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Two spies are sent to Jericho, who are received and concealed by Rahab.

 1 And Josue the son of Nun sent from Setim two men, to spy secretly: and said to them: Go, and view the land and the city of Jericho. They went and entered into the house of a woman that was a harlot named Rahab, and lodged with her.
Misit igitur Josue filius Nun de Setim duos viros exploratores in abscondito : et dixit eis : Ite, et considerate terram, urbemque Jericho. Qui pergentes ingressi sunt domum mulieris meretricis, nomine Rahab, et quieverunt apud eam.

 2 And it was told the king of Jericho, and was said: Behold there are men come in hither, by night, of the children of Israel, to spy the land.
Nuntiatumque est regi Jericho, et dictum : Ecce viri ingressi sunt huc per noctem de filiis Israel, ut explorarent terram.

 3 And the king of Jericho sent to Rahab, saying: Bring forth the men that came to thee, and are entered into thy house: for they are spies, and are come to view all the land.
Misitque rex Jericho ad Rahab, dicens : Educ viros, qui venerunt ad te, et ingressi sunt domum tuam : exploratores quippe sunt, et omnem terram considerare venerunt.

 4 And the woman taking the men, hid them, and said: I confess they came to me, but I knew not whence they were:
Tollensque mulier viros, abscondit, et ait : Fateor, venerunt ad me, sed nesciebam unde essent :

 5 And at the time of shutting the gate in the dark, they also went out together. I know not whither they are gone: pursue after them quickly, and you will overtake them.
cumque porta clauderetur in tenebris, et illi pariter exierunt; nescio quo abierunt : persequimini cito, et comprehendetis eos.

 6 But she made the men go up to the top of her house, and covered them with the stalks of flax, which was there.
Ipsa autem fecit ascendere viros in solarium domus suae, operuitque eos stipula lini, quae ibi erat.

 7 Now they that were sent, pursued after them, by the way that leadeth to the fords of the Jordan: and as soon as they were gone out, the gate was presently shut.
Hi autem, qui missi fuerant, secuti sunt eos per viam, quae ducit ad vadum Jordanis : illisque egressis statim porta clausa est.

 8 The men that were hidden were not yet asleep, when behold the woman went up to them, and said:
Necdum obdormierant qui latebant, et ecce mulier ascendit ad eos, et ait :

 9 I know that the Lord hath given this land to you: for the dread of you is fallen upon us, and all the inhabitants of the land have lost all strength.
Novi quod Dominus tradiderit vobis terram : etenim irruit in nos terror vester, et elanguerunt omnes habitatores terrae.

 10 We have heard that the Lord dried up the water of the Red Sea at your going in, when you came out of Egypt: and what things you did to the two kings of the Amorrhites, that were beyond the Jordan: Sehon and Og whom you slew.
Audivimus quod siccaverit Dominus aquas maris Rubri ad vestrum introitum, quando egressi estis ex Aegypto : et quae feceritis duobus Amorrhaeorum regibus, qui erant trans Jordanem, Sehon et Og, quos interfecistis.

 11 And hearing these things we were affrighted, and our heart fainted away, neither did there remain any spirit in us at your coming in: for the Lord your God he is God in heaven above, and in the earth beneath.
Et haec audientes pertimuimus, et elanguit cor nostrum, nec remansit in nobis spiritus ad introitum vestrum : Dominus enim Deus vester ipse est Deus in caelo sursum et in terra deorsum.

 12 Now therefore swear ye to me by the Lord, that as I have shewn mercy to you, so you also will shew mercy to my father's house: and give me a true token,
Nunc ergo jurate mihi per Dominum, ut quomodo ego misericordiam feci vobiscum, ita et vos faciatis cum domo patris mei : detisque mihi verum signum,

 13 That you will save my father and mother, my brethren and sisters, and all things that are theirs, and deliver our souls from death.
ut salvetis patrem meum et matrem, et fratres ac sorores meas, et omnia quae illorum sunt, et eruatis animas nostras a morte.

 14 They answered her: Be our lives for you unto death, only if thou betray us not. And when the Lord shall have delivered us the land, we will shew thee mercy and truth.
Qui responderunt ei : Anima nostra sit pro vobis in mortem, si tamen non prodideris nos : cumque tradiderit nobis Dominus terram, faciemus in te misericordiam et veritatem.

 15 Then she let them down with a cord out of a window: for her house joined close to the wall.
Demisit ergo eos per funem de fenestra : domus enim ejus haerebat muro.

 16 And she said to them: Get ye up to the mountains, lest perhaps they meet you as they return: and there lie ye hid three days, till they come back, and so you shall go on your way.
Dixitque ad eos : Ad montana conscendite, ne forte occurrant vobis revertentes : ibique latitate tribus diebus, donec redeant, et sic ibitis per viam vestram.

 17 And they said to her: We shall be blameless of this oath, which thou hast made us swear:
Qui dixerunt ad eam : Innoxii erimus a juramento hoc, quo adjurasti nos :

 18 If when we come into the land, this scarlet cord be a sign, and thou tie it in the window, by which thou hast let us down: and gather together thy father and mother, and brethren and all thy kindred into thy house.
si ingredientibus nobis terram, signum fuerit funiculus iste coccineus, et ligaveris eum in fenestra, per quam demisisti nos : et patrem tuum ac matrem, fratresque et omnem cognationem tuam congregaveris in domum tuam.

 19 Whosoever shall go out of the door of thy house, his blood shall be upon his own head, and we shall be quit. But the blood of all that shall be with thee in the house, shall light upon our head, if any man touch them.
Qui ostium domus tuae egressus fuerit, sanguis ipsius erit in caput ejus, et nos erimus alieni. Cunctorum autem sanguis, qui tecum in domo fuerint, redundabit in caput nostrum, si eos aliquis tetigerit.

 20 But if thou wilt betray us, and utter this word abroad, we shall be quit of this oath which thou hast made us swear.
Quod si nos prodere volueris, et sermonem istum proferre in medium, erimus mundi ab hoc juramento, quo adjurasti nos.

 21 And she answered: As you have spoken, so be it done. And sending them on their way, she hung the scarlet cord in the window.
Et illa respondit : Sicut locuti estis, ita fiat : dimittensque eos ut pergerent, appendit funiculum coccineum in fenestra.

 22 But they went and came to the mountains, and stayed there three days till they that pursued them were returned. For having sought them through all the way, they found them not.
Illi vero ambulantes pervenerunt ad montana, et manserunt ibi tres dies, donec reverterentur qui fuerant persecuti : quaerentes enim per omnem viam, non repererunt eos.

 23 And when they were gone back into the city, the spies returned, and came down from the mountain: and passing over the Jordan, they came to Josue the son of Nun, and told him all that befel them.
Quibus urbem ingressis, reversi sunt, et descenderunt exploratores de monte : et, transmisso Jordane, venerunt ad Josue filium Nun, narraveruntque ei omnia quae acciderant sibi,

 24 And said: The Lord hath delivered all this land into our hands, and all the inhabitants thereof are overthrown with fear.
atque dixerunt : Tradidit Dominus omnem terram hanc in manus nostras, et timore prostrati sunt cuncti habitatores ejus.

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