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Tobias the father praiseth God, exhorting all Israel to do the same. Prophesieth the restoration and better state of Jerusalem.

 1 And Tobias the elder opening his mouth, blessed the Lord, and said: Thou art great, O Lord, for ever, and thy kingdom is unto all ages:
Aperiens autem Tobias senior os suum, benedixit Dominum, et dixit : Magnus es, Domine, in aeternum, et in omnia saecula regnum tuum :

 2 For thou scourgest, and thou savest: thou leadest down to hell, and bringest up again: and there is none that can escape thy hand.
quoniam tu flagellas, et salvas : deducis ad inferos, et reducis : et non est qui effugiat manum tuam.

 3 Give glory to the Lord, ye children of Israel, and praise him in the sight of the Gentiles:
Confitemini Domino, filii Israel, et in conspectu gentium laudate eum :

 4 Because he hath therefore scattered you among the Gentiles, who know not him, that you may declare his wonderful works, and make them know that there is no other almighty God besides him.
quoniam ideo dispersit vos inter gentes, quae ignorant eum, ut vos enarretis mirabilia ejus, et faciatis scire eos quia non est alius deus omnipotens praeter eum.

 5 He hath chastised us for our iniquities: and he will save us for his own mercy.
Ipse castigavit nos propter iniquitates nostras, et ipse salvabit nos propter misericordiam suam.

 6 See then what he hath done with us, and with fear and trembling give ye glory to him: and extol the eternal King of worlds in your works.
Aspicite ergo quae fecit nobiscum, et cum timore et tremore confitemini illi : regemque saeculorum exaltate in operibus vestris.

 7 As for me, I will praise him in the land of my captivity: because he hath shewn his majesty toward a sinful nation.
Ego autem in terra captivitatis meae confitebor illi : quoniam ostendit majestatem suam in gentem peccatricem.

 8 Be converted therefore, ye sinners, and do justice before God, believing that he will shew his mercy to you.
Convertimini itaque peccatores, et facite justitiam coram Deo, credentes quod faciat vobiscum misericordiam suam.

 9 And I and my soul will rejoice in him.
Ego autem, et anima mea in eo laetabimur.

 10 Bless ye the Lord, all his elect, keep days of joy, and give glory to him.
Benedicite Dominum omnes electi ejus : agite dies laetitiae, et confitemini illi.

 11 Jerusalem, city of God, the Lord hath chastised thee for the works of thy hands.
Jerusalem civitas Dei, castigavit te Dominus in operibus manuum tuarum.

 12 Give glory to the Lord for thy good things, and bless the God eternal, that he may rebuild his tabernacle in thee, and may call back all the captives to thee, and thou mayst rejoice for ever and ever.
Confitere Domino in bonis tuis, et benedic Deum saeculorum : ut reaedificet in te tabernaculum suum, et revocet ad te omnes captivos, et gaudeas in omnia saecula saeculorum.

 13 Thou shalt shine with a glorious light: and all the ends of the earth shall worship thee.
Luce splendida fulgebis : et omnes fines terrae adorabunt te.

 14 Nations from afar shall come to thee: and shall bring gifts, and shall adore the Lord in thee, and shall esteem thy land as holy.
Nationes ex longinquo ad te venient, et munera deferentes adorabunt in te Dominum, et terram tuam in sanctificationem habebunt :

 15 For they shall call upon the great name in thee.
nomen enim magnum invocabunt in te.

 16 They shall be cursed that shall despise thee: and they shall be condemned that shall blaspheme thee: and blessed shall they be that shall build thee up.
Maledicti erunt qui contempserint te, et condemnati erunt omnes qui blasphemaverint te : benedictique erunt qui aedificaverint te.

 17 But thou shalt rejoice in thy children, because they shall all be blessed, and shall be gathered together to the Lord.
Tu autem laetaberis in filiis tuis, quoniam omnes benedicentur, et congregabuntur ad Dominum.

 18 Blessed are all they that love thee, and that rejoice in thy peace.
Beati omnes qui diligunt te, et qui gaudent super pace tua.

 19 My soul, bless thou the Lord, because the Lord our God hath delivered Jerusalem his city from all her troubles.
Anima mea, benedic Dominum, quoniam liberavit Jerusalem civitatem suam a cunctis tribulationibus ejus Dominus Deus noster.

 20 Happy shall I be if there shall remain of my seed, to see the glory of Jerusalem.
Beatus ero si fuerint reliquiae seminis mei ad videndam claritatem Jerusalem.

 21 The gates of Jerusalem shall be built of sapphire, and of emerald, and all the walls thereof round about of precious stones.
Portae Jerusalem ex sapphiro et smaragdo aedificabuntur, et ex lapide pretioso omnis circuitus murorum ejus.

 22 All its streets shall be paved with white and clean stones: and Alleluia shall be sung in its streets.
Ex lapide candido et mundo omnes plateae ejus sternentur : et per vicos ejus, Alleluja cantabitur.

 23 Blessed be the Lord, who hath exalted it, and may he reign over it for ever and ever, Amen.
Benedictus Dominus, qui exaltavit eam, et sit regnum ejus in saecula saeculorum super eam. Amen.

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