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For the sins of Achan, the Israelites are defeated at Hai. The offender is found out; and stoned to death, and God's wrath is turned from them.

 1 But the children of Israel transgressed the commandment, and took to their own use of the anathema. For Achan the son of Charmi, the son of Zabdi, the son of Zare of the tribe of Juda, took something of the anathema: and the Lord was angry against the children of Israel.
Filii autem Israel praevaricati sunt mandatum, et usurpaverunt de anathemate. Nam Achan filius Charmi filii Zabdi filii Zare de tribu Juda tulit aliquid de anathemate : iratusque est Dominus contra filios Israel.

 2 And when Josue sent men from Jericho against Hai, which is beside Bethaven, on the east side of the town of Bethel, he said to them: Go up, and view the country: and they fulfilled his command, and viewed Hai.
Cumque mitteret Josue de Jericho viros contra Hai, quae est juxta Bethaven, ad orientalem plagam oppidi Bethel, dixit eis : Ascendite, et explorate terram. Qui praecepta complentes exploraverunt Hai.

 3 And returning they said to him: Let not all the people go up, but let two or three thousand men go and destroy the city: why should all the people be troubled in vain against enemies that are very few?
Et reversi dixerunt ei : Non ascendat omnis populus, sed duo vel tria millia virorum pergant, et deleant civitatem : quare omnis populus frustra vexabitur contra hostes paucissimos?

 4 There went up therefore three thousand fighting men: who immediately turned their backs,
Ascenderunt ergo tria millia pugnatorum. Qui statim terga vertentes,

 5 And were defeated by the men of the city of Hai, and there fell of them six and thirty men: and the enemies pursued them from the gate as far as Sabarim, and they slew them as they fled by the descent: and the heart of the people was struck with fear, and melted like water.
percussi sunt a viris urbis Hai, et corruerunt ex eis triginta sex homines : persecutique sunt eos adversarii de porta usque ad Sabarim, et ceciderunt per prona fugientes : pertimuitque cor populi, et instar aquae liquefactum est.

 6 But Josue rent his garments, and fell flat on the ground before the ark of the Lord until the evening, both he and all the ancients of Israel: and they put dust upon their heads.
Josue vero scidit vestimenta sua, et pronus cecidit in terram coram arca Domini usque ad vesperam, tam ipse quam omnes senes Israel : miseruntque pulverem super capita sua,

 7 And Josue said: Alas, O Lord God, why wouldst thou bring this people over the river Jordan, to deliver us into the hand of the Amorrhite, and to destroy us? would God, we had stayed beyond the Jordan as we began.
et dixit Josue : Heu Domine Deus, quid voluisti traducere populum istum Jordanem fluvium, ut traderes nos in manus Amorrhaei, et perderes? utinam ut coepimus, mansissemus trans Jordanem.

 8 My Lord God, what shall I say, seeing Israel turning their backs to their enemies?
Mi Domine Deus, quid dicam, videns Israelem hostibus suis terga vertentem?

 9 The Chanaanites, and all the inhabitants of the land will hear of it, and being gathered together will surround us and cut off our name from the earth: and what wilt thou do to thy great name?
Audient Chananaei, et omnes habitatores terrae, et pariter conglobati circumdabunt nos, atque delebunt nomen nostrum de terra : et quid facies magno nomini tuo?

 10 And the Lord said to Josue: Arise, why liest thou flat on the ground?
Dixitque Dominus ad Josue : Surge : cur jaces pronus in terra?

 11 Israel hath sinned, and transgressed my covenant: and they have taken of the anathema, and have stolen and lied, and have hidden it among their goods.
Peccavit Israel, et praevaricatus est pactum meum : tuleruntque de anathemate, et furati sunt atque mentiti, et absconderunt inter vasa sua.

 12 Neither can Israel stand before his enemies, but he shall flee from them: because he is defiled with the anathema. I will be no more with you, till you destroy him that is guilty of this wickedness.
Nec poterit Israel stare ante hostes suos, eosque fugiet : quia pollutus est anathemate. Non ero ultra vobiscum, donec conteratis eum qui hujus sceleris reus est.

 13 Arise, sanctify the people, and say to them: Be ye sanctified against tomorrow: for thus saith the Lord God of Israel: The anathema is in the midst of thee, O Israel: thou canst not stand before thy enemies, till he be destroyed out of thee that is defiled with this wickedness.
Surge, sanctifica populum, et dic eis : Sanctificamini in crastinum : haec enim dicit Dominus Deus Israel : Anathema in medio tui est, Israel : non poteris stare coram hostibus tuis, donec deleatur ex te qui hoc contaminatus est scelere.

 14 And you shall come in the morning every one by your tribes: and what tribe soever the lot shall find, it shall come by its kindreds and the kindred by its houses, and the house by the men.
Accedetisque mane singuli per tribus vestras : et quamcumque tribum sors invenerit, accedet per cognationes suas, et cognatio per domos, domusque per viros.

 15 And whosoever he be that shall be found guilty of this fact, he shall be burnt with fire with all his substance, because he hath transgressed the covenant of the Lord, and hath done wickedness in Israel.
Et quicumque ille in hoc facinore fuerit deprehensus, comburetur igni cum omni substantia sua : quoniam praevaricatus est pactum Domini, et fecit nefas in Israel.

 16 Josue, therefore, when he rose in the morning, made Israel to come by their tribes, and the tribe of Juda was found,
Surgens itaque Josue mane, applicuit Israel per tribus suas, et inventa est tribus Juda.

 17 Which being brought by its families, it was found to be the family of Zare. Bringing that also by the houses, he found it to be Zabdi.
Quae cum juxta familias suas esset oblata, inventa est familia Zare. Illam quoque per domos offerens, reperit Zabdi :

 18 And bringing his house man by man, he found Achan the son of Charmi, the son of Zabdi, the son of Zare of the tribe of Juda.
cujus domum in singulos dividens viros, invenit Achan filium Charmi filii Zabdi filii Zare de tribu Juda.

 19 And Josue said to Achan: My son, give glory to the Lord God of Israel, and confess, and tell me what thou hast done, hide it not.
Et ait Josue ad Achan : Fili mi, da gloriam Domino Deo Israel, et confitere, atque indica mihi quid feceris, ne abscondas.

 20 And Achan answered Josue, and said to him: Indeed I have sinned against the Lord the God of Israel, and thus and thus have I done.
Responditque Achan Josue, et dixit ei : Vere ego peccavi Domino Deo Israel, et sic et sic feci.

 21 For I saw among the spoils a scarlet garment exceeding good, and two hundred sicles of silver, and a golden rule of fifty sicles: and I coveted them, and I took them away, and hid them in the ground is the midst of my tent, and the silver I covered with the earth that I dug up.
Vidi enim inter spolia pallium coccineum valde bonum, et ducentos siclos argenti, regulamque auream quinquaginta siclorum : et concupiscens abstuli, et abscondi in terra contra medium tabernaculi mei, argentumque fossa humo operui.

 22 Josue therefore sent ministers: who running to his tent, found all hidden in the same place, together with the silver.
Misit ergo Josue ministros : qui currentes ad tabernaculum illius, repererunt cuncta abscondita in eodem loco, et argentum simul.

 23 And taking them away out of the tent, they brought them to Josue, and to all the children of Israel, and threw them down before the Lord.
Auferentesque de tentorio, tulerunt ea ad Josue, et ad omnes filios Israel, projeceruntque ante Dominum.

 24 Then Josue and all Israel with him took Achan the son of Zare, and the silver and the garments, and the golden rule, his sons also and his daughters, his oxen and asses and sheep, the tent also, and all the goods: and brought them to the valley of Achor:
Tollens itaque Josue Achan filium Zare, argentumque et pallium, et auream regulam, filios quoque et filias ejus, boves et asinos et oves, ipsumque tabernaculum, et cunctam supellectilem ( et omnis Israel cum eo), duxerunt eos ad vallem Achor :

 25 Where Josue said: Because thou hast troubled us, the Lord trouble thee this day. And all Israel stoned him: and all things that were his, were consumed with fire.
ubi dixit Josue : Quia turbasti nos, exturbet te Dominus in die hac. Lapidavitque eum omnis Israel : et cuncta quae illius erant, igne consumpta sunt.

 26 And they gathered together upon him a great heap of stones, which remaineth until this present day. And the wrath of the Lord was turned away from them. And the name of that place was called the Valley of Achor, until this day.
Congregaveruntque super eum acervum magnum lapidum, qui permanet usque in praesentem diem. Et aversus est furor Domini ab eis. Vocatumque est nomen loci illius, vallis Achor, usque hodie.

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