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The parents lament the long absence of their son Tobias. He sets out to return.

[1] But as Tobias made longer stay upon occasion of the marriage, Tobias his father was solicitous, saying: Why thinkest thou doth my son tarry, or why is he detained there?
Cum vero moras faceret Tobias, causa nuptiarum, sollicitus erat pater ejus Tobias, dicens : Putas quare moratur filius meus, aut quare detentus est ibi?

[2] Is Gabelus dead, thinkest thou, and no man will pay him the money?
Putasne Gabelus mortuus est, et nemo reddet illi pecuniam?

[3] And he began to be exceeding sad, both he and Anna his wife with him: and they began both to weep together: because their son did not return to them on the day appointed.
Coepit autem contristari nimis ipse et Anna uxor ejus cum eo : et coeperunt ambo simul flere : eo quod die statuto minime reverteretur filius eorum ad eos.

[4] But his mother wept and was quite disconsolate, and said: Woe, woe is me, my son; why did we send thee to go to a strange country, the light of our eyes, the staff of our old age, the comfort of our life, the hope of our posterity?
Flebat igitur mater ejus irremediabilibus lacrimis, atque dicebat : Heu, heu me, fili mi! ut quid te misimus peregrinari, lumen oculorum nostrorum, baculum senectutis nostrae, solatium vitae nostrae, spem posteritatis nostrae?

[5] We having all things together in thee alone, ought not to have let thee go from us.
omnia simul in te uno habentes, te non debuimus dimittere a nobis.

[6] And Tobias said to her: Hold thy peace, and be not troubled, our son is safe: that man with whom we sent him is very trusty.
Cui dicebat Tobias : Tace, et noli turbari : sanus est filius noster : satis fidelis est vir ille, cum quo misimus eum.

[7] But she could by no means be comforted, but daily running out looked round about, and went into all the ways by which there seemed any hope he might return, that she might if possible see him coming afar off.
Illa autem nullo modo consolari poterat, sed quotidie exiliens circumspiciebat, et circuibat vias omnes, per quas spes remeandi videbatur, ut procul videret eum, si fieri posset, venientem.

[8] But Raguel said to his son in law: Stay here, and I will send a messenger to Tobias thy father, that thou art in health.
At vero Raguel dicebat ad generum suum : Mane hic, et ego mittam nuntium salutis de te ad Tobiam patrem tuum.

[9] And Tobias said to him: I know that my father and mother now count the days, and their spirit is grievously afflicted within them.
Cui Tobias ait : Ego novi quia pater meus et mater mea modo dies computant, et cruciatur spiritus eorum in ipsis.

[10] And when Raguel had pressed Tobias with many words, and he by no means would hearken to him, he delivered Sara unto him, and half of all his substance in menservants, and womenservants, in cattle, in camels, and in kine, and in much money, and sent him away safe and joyful from him.
Cumque verbis multis rogaret Raguel Tobiam, et ille eum nulla ratione vellet audire, tradidit ei Saram, et dimidiam partem omnis substantiae suae in pueris, in puellis, in pecudibus, in camelis, et in vaccis, et in pecunia multa : et salvum atque gaudentem dimisit eum a se,

[11] Saying: The holy angel of the Lord be with you in your journey, and bring you through safe, and that you may find all things well about your parents, and my eyes see your children before I die.
dicens : Angelus Domini sanctus sit in itinere vestro, perducatque vos incolumes, et inveniatis omnia recte circa parentes vestros, et videant oculi mei filios vestros priusquam moriar.

[12] And the parents taking their daughter kissed her, and let her go:
Et apprehendentes parentes filiam suam, osculati sunt eam : et dimiserunt ire,

[13] Admonishing her to honour her father and mother in law, to love her husband, to take care of the family, to govern the house, and to behave herself irreprehensibly.
monentes eam honorare soceros, diligere maritum, regere familiam, gubernare domum, et seipsam irreprehensibilem exhibere.

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