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The creation and favour of God to man. An exhortation to turn to God.

 1 God created man of the earth, and made him after his own image.
Deus creavit de terra hominem, et secundum imaginem suam fecit illum :

 2 And he turned him into it again, and clothed him with strength according to himself.
et iterum convertit illum in ipsam, et secundum se vestivit illum virtute.

 3 He gave him the number of his days and time, and gave him power over all things that are upon the earth.
Numerum dierum et tempus dedit illi, et dedit illi potestatem eorum quae sunt super terram.

 4 He put the fear of him upon all flesh, and he had dominion over beasts and fowls.
Posuit timorem illius super omnem carnem, et dominatus est bestiarum et volatilium.

 5 He created of him a helpmate like to himself: he gave them counsel, and a tongue, and eyes, and ears, and a heart to devise: and he filled them with the knowledge of understanding.
Creavit ex ipso adjutorium simile sibi : consilium, et linguam, et oculos, et aures, et cor dedit illis excogitandi, et disciplina intellectus replevit illos.

 6 He created in them the science of the spirit, he filled their heart with wisdom, and shewed them both good and evil.
Creavit illis scientiam spiritus, sensu implevit cor illorum, et mala et bona ostendit illis.

 7 He set his eye upon their hearts to shew them the greatness of his works:
Posuit oculum suum super corda illorum, ostendere illis magnalia operum suorum :

 8 That they might praise the name which he hath sanctified: and glory in his wondrous acts, that they might declare the glorious things of his works.
ut nomen sanctificationis collaudent, et gloriari in mirabilibus illius; ut magnalia enarrent operum ejus.

 9 Moreover he gave them instructions, and the law of life for an inheritance.
Addidit illis disciplinam, et legem vitae haereditavit illos.

 10 He made an everlasting covenant with them, and he shewed them his justice and judgments.
Testamentum aeternum constituit cum illis, et justitiam et judicia sua ostendit illis.

 11 And their eye saw the majesty of his glory. and their ears heard his glorious voice, and he said to them: Beware of all iniquity.
Et magnalia honoris ejus vidit oculus illorum, et honorem vocis audierunt aures illorum. Et dixit illis : Attendite ab omni iniquo.

 12 And he gave to every one of them commandment concerning his neighbour.
Et mandavit illis unicuique de proximo suo.

 13 Their ways are always before him, they are not hidden from his eyes.
Viae illorum coram ipso sunt semper : non sunt absconsae ab oculis ipsius.

 14 Over every nation he set a ruler.
In unamquamque gentem praeposuit rectorem :

 15 And Israel was made the manifest portion of God.
et pars Dei Israel facta est manifesta.

 16 And all their works are as the sun in the sight of God: and his eyes are continually upon their ways.
Et omnia opera illorum velut sol in conspectu Dei : et oculi ejus sine intermissione inspicientes in viis eorum.

 17 Their covenants were not hid by their iniquity, and all their iniquities are in the sight of God.
Non sunt absconsa testamenta per iniquitatem illorum, et omnes iniquitates eorum in conspectu Dei.

 18 The alms of a man is as a signet with him, and shall preserve the grace of a man as the apple of the eye:
Eleemosyna viri quasi signaculum cum ipso, et gratiam hominis quasi pupillam conservabit.

 19 And afterward he shall rise up, and shall render them their reward, to every one upon their own head, and shall turn them down into the bowels of the earth.
Et postea resurget, et retribuet illis retributionem, unicuique in caput ipsorum, et convertet in interiores partes terrae.

 20 But to the penitent he hath given the way of justice, and he hath strengthened them that were fainting in patience, and hath appointed to them the lot of truth.
Poenitentibus autem dedit viam justitiae, et confirmavit deficientes sustinere, et destinavit illis sortem veritatis.

 21 Turn to the Lord, and forsake thy sins:
Convertere ad Dominum, et relinque peccata tua :

 22 Make thy prayer before the face of the Lord, and offend less.
precare ante faciem Domini, et minue offendicula.

 23 Return to the Lord, and turn away from thy injustice, and greatly hate abomination.
Revertere ad Dominum, et avertere ab injustitia tua, et nimis odito execrationem :

 24 And know the justices and judgments of God, and stand firm in the lot set before thee, and in prayer to the most high God.
et cognosce justitias et judicia Dei, et sta in sorte propositionis, et orationis altissimi Dei.

 25 Go to the side of the holy age, with them that live and give praise to God.
In partes vade saeculi sancti, cum vivis et dantibus confessionem Deo.

 26 Tarry not in the error of the ungodly, give glory before death. Praise perisheth from the dead as nothing.
Non demoreris in errore impiorum : ante mortem confitere : a mortuo, quasi nihil, perit confessio.

 27 Give thanks whilst thou art living, whilst thou art alive and in health thou shalt give thanks, and shalt praise God, and shalt glory in his mercies.
Confiteberis vivens, vivus et sanus confiteberis : et laudabis Deum, et gloriaberis in miserationibus illius.

 28 How great is the mercy of the Lord, and his forgiveness to them that turn to him!
Quam magna misericordia Domini, et propitiatio illius convertentibus ad se!

 29 For all things cannot be in men, because the son of man is not immortal, and they are delighted with the vanity of evil.
Nec enim omnia possunt esse in hominibus, quoniam non est immortalis filius hominis, et in vanitate malitiae placuerunt.

 30 What is brighter than the sun; yet it shall be eclipsed. Or what is more wicked than that which flesh and blood hath invented? and this shall be reproved.
Quid lucidius sole? et hic deficiet; aut quid nequius quam quod excogitavit caro et sanguis? et hoc arguetur.

 31 He beholdeth the power of the height of heaven: and all men are earth and ashes.
Virtutem altitudinis caeli ipse conspicit : et omnes homines terra et cinis.

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