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The works of God are exceedingly glorious and wonderful: no man is able sufficiently to praise him.

 1 The firmament on high is his beauty, the beauty of heaven with its glorious shew.
Altitudinis firmamentum pulchritudo ejus est, species caeli in visione gloriae.

 2 The sun when he appeareth shewing forth at his rising, an admirable instrument, the work of the most High.
Sol in aspectu annuntians in exitu, vas admirabile, opus Excelsi.

 3 At noon he burneth the earth, and who can abide his burning heat? As one keeping a furnace in the works of heat:
In meridiano exurit terram, et in conspectu ardoris ejus quis poterit sustinere? fornacem custodiens in operibus ardoris :

 4 The sun three times as much, burneth the mountains, breathing out fiery vapours, and shining with his beams, he blindeth the eyes.
tripliciter sol exurens montes, radios igneos exsufflans, et refulgens radiis suis obcaecat oculos.

 5 Great is the Lord that made him, and at his words he hath hastened his course.
Magnus Dominus qui fecit illum, et in sermonibus ejus festinavit iter.

 6 And the moon in all in her season, is for a declaration of times and a sign of the world.
Et luna in omnibus in tempore suo, ostensio temporis, et signum aevi.

 7 From the moon is the sign of the festival day, a light that decreaseth in her perfection.
A luna signum diei festi : luminare quod minuitur in consummatione.

 8 The month is called after her name, increasing wonderfully in her perfection.
Mensis secundum nomen ejus est, crescens mirabiliter in consummatione.

 9 Being an instrument of the armies on high, shining gloriously in the Armament of heaven.
Vas castrorum in excelsis, in firmamento caeli resplendens gloriose.

 10 The glory of the stars is the beauty of heaven; the Lord enlighteneth the world on high.
Species caeli gloria stellarum : mundum illuminans in excelsis Dominus.

 11 By the words of the holy one they shall stand in judgment, and shall never fail in their watches.
In verbis Sancti stabunt ad judicium, et non deficient in vigiliis suis.

 12 Look upon the rainbow, and bless him that made it: it is very beautiful in its brightness.
Vide arcum, et benedic eum qui fecit illum : valde speciosus est in splendore suo.

 13 It encompasseth the heaven about with the circle of its glory, the hands of the most High have displayed it.
Gyravit caelum in circuitu gloriae suae : manus Excelsi aperuerunt illum.

 14 By his commandment he maketh the snow to fall apace, and sendeth forth swiftly the lightnings of his judgment.
Imperio suo acceleravit nivem, et accelerat coruscationes emittere judicii sui.

 15 Through this are the treasures opened, and the clouds fly out like birds.
Propterea aperti sunt thesauri, et evolaverunt nebulae sicut aves.

 16 By his greatness he hath fixed the clouds, and the hailstones are broken.
In magnitudine sua posuit nubes, et confracti sunt lapides grandinis.

 17 At his sight shall the mountains be shaken, and at his will the south wind shall blow.
In conspectu ejus commovebuntur montes, et in voluntate ejus aspirabit notus.

 18 The noise of his thunder shall strike the earth, so doth the northern storm, and the whirlwind:
Vox tonitrui ejus verberavit terram, tempestas aquilonis, et congregatio spiritus :

 19 And as the birds lighting upon the earth, he scattereth snow, and the falling thereof, is as the coming down of locusts.
et sicut avis deponens ad sedendum, aspergit nivem, et sicut locusta demergens descensus ejus.

 20 The eye admireth at the beauty of the whiteness thereof, and the heart is astonished at the shower thereof.
Pulchritudinem candoris ejus admirabitur oculus, et super imbrem ejus expavescet cor.

 21 He shall pour frost as salt upon the earth: and when it freezeth, it shall become like the tops of thistles.
Gelu sicut salem effundet super terram : et dum gelaverit, fiet tamquam cacumina tribuli.

 22 The cold north wind bloweth, and the water is congealed into crystal; upon every gathering together of waters it shall rest, and shall clothe the waters as a breastplate.
Frigidus ventus aquilo flavit, et gelavit crystallus ab aqua : super omnem congregationem aquarum requiescet, et sicut lorica induet se aquis :

 23 And it shall devour the mountains, and burn the wilderness, and consume all that is green as with fire.
et devorabit montes, et exuret desertum, et extinguet viride, sicut igne.

 24 A present remedy of all is the speedy coming of a cloud, and a dew that meeteth it, by the heat that cometh, shall overpower it.
Medicina omnium in festinatione nebulae : et ros obvians ab ardore venienti humilem efficiet eum.

 25 At his word the wind is still, and with his thought he appeaseth the deep, and the Lord hath planted islands therein.
In sermone ejus siluit ventus, et cogitatione sua placavit abyssum : et plantavit in illa Dominus insulas.

 26 Let them that sail on the sea, tell the dangers thereof: and when we hear with our ears, we shall admire.
Qui navigant mare enarrent pericula ejus, et audientes auribus nostris admirabimur.

 27 There are great and wonderful works: a variety of beasts, and of all living things, and the monstrous creatures of whales.
Illic praeclara opera et mirabilia, varia bestiarum genera, et omnium pecorum, et creatura belluarum.

 28 Through him is established the end of their journey, and by his word all things are regulated.
Propter ipsum confirmatus est itineris finis, et in sermone ejus composita sunt omnia.

 29 We shall say much, and yet shall want words: but the sum of our words is, He is all.
Multa dicemus, et deficiemus in verbis : consummatio autem sermonum ipse est in omnibus.

 30 What shall we be able to do to glorify him? for the Almighty himself is above all his works.
Gloriantes ad quid valebimus? ipse enim omnipotens super omnia opera sua.

 31 The Lord is terrible, and exceeding great, and his power is admirable.
Terribilis Dominus, et magnus vehementer, et mirabilis potentia ipsius.

 32 Glorify the Lord as much as ever you can, for he will yet far exceed, and his magnificence is wonderful.
Glorificantes Dominum quantumcumque potueritis, supervalebit enim adhuc : et admirabilis magnificentia ejus.

 33 Blessing the Lord, exalt him as much as you can: for he is above all praise.
Benedicentes Dominum, exaltate illum quantum potestis : major enim est omni laude.

 34 When you exalt him put forth all your strength, and be not weary: for you can never go far enough.
Exaltantes eum, replemini virtute, ne laboretis, non enim comprehendetis.

 35 Who shall see him, and declare him? and who shall magnify him as he is from the beginning?
Quis videbit eum et enarrabit? et quis magnificabit eum sicut est ab initio?

 36 There are many things hidden from us that are greater than these: for we have seen but a few of his works.
Multa abscondita sunt majora his : pauca enim vidimus operum ejus.

 37 But the Lord hath made all things, and to the godly he hath given wisdom.
Omnia autem Dominus fecit, et pie agentibus dedit sapientiam.

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