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Joseph hath charge of his master's house: rejecteth his mistress's solicitations: is falsely accused by her, and cast into prison, where he hath the charge of all the prisoners.

 1 And Joseph was brought into Egypt, and Putiphar an eunuch of Pharao, chief captain of the army, an Egyptian, bought him of the Ismaelites, by whom he was brought.
Igitur Joseph ductus est in Aegyptum, emitque eum Putiphar eunuchus Pharaonis, princeps exercitus, vir aegyptius, de manu Ismaelitarum, a quibus perductus erat.

 2 And the Lord was with him, and he was a prosperous man in all things: and he dwelt in his master's house,
Fuitque Dominus cum eo, et erat vir in cunctis prospere agens : habitavitque in domo domini sui,

 3 Who knew very well that the Lord was with him, and made all that he did to prosper in his hand.
qui optime noverat Dominum esse cum eo, et omnia, quae gerebat, ab eo dirigi in manu illius.

 4 And Joseph found favour in the sight of his master, and ministered to him: and being set over all by him, he governed the house committed to him, and all things that were delivered to him:
Invenitque Joseph gratiam coram domino suo, et ministrabat ei : a quo praepositus omnibus gubernabat creditam sibi domum, et universa quae ei tradita fuerant :

 5 And the Lord blessed the house of the Egyptian for Joseph's sake, and multiplied all his substance, both at home, and in the fields.
benedixitque Dominus domui Aegyptii propter Joseph, et multiplicavit tam in aedibus quam in agris cunctam ejus substantiam :

 6 Neither knew he any other thing, but the bread which he ate. And Joseph was of a beautiful countenance, and comely to behold.
nec quidquam aliud noverat, nisi panem quo vescebatur. Erat autem Joseph pulchra facie, et decorus aspectu.

 7 And after many days his mistress cast her eyes on Joseph, and said: Lie with me.
Post multos itaque dies injecit domina sua oculos suos in Joseph, et ait : Dormi mecum.

 8 But he, in no wise consenting to that wicked act, said to her: Behold, my master hath delivered all things to me, and knoweth not what he hath in his own house:
Qui nequaquam acquiescens operi nefario, dixit ad eam : Ecce dominus meus, omnibus mihi traditis, ignorat quid habeat in domo sua :

 9 Neither is there any thing which is not in my power, or that he hath not delivered to me, but thee, who art his wife: how then can I do this wicked thing, and sin against my God?
nec quidquam est quod non in mea sit potestate, vel non tradiderit mihi, praeter te, quae uxor ejus es : quomodo ergo possum hoc malum facere, et peccare in Deum meum?

 10 With such words as these day by day, both the woman was importunate with the young man, and he refused the adultery.
Hujuscemodi verbis per singulos dies, et mulier molesta erat adolescenti : et ille recusabat stuprum.

 11 Now it happened on a certain day, that Joseph went into the house, and was doing some business without any man with him:
Accidit autem quadam die ut intraret Joseph domum, et operis quippiam absque arbitris faceret :

 12 And she catching the skirt of his garment, said: Lie with me. But he leaving the garment in her hand, fled, and went out.
et illa, apprehensa lacinia vestimenti ejus, diceret : Dormi mecum. Qui relicto in manu ejus pallio fugit, et egressus est foras.

 13 And when the woman saw the garment in her hands, and herself disregarded,
Cumque vidisset mulier vestem in manibus suis, et se esse contemptam,

 14 She called to her the men of her house, and said to them: See, he hath brought in a Hebrew, to abuse us: he came in to me, to lie with me: and when I cried out,
vocavit ad se homines domus suae, et ait ad eos : En introduxit virum hebraeum, ut illuderet nobis : ingressus est ad me, ut coiret mecum : cumque ego succlamassem,

 15 And he heard my voice, he left the garment that I held, and got him out.
et audisset vocem meam, reliquit pallium quod tenebam, et fugit foras.

 16 For a proof therefore of her fidelity, she kept the garment, and shewed it to her husband when he returned home:
In argumentum ergo fidei retentum pallium ostendit marito revertenti domum,

 17 And said: The Hebrew servant, whom thou hast brought, came to me to abuse me.
et ait : Ingressus est ad me servus hebraeus quem adduxisti, ut illuderet mihi :

 18 And when he heard me cry, he left the garment which I held, and fled out.
cumque audisset me clamare, reliquit pallium quod tenebam, et fugit foras.

 19 His master hearing these things, and giving too much credit to his wife's words, was very angry.
His auditis dominus, et nimium credulus verbis conjugis, iratus est valde :

 20 And cast Joseph into the prison, where the king's prisoners were kept, and he was there shut up.
tradiditque Joseph in carcerem, ubi vincti regis custodiebantur, et erat ibi clausus.

 21 But the Lord was with Joseph and having mercy upon him gave him favour in the sight of the chief keeper of the prison:
Fuit autem Dominus cum Joseph, et misertus illius dedit ei gratiam in conspectu principis carceris.

 22 Who delivered into his hand all the prisoners that were kept in custody: and whatsoever was done was under him.
Qui tradidit in manu illius universos vinctos qui in custodia tenebantur : et quidquid fiebat, sub ipso erat.

 23 Neither did he himself know any thing, having committed all things to him: for the Lord was with him, and made all that he did to prosper.
Nec noverat aliquid, cunctis ei creditis : Dominus enim erat cum illo, et omnia opera ejus dirigebat.

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