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The lot of the sons of Joseph. The borders of the tribe of Ephraim.

 1 And the lot of the sons of Joseph fell from the Jordan over against Jericho and the waters thereof, on the east: the wilderness which goeth up from Jericho to the mountain of Bethel:
Cecidit quoque sors filiorum Joseph ab Jordane contra Jericho et aquas ejus ab oriente : solitudo quae ascendit de Jericho ad montem Bethel :

 2 And goeth out from Bethel to Luza: and passeth the border of Archi, to Ataroth,
et egreditur de Bethel Luza : transitque terminum Archi, Ataroth :

 3 And goeth down westward, by the border of Jephleti, unto the borders of Beth-horon the nether, and to Gazer: and the countries of it are ended by the great sea:
et descendit ad occidentem juxta terminum Jephleti, usque ad terminos Beth-horon inferioris, et Gazer : finiunturque regiones ejus mari magno :

 4 And Manasses and Ephraim the children of Joseph possessed it.
possederuntque filii Joseph Manasses et Ephraim.

 5 And the border of the children of Ephraim was according to their kindreds: and their possession towards the east was Ataroth-addar unto Beth-horon the upper.
Et factus est terminus filiorum Ephraim per cognationes suas : et possessio eorum contra orientem Ataroth Addar usque Beth-horon superiorem.

 6 And the confines go out unto the sea: but Machmethath looketh to the north, and it goeth round the borders eastward into Thanath-selo: and passeth along on the east side to Janoe.
Egrediunturque confinia in mare : Machmethath vero aquilonem respicit, et circuit terminos contra orientem in Thanathselo : et pertransit ab oriente Janoe.

 7 And it goeth down from Janoe into Ataroth and Naaratha: and it cometh to Jericho, and goeth out to the Jordan.
Descenditque de Janoe in Ataroth et Naaratha : et pervenit in Jericho, egrediturque ad Jordanem.

 8 From Taphua it passeth on towards the sea into the valley of reeds, and the goings out thereof are at the most salt sea. This is the possession of the tribe of the children of Ephraim by their families.
De Taphua pertransit contra mare in vallem arundineti, suntque egressus ejus in mare salsissimum. Haec est possessio tribus filiorum Ephraim per familias suas.

 9 And there were cities with their villages separated for the children of Ephraim in the midst of the possession of the children of Manasses.
Urbesque separatae sunt filiis Ephraim in medio possessionis filiorum Manasse, et villae earum.

 10 And the children of Ephraim slew not the Chanaanite, who dwelt in Gazer: and the Chanaanite dwelt in the midst of Ephraim until this day, paying tribute.
Et non interfecerunt filii Ephraim Chananaeum, qui habitabat in Gazer : habitavitque Chananaeus in medio Ephraim usque in diem hanc tributarius.

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