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Judgments upon Damascus and Samaria. The overthrow of the Assyrians.

 1 The burden of Damascus. Behold Damascus shall cease to be a city, and shall be as a ruinous heap of stones.
Onus Damasci. Ecce Damascus desinet esse civitas, et erit sicut acervus lapidum in ruina.

 2 The cities of Aroer shall be left for flocks, and they shall rest there, and there shall be none to make them afraid.
Derelictae civitates Aroer gregibus erunt, et requiescent ibi, et non erit qui exterreat.

 3 And aid shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus: and the remnant of Syria shall be as the glory of the children of Israel: saith the Lord of hosts.
Et cessabit adjutorium ab Ephraim, et regnum a Damasco; et reliquiae Syriae sicut gloria filiorum Israel erunt, dicit Dominus exercituum.

 4 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the glory of Jacob shall be made thin, and the fatness of his flesh shall grow lean.
Et erit in die illa : attenuabitur gloria Jacob, et pinguedo carnis ejus marcescet.

 5 And it shall be as when one gathereth in the harvest that which remaineth, and his arm shall gather the ears of corn: and it shall be as he that seeketh ears in the vale of Raphaim.
Et erit sicut congregans in messe quod restiterit, et brachium ejus spicas leget; et erit sicut quaerens spicas in valle Raphaim.

 6 And the fruit thereof that shall be left upon it, shall be as one cluster of grapes, and as the shaking of the olive tree, two or three berries in the top of a bough, or four or five upon the top of the tree, saith the Lord the God of Israel.
Et relinquetur in eo sicut racemus et sicut excussio oleae duarum vel trium olivarum in summitate rami, sive quatuor aut quinque in cacuminibus ejus fructus ejus, dicit Dominus Deus Israel.

 7 In that day man shall bow down himself to his Maker, and his eyes shall look to the Holy One of Israel.
In die illa inclinabitur homo ad factorem suum, et oculi ejus ad Sanctum Israel respicient;

 8 And he shall not look to the altars which his hands made: and he shall not have respect to the things that his fingers wrought, such as groves and temples.
et non inclinabitur ad altaria quae fecerunt manus ejus; et quae operati sunt digiti ejus non respiciet lucos et delubra.

 9 In that day his strong cities shall be forsaken, as the ploughs, and the corn that were left before the face of the children of Israel, and thou shalt be desolate.
In die illa erunt civitates fortitudinis ejus derelictae sicut aratra, et segetes quae derelictae sunt a facie filiorum Israel; et eris deserta.

 10 Because thou hast forgotten God thy saviour, and hast not remembered thy strong helper: therefore shalt thou plant good plants, and shalt sow strange seed.
Quia oblitus es Dei salvatoris tui, et fortis adjutoris tui non es recordata : propterea plantabis plantationem fidelem, et germen alienum seminabis;

 11 In the day of thy planting shall be the wild grape, and in the morning thy seed shall flourish: the harvest is taken away in the day of inheritance, and shall grieve thee much.
in die plantationis tuae labrusca, et mane semen tuum florebit; ablata est messis in die haereditatis, et dolebit graviter.

 12 Woe to the multitude of many people, like the multitude of the roaring sea: and the tumult of crowds, like the noise of many waters.
Vae multitudini populorum multorum, ut multitudo maris sonantis; et tumultus turbarum, sicut sonitus aquarum multarum.

 13 Nations shall make a noise like the noise of waters overflowing, but he shall rebuke him, and he shall flee far off: and he shall be carried away as the dust of the mountains before the wind, and as a whirlwind before a tempest.
Sonabunt populi sicut sonitus aquarum inundantium, et increpabit eum, et fugiet procul; et rapietur sicut pulvis montium a facie venti, et sicut turbo coram tempestate.

 14 In the time of the evening, behold there shall be trouble: the morning shall come, and he shall not be: this is the portion of them that have wasted us, and the lot of them that spoiled us.
In tempore vespere, et ecce turbatio; in matutino, et non subsistet. Haec est pars eorum qui vastaverunt nos, et sors diripientium nos.

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