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A prayer for the church of God. Of a good heart, and a good wife.

 1 Have mercy upon us, O God of all, and behold us, and shew us the light of thy mercies:
Miserere nostri, Deus omnium, et respice nos, et ostende nobis lucem miserationum tuarum :

 2 And send thy fear upon the nations, that have not sought after thee: that they may know that there is no God beside thee, and that they may shew forth thy wonders.
et immitte timorem tuum super gentes quae non exquisierunt te, ut cognoscant quia non est Deus nisi tu, et enarrent magnalia tua.

 3 Lift up thy hand over the strange nations, that they may see thy power.
Alleva manum tuam super gentes alienas, ut videant potentiam tuam.

 4 For as thou hast been sanctified in us in their sight, so thou shalt be magnified among them in our presence,
Sicut enim in conspectu eorum sanctificatus es in nobis, sic in conspectu nostro magnificaberis in eis :

 5 That they may know thee, as we also have known thee, that there is no God beside thee, O Lord.
ut cognoscant te, sicut et nos cognovimus quoniam non est Deus praeter te, Domine.

 6 Renew thy signs, and work new miracles.
Innova signa, et immuta mirabilia.

 7 Glorify thy hand, and thy right arm.
Glorifica manum et brachium dextrum.

 8 Raise up indignation, and pour out wrath.
Excita furorem, et effunde iram.

 9 Take away the adversary, and crush the enemy.
Tolle adversarium, et afflige inimicum.

 10 Hasten the time, and remember the end, that they may declare thy wonderful works.
Festina tempus, et memento finis, ut enarrent mirabilia tua.

 11 Let him that escapeth be consumed by the rage of the fire: and let them perish that oppress thy people.
In ira flammae devoretur qui salvatur : et qui pessimant plebem tuam inveniant perditionem.

 12 Crush the head of the princes of the enemies that say: There is no other beside us.
Contere caput principum inimicorum, dicentium : Non est alius praeter nos.

 13 Gather together all the tribes of Jacob: that they may know that there is no God besides thee, and may declare thy great works: and thou shalt inherit them as from the beginning.
Congrega omnes tribus Jacob, ut cognoscant quia non est Deus nisi tu, et enarrent magnalia tua, et haereditabis eos sicut ab initio.

 14 Have mercy on thy people, upon whom thy name is invoked: and upon Israel, whom thou hast raised up to be thy firstborn.
Miserere plebi tuae, super quam invocatum est nomen tuum, et Israel quem coaequasti primogenito tuo.

 15 Have mercy on Jerusalem, the city which thou hast sanctified, the city of thy rest.
Miserere civitati sanctificationis tuae, Jerusalem, civitati requiei tuae.

 16 Fill Sion with thy unspeakable words, and thy people with thy glory.
Reple Sion inenarrabilibus verbis tuis, et gloria tua populum tuum.

 17 Give testimony to them that are thy creatures from the beginning, and raise up the prophecies which the former prophets spoke in thy name.
Da testimonium his qui ab initio creaturae tuae sunt, et suscita praedicationes quas locuti sunt in nomine tuo prophetae priores.

 18 Reward them that patiently wait for thee, that thy prophets may be found faithful: and hear the prayers of thy servants,
Da mercedem sustinentibus te, ut prophetae tui fideles inveniantur : et exaudi orationes servorum tuorum,

 19 According to the blessing of Aaron over thy people, and direct us into the way of justice, and let all know that dwell upon the earth, that thou art God the beholder of all ages.
secundum benedictionem Aaron de populo tuo : et dirige nos in viam justitiae, et sciant omnes qui habitant terram quia tu es Deus conspector saeculorum.

 20 The belly will devour all meat, yet one is better than another.
Omnem escam manducabit venter : et est cibus cibo melior.

 21 The palate tasteth venison and the wise heart false speeches.
Fauces contingunt cibum ferae, et cor sensatum verba mendacia.

 22 A perverse heart will cause grief, and a man of experience will resist it.
Cor pravum dabit tristitiam, et homo peritus resistet illi.

 23 A woman will receive every man: yet one daughter is better than another.
Omnem masculum excipiet mulier : et est filia melior filia.

 24 The beauty of a woman cheereth the countenance of her husband, and a man desireth nothing more.
Species mulieris exhilarat faciem viri sui, et super omnem concupiscentiam hominis superducit desiderium.

 25 If she have a tongue that can cure, and likewise mitigate and shew mercy: her husband is not like other men.
Si est lingua curationis, est et mitigationis et misericordiae : non est vir illius secundum filios hominum.

 26 He that possesseth a good wife, beginneth a possession: she is a help like to himself, and a pillar of rest.
Qui possidet mulierem bonam inchoat possessionem : adjutorium secundum illum est, et columna ut requies.

 27 Where there is no hedge, the possession shall be spoiled: and where there is no wife, he mourneth that is in want.
Ubi non est sepes, diripietur possessio : et ubi non est mulier, ingemiscit egens.

 28 Who will trust him that hath no rest, and that lodgeth wheresoever the night taketh him, as a robber well appointed, that skippeth from city to city.
Quis credit ei qui non habet nidum, et deflectens ubicumque obscuraverit, quasi succinctus latro exiliens de civitate in civitatem?

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