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Abraham's children by Cetura; his death and that of Ismael. Isaac hath Esau and Jacob twins. Esau selleth his first birthright to Jacob.

 1 And Abraham married another wife, named Cetura:
Abraham vero aliam duxit uxorem nomine Ceturam :

 2 Who bore him Zamran, and Jecsan, and Madan, and Madian, and Jesboc, and Sue.
quae peperit ei Zamran et Jecsan, et Madam, et Madian, et Jesboc, et Sue.

 3 Jecsan also begot Saba and Dadan. The children of Dadan were Assurim, and Latusim, and Loomin.
Jecsan quoque genuit Saba et Dadan. Filii Dadan fuerunt Assurim, et Latusim, et Loomin.

 4 But of Madian was born Epha, and Opher, and Henoch, and Abida, and Eldaa: all these were the children of Cetura.
At vero ex Madian ortus est Epha, et Opher, et Henoch, et Abida, et Eldaa : omnes hi filii Ceturae.

 5 And Abraham gave all his possessions to Isaac.
Deditque Abraham cuncta quae possederat, Isaac :

 6 And to the children of the concubines he gave gifts, and separated them from Isaac his son, while he yet lived, to the east country.
filiis autem concubinarum largitus est munera, et separavit eos ab Isaac filio suo, dum adhuc ipse viveret, ad plagam orientalem.

 7 And the days of Abraham's life were a hundred and seventy-five years.
Fuerunt autem dies vitae Abrahae, centum septuaginta quinque anni.

 8 And decaying he died in a good old age, and having lived a long time, and being full of days: and was gathered to his people.
Et deficiens mortuus est in senectute bona, provectaeque aetatis et plenus dierum : congregatusque est ad populum suum.

 9 And Isaac and Ismael his sons buried him in the double cave, which was situated in the field of Ephron the son of Seor the Hethite, over against Mambre;
Et sepelierunt eum Isaac et Ismael filii sui in spelunca duplici, quae sita est in agro Ephron filii Seor Hethaei, e regione Mambre,

 10 Which he had bought of the children of Heth: there was he buried, and Sara his wife.
quem emerat a filiis Heth : ibi sepultus est ipse, et Sara uxor ejus.

 11 And after his death, God blessed Isaac his son, who dwelt by the well named Of the living and seeing.
Et post obitum illius benedixit Deus Isaac filio ejus, qui habitabat juxta puteum nomine Viventis et videntis.

 12 These are the generations of Ismael the son of Abraham, whom Agar the Egyptian, Sara's servant, bore unto him:
Hae sunt generationes Ismael filii Abrahae, quem peperit ei Agar Aegyptia, famula Sarae : et

 13 And these are the names of his children according to their calling and generations. The firstborn of Ismael was Nabajoth, then Cedar, and Adbeel, and Mabsam.
haec nomina filiorum ejus in vocabulis et generationibus suis. Primogenitus Ismaelis Nabaioth, deinde Cedar, et Adbeel, et Mabsam,

 14 And Masma, and Duma, and Massa,
Masma quoque, et Duma, et Massa,

 15 Hadar, and Thema, and Jethur, and Naphis, and Cedma.
Hadar, et Thema, et Jethur, et Naphis, et Cedma.

 16 These are the sons of Ismael: and these are their names by their castles and towns, twelve princes of their tribes.
Isti sunt filii Ismaelis : et haec nomina per castella et oppida eorum, duodecim principes tribuum suarum.

 17 And the years of Ismael's life were a hundred and thirty-seven, and decaying he died, and was gathered unto his people.
Et facti sunt anni vitae Ismaelis centum triginta septem, deficiensque mortuus est, et appositus ad populum suum.

 18 And he dwelt from Hevila as far as Sur, which looketh towards Egypt, to them that go towards the Assyrians. He died in the presence of all his brethren.
Habitavit autem ab Hevila usque Sur, quae respicit Aegyptum introeuntibus Assyrios; coram cunctis fratribus suis obiit.

 19 These also are the generations of Isaac the son of Abraham: Abraham begot Isaac:
Hae quoque sunt generationes Isaac filii Abraham : Abraham genuit Isaac :

 20 Who when he was forty years old, took to wife Rebecca the daughter of Bathuel the Syrian of Mesopotamia, sister to Laban.
qui cum quadraginta esset annorum, duxit uxorem Rebeccam filiam Bathuelis Syri de Mesopotamia, sororem Laban.

 21 And Isaac besought the Lord for his wife, because she was barren; and he heard him, and made Rebecca to conceive.
Deprecatusque est Isaac Dominum pro uxore sua, eo quod esset sterilis : qui exaudivit eum, et dedit conceptum Rebeccae.

 22 But the children struggled in her womb: and she said: If it were to be so with me, what need was there to conceive? And she went to consult the Lord.
Sed collidebantur in utero ejus parvuli; quae ait : Si sic mihi futurum erat, quid necesse fuit concipere? perrexitque ut consuleret Dominum.

 23 And he answering said: Two nations are in thy womb, and two peoples shall be divided out of thy womb, and one people shall overcome the other, and the elder shall serve the younger.
Qui respondens ait : Duae gentes sunt in utero tuo, et duo populi ex ventre tuo dividentur, populusque populum superabit, et major serviet minori.

 24 And when her time was come to be delivered, behold twins were found in her womb.
Jam tempus pariendi advenerat, et ecce gemini in utero ejus reperti sunt.

 25 He that came forth first was red, and hairy like a skin: and his name was called Esau. Immediately the other coming forth, held his brother's foot in his hand, and therefore he was called Jacob.
Qui prior egressus est, rufus erat, et totus in morem pellis hispidus : vocatumque est nomen ejus Esau. Protinus alter egrediens, plantam fratris tenebat manu : et idcirco appellavit eum Jacob.

 26 Isaac was threescore years old when the children were born unto him.
Sexagenarius erat Isaac quando nati sunt ei parvuli.

 27 And when they were grown up, Esau became a skillful hunter, and a husbandman, but Jacob a plain man dwelt in tents.
Quibus adultis, factus est Esau vir gnarus venandi, et homo agricola : Jacob autem vir simplex habitabat in tabernaculis.

 28 Isaac loved Esau, because he ate of his hunting: and Rebecca loved Jacob.
Isaac amabat Esau, eo quod de venationibus illius vesceretur : et Rebecca diligebat Jacob.

 29 And Jacob boiled pottage: to whom Esau, coming faint out of the field,
Coxit autem Jacob pulmentum : ad quem cum venisset Esau de agro lassus,

 30 Said: Give me of this red pottage, for I am exceeding faint. For which reason his name was called Edom.
ait : Da mihi de coctione hac rufa, quia oppido lassus sum. Quam ob causam vocatum est nomen ejus Edom.

 31 And Jacob said to him: Sell me thy first birthright.
Cui dixit Jacob : Vende mihi primogenita tua.

 32 He answered: Lo I die, what will the first birthright avail me?
Ille respondit : En morior, quid mihi proderunt primogenita?

 33 Jacob said: Swear therefore to me. Esau swore to him, and sold his first birthright.
Ait Jacob : Jura ergo mihi. Juravit ei Esau et vendidit primogenita.

 34 And so taking bread and the pottage of lentils, he ate, and drank, and went his way; making little account of having sold his first birthright.
Et sic, accepto pane et lentis edulio, comedit et bibit, et abiit, parvipendens quod primogenita vendidisset.

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