, et pone speculatorem, et quodcumque viderit annuntiet.

[7] And he saw a chariot with two horsemen, a rider upon an ass, and a rider upon a camel: and he beheld them diligently with much heed.
Et vidit currum duorum equitum, ascensorem asini, et ascensorem cameli; et contemplatus est diligenter multo intuitu.

[8] And a lion cried out: I am upon the watchtower of the Lord, standing continually by day: and I am upon my ward, standing whole nights.
Et clamavit leo : Super speculam Domini ego sum, stans jugiter per diem; et super custodiam meam ego sum, stans totis noctibus.

[9] Behold this man cometh, the rider upon the chariot with two horsemen, and he answered, and said: Babylon is fallen, she is fallen, and all the graven gods thereof are broken unto the ground.
Ecce iste venit ascensor vir bigae equitum; et respondit, et dixit : Cecidit, cecidit Babylon, et omnia sculptilia deorum ejus contrita sunt in terram.

[10] O my thrashing and the children of my door, that which I have heard of the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, I have declared unto you.
Tritura mea et filii areae meae, quae audivi a Domino exercituum, Deo Israel, annuntiavi vobis.

[11] The burden of Duma calleth to me out of Seir: Watchman, what of the night? watchman, what of the night?
Onus Duma. Ad me clamat ex Seir : Custos, quid de nocte? custos, quid de nocte?

[12] The watchman said: The morning cometh, also the night: if you seek, seek: return, come.
Dixit custos : Venit mane et nox; si quaeritis, quaerite; convertimini, venite.

[13] The burden in Arabia. In the forest at evening you shall sleep, in the paths of Dedanim.
Onus in Arabia. In saltu ad vesperam dormietis, in semitis Dedanim.

[14] Meeting the thirsty bring him water, you that inhabit the land of the south, meet with bread him that fleeth.
Occurrentes sitienti ferte aquam, qui habitatis terram austri; cum panibus occurrite fugienti.

[15] For they are fled from before the swords, from the sword that hung over them, from the bent bow, from the face of a grievous battle.
A facie enim gladiorum fugerunt, a facie gladii imminentis, a facie arcus extenti, a facie gravis praelii.

[16] For thus saith the Lord to me: Within a year, according to the years of a hireling, all the glory of Cedar shall be taken away.
Quoniam haec dicit Dominus ad me : Adhuc in uno anno, quasi in anno mercenarii, et auferetur omnis gloria Cedar.

[17] And the residue of the number of strong archers of the children of Cedar shall be diminished: for the Lord the God of Israel hath spoken it.
Et reliquiae numeri sagittariorum fortium de filiis Cedar imminuentur; Dominus enim Deus Israel locutus est.

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