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Lessons for superiors and inferiors. Advantages of fearing God, and doing nothing without counsel.

 1 Have they made thee ruler? be not lifted up: be among them as one of them.
Rectorem te posuerunt? noli extolli : esto in illis quasi unus ex ipsis.

 2 Have care of them, and so sit down, and when thou hast acquitted thyself of all thy charge, take thy place:
Curam illorum habe, et sic conside, et omni cura tua explicita recumbe :

 3 That thou mayst rejoice for them, and receive a crown as an ornament of grace, and get the honour of the contribution.
ut laeteris propter illos, et ornamentum gratiae accipias coronam, et dignationem consequaris corrogationis.

 4 Speak, thou that art elder: for it becometh thee,
Loquere major natu : decet enim te

 5 To speak the first word with care knowledge, and hinder not music.
primum verbum diligenti scientia, et non impedias musicam.

 6 Where there is no hearing, pour not out words, and be not lifted up out season with thy wisdom.
Ubi auditus non est, non effundas sermonem, et importune noli extolli in sapientia tua.

 7 A concert of music in a banquet of wine is as a carbuncle set in gold.
Gemmula carbunculi in ornamento auri, et comparatio musicorum in convivio vini.

 8 As a signet of an emerald in a work of gold: so is the melody of music with pleasant and moderate wine.
Sicut in fabricatione auri signum est smaragdi, sic numerus musicorum in jucundo et moderato vino.

 9 Hear in silence, and for thy reverence good grace shall come to thee.
Audi tacens, et pro reverentia accedet tibi bona gratia.

 10 Young man, scarcely speak in thy own cause.
Adolescens, loquere in tua causa vix.

 11 If thou be asked twice, let thy answer be short.
Si bis interrogatus fueris, habeat caput responsum tuum.

 12 In many things be as if thou wert ignorant, and hear in silence and withal seeking.
In multis esto quasi inscius, et audi tacens simul et quaerens.

 13 In the company of great men take not upon thee: and when the ancients are present, speak not much.
In medio magnatorum non praesumas : et ubi sunt senes non multum loquaris.

 14 Before a storm goeth lightning: and before shamefacedness goeth favour: and for thy reverence good grace shall come to thee.
Ante grandinem praeibit coruscatio : et ante verecundiam praeibit gratia, et pro reverentia accedet tibi bona gratia.

 15 And at the time of rising be not slack: but be first to run home to thy house, and there withdraw thyself, and there take thy pastime.
Et hora surgendi non te trices : praecurre autem prior in domum tuam, et illic avocare, et illic lude,

 16 And do what thou hast a mind, but not in sin or proud speech.
et age conceptiones tuas, et non in delictis et verbo superbo :

 17 And for all these things bless the Lord, that made thee, and that replenisheth thee with all his good things.
et super his omnibus benedicito Dominum, qui fecit, et inebriantem te ab omnibus bonis suis.

 18 He that feareth the Lord, will receive his discipline: and they that will seek him early, shall find a blessing.
Qui timet Dominum excipiet doctrinam ejus : et qui vigilaverint ad illum invenient benedictionem.

 19 He that seeketh the law, shall be filled with it: and he that dealeth deceitfully, shall meet with a stumblingblock therein.
Qui quaerit legem replebitur ab ea, et qui insidiose agit scandalizabitur in ea.

 20 They that fear the Lord, shall find just judgment, and shall kindle justice as a light.
Qui timent Dominum invenient judicium justum, et justitias quasi lumen accendent.

 21 A sinful man will flee reproof, and will find an excuse according to his will.
Peccator homo vitabit correptionem, et secundum voluntatem suam inveniet comparationem.

 22 A man of counsel will not neglect understanding, a strange and proud man will not dread fear:
Vir consilii non disperdet intelligentiam : alienus et superbus non pertimescet timorem :

 23 Even after he hath done with fear without counsel, he shall be controlled by the things of his own seeking.
etiam postquam fecit cum eo sine consilio, et suis insectationibus arguetur.

 24 My son, do thou nothing without counsel, and thou shalt not repent when thou hast done.
Fili, sine consilio nihil facias, et post factum non poenitebis.

 25 Go not in the way of ruin, and thou shalt not stumble against the stones; trust not thyself to a rugged way, lest thou set a stumblingblock to thy soul.
In via ruinae non eas, et non offendes in lapides : nec credas te viae laboriosae, ne ponas animae tuae scandalum.

 26 And beware of thy own children, and take heed of them of thy household.
Et a filiis tuis cave, et a domesticis tuis attende.

 27 In every work of thine regard thy soul in faith: for this is the keeping of the commandments.
In omni opere tuo crede ex fide animae tuae, hoc est enim conservatio mandatorum.

 28 He that believeth God, taketh heed to the commandments: and he that trusteth in him, shall fare never the worse.
Qui credit Deo attendit mandatis : et qui confidit in illo non minorabitur.

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