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The ignominious captivity of the Egyptians, and the Ethiopians.

 1 In the year that Tharthan entered into Azotus, when Sargon the king of the Assyrians had sent him, and he had fought against Azotus, and had taken it:
In anno quo ingressus est Thathan in Azotum, cum misisset eum Sargon, rex Assyriorum, et pugnasset contra Azotum, et cepisset eam :

 2 At that same time the Lord spoke by the hand of Isaias the son of Amos, saying: Go, and loose the sackcloth from off thy loins, and take off thy shoes from thy feet. And he did so, and went naked, and barefoot.
in tempore illo locutus est Dominus in manu Isaiae, filii Amos, dicens : Vade, et solve saccum de lumbis tuis, et calceamenta tua tolle de pedibus tuis. Et fecit sic, vadens nudus et discalceatus.

 3 And the Lord said: As my servant Isaias hath walked, naked and barefoot, it shall be a sign and a wonder of three years upon Egypt, and upon Ethiopia,
Et dixit Dominus : Sicut ambulavit servus meus Isaias nudus et discalceatus, trium annorum signum et portentum erit super Aegyptum et super Aethiopiam;

 4 So shall the king of the Assyrians lead away the prisoners of Egypt, and the captivity of Ethiopia, young and old. naked and barefoot, with their buttocks uncovered to the shame of Egypt.
sic minabit rex Assyriorum captivitatem Aegypti, et transmigrationem Aethiopiae, juvenum et senum, nudam et discalceatam, discoopertis natibus, ad ignominiam Aegypti.

 5 And they shall be afraid, and ashamed of Ethiopia their hope, and of Egypt their glory.
Et timebunt, et confundentur ab Aethiopia spe sua, et ab Aegypto gloria sua.

 6 And the inhabitants of this isle shall say in that day: Lo this was our hope, to whom we fled for help, to deliver up from the face of the king of the Assyrians: and how shall we be able to escape?
Et dicet habitator insulae hujus in die illa : Ecce haec erat spes nostra, ad quos confugimus in auxilium, ut liberarent nos a facie regis Assyriorum : et quomodo effugere poterimus nos?

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