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Cautions with regard to women, and dangerous conversations.

 1 Be not jealous over the wife of thy bosom, lest she shew in thy regard the malice of a wicked lesson.
Non zeles mulierem sinus tui, ne ostendat super te malitiam doctrinae nequam.

 2 Give not the power of thy soul to a woman, lest she enter upon thy strength, and thou be confounded.
Non des mulieri potestatem animae tuae, ne ingrediatur in virtutem tuam, et confundaris.

 3 Look not upon a woman that hath a mind for many: lest thou fall into her snares.
Ne respicias mulierem multivolam, ne forte incidas in laqueos illius.

 4 Use not much the company of her that is a dancer, and hearken not to her, lest thou perish by the force of her charms.
Cum saltatrice ne assiduus sis, nec audias illam, ne forte pereas in efficacia illius.

 5 Gaze not upon a maiden, lest her beauty be a stumblingblock to thee.
Virginem ne conspicias, ne forte scandalizeris in decore illius.

 6 Give not thy soul to harlots in any point: lest thou destroy thyself and thy inheritance.
Ne des fornicariis animam tuam in ullo, ne perdas te et haereditatem tuam.

 7 Look not round about thee in the ways of the city, nor wander up and down in the streets thereof.
Noli circumspicere in vicis civitatis, nec oberraveris in plateis illius.

 8 Turn away thy face from a woman dressed up, and gaze not about upon another's beauty.
Averte faciem tuam a muliere compta, et ne circumspicias speciem alienam.

 9 For many have perished by the beauty of a woman, and hereby lust is enkindled as a fire.
Propter speciem mulieris multi perierunt : et ex hoc concupiscentia quasi ignis exardescit.

 10 Every woman that is a harlot, shall be trodden upon as dung in the way.
Omnis mulier quae est fornicaria, quasi stercus in via conculcabitur.

 11 Many by admiring the beauty of another man's wife, have become reprobate, for her conversation burneth as fire.
Speciem mulieris alienae multi admirati, reprobi facti sunt : colloquium enim illius quasi ignis exardescit.

 12 Sit not at all with another man's wife, nor repose upon the bed with her:
Cum aliena muliere ne sedeas omnino, nec accumbas cum ea super cubitum :

 13 And strive not with her over wine, lest thy heart decline towards her, and by thy blood thou fall into destruction.
et non alterceris cum illa in vino, ne forte declinet cor tuum in illam, et sanguine tuo labaris in perditionem.

 14 Forsake not an old friend, for the new will not be like to him.
Ne derelinquas amicum antiquum : novus enim non erit similis illi.

 15 A new friend is as new wine: it shall grow old, and thou shalt drink it with pleasure.
Vinum novum amicus novus : veterascet, et cum suavitate bibes illud.

 16 Envy not the glory and riches of a sinner: for thou knowest not what his ruin shall be.
Non zeles gloriam et opes peccatoris : non enim scis quae futura sit illius subversio.

 17 Be not pleased with the wrong done by the unjust, knowing that even to hell the wicked shall not please.
Non placeat tibi injuria injustorum, sciens quoniam usque ad inferos non placebit impius.

 18 Keep thee far from the man that hath power to kill, so thou shalt not suspect the fear of death.
Longe abesto ab homine potestatem habente occidendi, et non suspicaberis timorem mortis.

 19 And if thou come to him, commit no fault, lest he take away thy life.
Et si accesseris ad illum, noli aliquid committere, ne forte auferat vitam tuam.

 20 Know it to be a communication with death: for thou art going in the midst of snares, and walking upon the arms of them that are grieved:
Communionem mortis scito, quoniam in medio laqueorum ingredieris, et super dolentium arma ambulabis.

 21 According to thy power beware of thy neighbour, and treat with the wise and prudent.
Secundum virtutem tuam cave te a proximo tuo, et cum sapientibus et prudentibus tracta.

 22 Let just men be thy guests, and let thy glory be in the fear of God.
Viri justi sint tibi convivae, et in timore Dei sit tibi gloriatio :

 23 And let the thought of God be in thy mind, and all thy discourse on the commandments of the Highest.
et in sensu sit tibi cogitatus Dei, et omnis enarratio tua in praeceptis Altissimi.

 24 Works shall be praised for the hand of the artificers, and the prince of the people for the wisdom of his speech, but the word of the ancients for the sense.
In manu artificum opera laudabuntur, et princeps populi in sapientia sermonis sui, in sensu vero seniorum verbum.

 25 A man full of tongue is terrible in his city, and he that is rash in his word shall be hateful.
Terribilis est in civitate sua homo linguosus : et temerarius in verbo suo odibilis erit.

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