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God's judgment upon Babylon.

 1 Come down, sit in the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon, sit on the ground: there is no throne for the daughter of the Chaldeans, for thou shalt no more be called delicate and tender.
Descende, sede in pulvere, virgo filia Babylon, sede in terra; non est solium filiae Chaldaeorum, quia ultra non vocaberis mollis et tenera.

 2 Take a millstone and grind meal: uncover thy shame, strip thy shoulder, make bare thy legs, pass over the rivers.
Tolle molam, et mole farinam; denuda turpitudinem tuam; discooperi humerum, revela crura, transi flumina.

 3 Thy nakedness shall be discovered, and thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance, and no man shall resist me.
Revelabitur ignominia tua, et videbitur opprobrium tuum; ultionem capiam, et non resistet mihi homo.

 4 Our redeemer, the Lord of hosts is his name, the Holy One of Israel.
Redemptor noster, Dominus exercituum nomen illius, Sanctus Israel.

 5 Sit thou silent, and get thee into darkness, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called the lady of kingdoms.
Sede tacens, et intra in tenebras, filia Chaldaeorum, quia non vocaberis ultra Domina regnorum.

 6 I was angry with my people, I have polluted my inheritance, and have given them into thy bend: thou hast shewn no mercy to them: upon the ancient thou hast laid thy yoke exceeding heavy.
Iratus sum super populum meum, contaminavi haereditatem meam, et dedi eos in manu tua; non posuisti eis misericordias, super senem aggravasti jugum tuum valde.

 7 And thou hast said: I shall be a lady for ever: thou hast not laid these things to thy heart, neither hast thou remembered thy latter end.
Et dixisti : In sempiternum ero domina. Non posuisti haec super cor tuum, neque recordata es novissimi tui.

 8 And now hear these things, thou that art delicate, and dwellest confidently, that sayest in thy heart: I am, and there is none else besides me: I shall not sit as a widow, and I shall not know barrenness.
Et nunc audi haec delicata, et habitans confidenter, quae dicis in corde tuo : Ego sum, et non est praeter me amplius; non sedebo vidua, et ignorabo sterilitatem.

 9 These two things shall come upon thee suddenly in one day, barrenness and widowhood. All things are come upon thee, because of the multitude of thy sorceries, and for the great hardness of thy enchanters.
Venient tibi duo haec subito in die una, sterilitas et viduitas; universa venerunt super te, propter multitudinem maleficiorum tuorum, et propter duritiam incantatorum tuorum vehementem.

 10 And thou hast trusted in thy wickedness, and hast said: There is none that seeth me. Thy wisdom, and thy knowledge, this hath deceived thee. And thou hast said in thy heart: I am, and besides me there is no other.
Et fiduciam habuisti in malitia tua, et dixisti : Non est qui videat me. Sapientia tua et scientia tua haec decepit te. Et dixisti in corde tuo : Ego sum, et praeter me non est altera.

 11 Evil shall come upon thee, and then shalt not know the rising thereof: and calamity shall fall violently upon thee, which thou canst not keep off: misery shall come upon thee suddenly, which thou shalt not know.
Veniet super te malum, et nescies ortum ejus; et irruet super te calamitas quam non poteris expiare; veniet super te repente miseria quam nescies.

 12 Stand now with thy enchanters, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, in which thou hast laboured from thy youth, if so be it may profit thee any thing, or if thou mayst become stronger.
Sta cum incantatoribus tuis et cum multitudine maleficiorum tuorum, in quibus laborasti ab adolescentia tua, si forte quod prosit tibi, aut si possis fieri fortior.

 13 Thou hast failed in the multitude or thy counsels: let now the astrologers stand and save thee, they that gazed at the stars, and counted the months, that from them they might tell the things that shall come to thee.
Defecisti in multitudine consiliorum tuorum. Stent, et salvent te augures caeli, qui contemplabantur sidera, et supputabant menses, ut ex eis annuntiarent ventura tibi.

 14 Behold they are as stubble, fire hath burnt them, they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flames: there are no coals wherewith they may be warmed, nor fire, that they may sit thereat.
Ecce facti sunt quasi stipula, ignis combussit eos; non liberabunt animam suam de manu flammae; non sunt prunae quibus calefiant, nec focus ut sedeant ad eum.

 15 Such are all the things become to thee, in which thou hast laboured: thy merchants from thy youth, every one hath erred in his own way, there is none that can save thee.
Sic facta sunt tibi in quibuscumque laboraveras : negotiatores tui ab adolescentia tua, unusquisque in via sua erraverunt; non est qui salvet te.

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