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The angel Raphael goeth to Gabelus, receiveth the money, and bringeth him to the marriage.

 1 Then Tobias called the angel to him, whom he took to be a man, and said to him: Brother Azarias, I pray thee hearken to my words:
Tunc vocavit Tobias angelum ad se, quem quidem hominem existimabat, dixitque ei : Azaria frater, peto ut auscultes verba mea :

 2 If I should give myself to be thy servant I should not make a worthy return for thy care.
si meipsum tradam tibi servum, non ero condignus providentiae tuae.

 3 However, I beseech thee, to take with thee beasts and servants, and to go to Gabelus to Rages the city of the Medes: and to restore to him his note of hand, and receive of him the money, and desire him to come to my wedding.
Tamen obsecro te ut assumas tibi animalia sive servitia, et vadas ad Gabelum in Rages civitatem Medorum : reddasque ei chirographum suum, et recipias ab eo pecuniam, et roges eum venire ad nuptias meas.

 4 For thou knowest that my father numbereth the days: and if I stay one day more, his soul will be afflicted.
Scis enim ipse quoniam numerat pater meus dies, et si tardavero una die plus, constristatur anima ejus.

 5 And indeed thou seest how Raguel hath adjured me, whose adjuring I cannot despise.
Et certe vides quomodo adjuravit me Raguel, cujus adjuramentum spernere non possum.

 6 Then Raphael took four of Raguel's servants, and two camels, and went to Rages the city of the Medes: and finding Gabelus, gave him his note of hand, and received of him all the money.
Tunc Raphael assumens quatuor ex servis Raguelis, et duos camelos, in Rages civitatem Medorum perrexit : et inveniens Gabelum, reddidit ei chirographum suum, et recepit ab eo omnem pecuniam.

 7 And he told him concerning Tobias the son of Tobias, all that had been done: and made him come with him to the wedding.
Indicavitque ei de Tobia filio Tobiae, omnia quae gesta sunt : fecitque eum secum venire ad nuptias.

 8 And when he was come into Raguel's house he found Tobias sitting at the table: and he leaped up, and they kissed each other: and Gabelus wept, and blessed God,
Cumque ingressus esset domum Raguelis, invenit Tobiam discumbentem : et exiliens, osculati sunt se invicem : et flevit Gabelus, benedixitque Deum,

 9 And said: The God of Israel bless thee, because thou art the son of a very good and just man, and that feareth God, and doth almsdeeds:
et dixit : Benedicat te Deus Israel, quia filius es optimi viri et justi, et timentis Deum, et eleemosynas facientis :

 10 And may a blessing come upon thy wife and upon your parents.
et dicatur benedictio super uxorem tuam, et super parentes vestros :

 11 And may you see your children, and your children's children, unto the third and fourth generation: and may your seed be blessed by the God of Israel, who reigneth for ever and ever.
et videatis filios vestros, et filios filiorum vestrorum, usque in tertiam et quartam generationem : et sit semen vestrum benedictum a Deo Israel, qui regnat in saecula saeculorum.

 12 And when all had said, Amen, they went to the feast: but the marriage feast they celebrated also with the fear of the Lord.
Cumque omnes dixissent, Amen, accesserunt ad convivium : sed et cum timore Domini nuptiarum convivium exercebant.

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