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Israel, warranted by a vision from God, goeth down into Egypt with all his family.

 1 And Israel taking his journey, with all that he had, came to the well of the oath, and killing victims there to the God of his father Isaac,
Profectusque Israel cum omnibus quae habebat, venit ad Puteum juramenti : et mactatis ibi victimis Deo patris sui Isaac,

 2 He heard him by a vision in the night calling him, and saying to him: Jacob, Jacob. And he answered him: Lo, here I am.
audivit eum per visionem noctis vocantem se, et dicentem sibi : Jacob, Jacob. Cui respondit : Ecce adsum.

 3 God said to him: I am the most mighty God of thy father: fear not, go down into Egypt, for I will make a great nation of thee there.
Ait illi Deus : Ego sum fortissimus Deus patris tui : noli timere, descende in Aegyptum, quia in gentem magnam faciam te ibi.

 4 I will go down with thee thither, and will bring thee back again from thence: Joseph also shall put his hands upon thy eyes.
Ego descendam tecum illuc, et ego inde adducam te revertentem : Joseph quoque ponet manus suas super oculos tuos.

 5 And Jacob rose up from the well of the oath: and his sons took him up, with their children and wives in the wagons, which Pharao had sent to carry the old man,
Surrexit autem Jacob a Puteo juramenti : tuleruntque eum filii cum parvulis et uxoribus suis in plaustris quae miserat Pharao ad portandum senem,

 6 And all that he had in the land of Chanaan, and he came into Egypt with all his seed:
et omnia quae possederat in terra Chanaan : venitque in Aegyptum cum omni semine suo,

 7 His sons, and grandsons, daughters, and all his offspring together.
filii ejus, et nepotes, filiae, et cuncta simul progenies.

 8 And these are the names of the children of Israel, that entered into Egypt, he and his children. His firstborn Ruben,
Haec sunt autem nomina filiorum Israel, qui ingressi sunt in Aegyptum, ipse cum liberis suis. Primogenitus Ruben.

 9 The sons of Ruben: Henoch and Phallu, and Hesron and Charmi.
Filii Ruben : Henoch et Phallu et Hesron et Charmi.

 10 The sons of Simeon: Jamuel and Jamin and Ahod, and Jachin and Sohar, and Saul the son of a woman of Chanaan.
Filii Simeon : Jamuel et Jamin et Ahod, et Jachin et Sohar, et Saul filius Chanaanitidis.

 11 The sons of Levi: Gerson and Caath and Merari.
Filii Levi : Gerson et Caath et Merari.

 12 The sons of Juda: Her and Onan and Sela and Phares and Zara. And Her and Onan died in the land of Chanaan. And sons were born to Phares: Hesron and Hamul.
Filii Juda : Her et Onan et Sela et Phares et Zara; mortui sunt autem Her et Onan in terra Chanaan. Natique sunt filii Phares : Hesron et Hamul.

 13 The sons of Issachar: Thola and Phua and Job and Semron.
Filii Issachar : Thola et Phua et Job et Semron.

 14 The sons of Zabulon: Sared and Elon and Jahelel.
Filii Zabulon : Sared et Elon et Jahelel.

 15 These are the sons of Lia, whom she bore in Mesopotamia of Syria, with Dina his daughter. All the souls of her sons and daughters, thirty-three.
Hi filii Liae quos genuit in Mesopotamia Syriae cum Dina filia sua : omnes animae filiorum ejus et filiarum, triginta tres.

 16 The sons of Gad: Sephian and Haggi and Suni and Esebon and Heri and Arodi and Areli.
Filii Gad : Sephion et Haggi et Suni et Esebon et Heri et Arodi et Areli.

 17 The sons of Aser: Jamne and Jesua and Jessuri and Beria, and Sara their sister. The sons of Beria: Heber and Melchiel.
Filii Aser : Jamne et Jesua et Jessui et Beria, Sara quoque soror eorum. Filii Beria : Heber et Melchiel.

 18 These are the sons of Zelpha, whom Laban gave to Lia his daughter. And these she bore to Jacob, sixteen souls.
Hi filii Zelphae, quam dedit Laban Liae filiae suae : et hos genuit Jacob sedecim animas.

 19 The sons of Rachel Jacob's wife: Joseph and Benjamin.
Filii Rachel uxoris Jacob : Joseph et Benjamin.

 20 And sons were born to Joseph, in the land of Egypt, whom Aseneth the daughter of Putiphare priest of Heliopolis bore him: Manasses and Ephraim.
Natique sunt Joseph filii in terra Aegypti, quos genuit ei Aseneth filia Putiphare sacerdotis Heliopoleos : Manasses et Ephraim.

 21 The sons of Benjamin: Bela and Bechor and Asbel and Gera and Naaman and Echi and Ros and Mophim and Ophim and Ared.
Filii Benjamin : Bela et Bechor et Asbel et Gera et Naaman et Echi et Ros et Mophim et Ophim et Ared.

 22 These are the sons of Rachel, whom she bore to Jacob: all the souls, fourteen.
Hi filii Rachel quos genuit Jacob : omnes animae, quatuordecim.

 23 The sons of Dan: Husim.
Filii Dan : Husim.

 24 The sons of Nephtali: Jaziel and Guni and Jeser and Sallem.
Filii Nephthali : Jasiel et Guni et Jeser et Sallem.

 25 These are the sons of Bala, whom Laban gave to Rachel his daughter: and these she bore to Jacob: all the souls, seven.
Hi filii Balae, quam dedit Laban Racheli filiae suae : et hos genuit Jacob : omnes animae, septem.

 26 All the souls that went with Jacob into Egypt, and that came out of his thigh, besides his sons' wives, sixty-six.
Cunctae animae, quae ingressae sunt cum Jacob in Aegyptum, et egressae sunt de femore illius, absque uxoribus filiorum ejus, sexaginta sex.

 27 And the sons of Joseph, that were born to him in the land of Egypt, two souls. All the souls of the house of Jacob, that entered into Egypt, were seventy.
Filii autem Joseph, qui nati sunt ei in terra Aegypti, animae duae. Omnes animae domus Jacob, quae ingressae sunt in Aegyptum, fuere septuaginta.

 28 And he sent Juda before him to Joseph, to tell him; and that he should meet him in Gessen.
Misit autem Judam ante se ad Joseph, ut nuntiaret ei, et occurreret in Gessen.

 29 And when he was come thither, Joseph made ready his chariot, and went up to meet his father, in the same place: and seeing him, he fell upon his neck, and embracing him wept.
Quo cum pervenisset, juncto Joseph curro suo, ascendit obviam patri suo ad eumdem locum : vidensque eum, irruit super collum ejus, et inter amplexus flevit.

 30 And the father said to Joseph: Now shall I die with joy, because I have seen thy face, and leave thee alive.
Dixitque pater ad Joseph : Jam laetus moriar, quia vidi faciem tuam, et superstitem te relinquo.

 31 And Joseph said to his brethren, and to all his father's house: I will go up, and will tell Pharao, and will say to him: My brethren and my father's house, that were in the land of Chanaan, are come to me:
At ille locutus est ad fratres suos, et ad omnem domum patris sui : Ascendam, et nuntiabo Pharaoni, dicamque ei : Fratres mei, et domus patris mei, qui erant in terra Chanaan, venerunt ad me :

 32 And the men are shepherds, and their occupation is to feed cattle: their flocks and herds, and all they have, they have brought with them.
et sunt viri pastores ovium, curamque habent alendorum gregum : pecora sua, et armenta, et omnia quae habere potuerunt, adduxerunt secum.

 33 And when he shall call you, and shall say: What is your occupation?
Cumque vocaverit vos, et dixerit : Quod est opus vestrum?

 34 You shall answer: We thy servants are shepherds, from our infancy until now, both we and our fathers. And this you shall say, that you may dwell in the land of Gessen, because the Egyptians have all shepherds in abomination.
respondebitis : Viri pastores sumus servi tui, ab infantia nostra usque in praesens, et nos et patres nostri. Haec autem dicetis, ut habitare possitis in terra Gessen : quia detestantur Aegyptii omnes pastores ovium.

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