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God commandeth Josue to divide the land: the possessions of Ruben, Gad, and half the tribe of Manasses, beyond the Jordan.

 1 Josue was old, and far advanced in years, and the Lord said to him: Thou art grown old, and advanced in age, and there is a very large country left, which is not yet divided by lot:
Josue senex provectaeque aetatis erat, et dixit Dominus ad eum : Senuisti, et longaevus es, terraque latissima derelicta est, quae necdum sorte divisa est :

 2 To wit, all Galilee, Philistia, and all Gessuri.
omnis videlicet Galilaea, Philisthiim, et universa Gessuri.

 3 From the troubled river, that watereth Egypt, unto the borders of Accaron northward: the land of Chanaan, which is divided among the lords of the Philistines, the Gazites, the Azotians, the Ascalonites, the Gethites, and the Accronites.
A fluvio turbido, qui irrigat Aegyptum, usque ad terminos Accaron contra aquilonem : terra Chanaan, quae in quinque regulos Philisthiim dividitur, Gazaeos, et Azotios, Ascalonitas, Gethaeos, et Accaronitas.

 4 And on the south side are the Hevites, all the land of Chanaan, and Maara of the Sidonians as far as Apheca, and the borders of the Amorrhite,
Ad meridiem vero sunt Hevaei, omnis terra Chanaan, et Maara Sidoniorum, usque Apheca et terminos Amorrhaei,

 5 And his confines. The country also of Libanus towards the east from Baalgad under mount Hermon to the entering into Emath.
ejusque confinia. Libani quoque regio contra orientem, a Baalgad sub monte Hermon, donec ingrediaris Emath.

 6 Of all that dwell in the mountains from Libanus, to the waters of Maserephoth, and all the Sidonians. I am he that will cut them off from before the face of the children of Israel. So let their land come in as a part of the inheritance of Israel, as I have commanded thee.
Omnium qui habitant in monte a Libano usque ad aquas Maserephoth, universique Sidonii. Ego sum qui delebo eos a facie filiorum Israel. Veniat ergo in partem haereditatis Israel, sicut praecepi tibi.

 7 And now divide the land in possession to the nine tribes, and to the half tribe of Manasses,
Et nunc divide terram in possessionem novem tribubus, et dimidiae tribui Manasse,

 8 With whom Ruben and Gad have possessed the land, which Moses the servant of the Lord delivered to them beyond the river Jordan, on the east side.
cum qua Ruben et Gad possederunt terram, quam tradidit eis Moyses famulus Domini trans fluenta Jordanis, ad orientalem plagam.

 9 From Aroer, which is upon the bank of the torrent Arnon, and in the midst of the valley and all the plains of Medaba, as far as Dibon:
Ab Aroer, quae sita est in ripa torrentis Arnon, et in vallis medio, universaque campestria Medaba, usque Dibon,

 10 And all the cities of Sehon, king of the Amorrhites, who reigned in Hesebon, unto the borders of the children of Ammon.
et cunctas civitates Sehon regis Amorrhaei, qui regnavit in Hesebon, usque ad terminos filiorum Ammon,

 11 And Galaad, and the borders of Gessuri and Machati, and all mount Hermon, and all Basan as far as Salecha,
et Galaad, ac terminum Gessuri et Machati, et omnem montem Hermon, et universam Basan, usque ad Salecha,

 12 All the kingdom of Og in Basan, who reigned in Astaroth and Edrai, he was of the remains of the Raphaims: and Moses overthrew and destroyed them.
omne regnum Og in Basan, qui regnavit in Astaroth et Edrai, ipse fuit de reliquiis Raphaim : percussitque eos Moyses, atque delevit.

 13 And the children of Israel would not destroy Gessuri and Machati: and they have dwelt in the midst of Israel, until this present day.
Nolueruntque disperdere filii Israel Gessuri et Machati : et habitaverunt in medio Israel usque in praesentem diem.

 14 But to the tribe of Levi he gave no possession: but the sacrifices and victims of the Lord God of Israel, are his inheritance, as he spoke to him.
Tribui autem Levi non dedit possessionem : sed sacrificia et victimae Domini Dei Israel, ipsa est ejus haereditas, sicut locutus est illi.

 15 And Moses gave a possession to the children of Ruben according to their kindreds.
Dedit ergo Moyses possessionem tribui filiorum Ruben juxta cognationes suas.

 16 And their border was from Aroer, which is on the bank of the torrent Arnon, and in the midst of the valley of the same torrent: all the plain, that leadeth to Medaba,
Fuitque terminus eorum ab Aroer, quae sita est in ripa torrentis Arnon, et in valle ejusdem torrentis media : universam planitiem, quae ducit Medaba,

 17 And Hesebon, and all their villages, which are in the plains. Dibon also, and Bamothbaal, and the town of Baalmaon,
et Hesebon, cunctosque viculos earum, qui sunt in campestribus : Dibon quoque et Bamothbaal, et oppidum Baalmaon,

 18 And Jassa, and Cidimoth, and Mephaath,
et Jassa, et Cedimoth, et Mephaath,

 19 And Cariathaim, and Sabama, and Sarathasar in the mountain of the valley.
et Cariathaim, et Sabama, et Sarathasar in monte convallis.

 20 Bethphogor and Asedoth, Phasga and Bethiesimoth,
Bethphogor et Asedoth, Phasga et Bethiesimoth,

 21 And all the cities of the plain, and all the kingdoms of Sehon king of the Amorrhites, that reigned in Hesebon, whom Moses slew with the princes of Madian: Hevi, and Recem, and Sur and Hur, and Rebe, dukes of Sehon inhabitants of the land.
et omnes urbes campestres, universaque regna Sehon regis Amorrhaei, qui regnavit in Hesebon, quem percussit Moyses cum principibus Madian : Hevaeum, et Recem, et Sur, et Hur, et Rebe duces Sehon habitatores terrae.

 22 Balaam also the son of Beer the soothsayer, the children of Israel slew with the sword among the rest that were slain.
Et Balaam filium Beor ariolum occiderunt filii Israel gladio cum ceteris interfectis.

 23 And the river Jordan was the herder of the children of Ruben. This is the possession of the Rubenites, by their kindreds, of cities and villages.
Factusque est terminus filiorum Ruben Jordanis fluvius. Haec est possessio Rubenitarum per cognationes suas urbium et viculorum.

 24 And Moses gave to the tribe of Gad and to his children by their kindreds a possession, of which this is the division.
Deditque Moyses tribui Gad et filiis ejus per cognationes suas possessionem, cujus haec divisio est.

 25 The border of Jaser, and all the cities of Galaad, and half the land of the children of Ammon: as far as Aroer which is over against Rabba:
Terminus Jaser, et omnes civitates Galaad, et dimidiam partem terrae filiorum Ammon, usque ad Aroer, quae est contra Rabba,

 26 And from Hesebon unto Ramoth, Masphe and Betonim: and from Manaim unto the borders of Dabir.
et ab Hesebon usque Ramoth, Masphe et Betonim : et a Manaim usque ad terminos Dabir.

 27 And in the valley Betharan and Bethnemra, and Socoth, and Saphon the other part of the kingdom of Sehon king of Hesebon: the limit of this also is the Jordan, as far as the uttermost part of the sea of Cenereth beyond the Jordan on the east side.
In valle quoque Betharan, et Bethnemra, et Socoth, et Saphon reliquam partem regni Sehon regis Hesebon : hujus quoque finis, Jordanis est, usque ad extremam partem maris Cenereth trans Jordanem ad orientalem plagam.

 28 This is the possession of the children of Gad by their families, their cities, and villages.
Haec est possessio filiorum Gad per familias suas, civitates et villae earum.

 29 He gave also to the half tribe of Manasses and his children possession according to their kindreds,
Dedit et dimidiae tribui Manasse, filiisque ejus juxta cognationes suas possessionem,

 30 The beginning whereof is this: from Manaim all Basan, and all the kingdoms of Og king of Basan, and all the villages of Jair, which are in Basan, threescore towns.
cujus hoc principium est : a Manaim universam Basan, et cuncta regna Og regis Basan, omnesque vicos Jair, qui sunt in Basan, sexaginta oppida :

 31 And half Galaad, and Astaroth, and Edrai, cities of the kingdom of Og in Basan: to the children of Machir, the son of Manasses, to one half of the children of Machir according to their kindreds.
et dimidiam partem Galaad, et Astaroth, et Edrai, urbes regni Og in Basan : filiis Machir, filii Manasse, dimidiae parti filiorum Machir juxta cognationes suas.

 32 This possession Moses divided in the plains of Moab, beyond the Jordan, over against Jericho on the east side.
Hanc possessionem divisit Moyses in campestribus Moab trans Jordanem contra Jericho ad orientalem plagam.

 33 But to the tribe of Levi he gave no possession: because the Lord the God of Israel himself is their possession, as he spoke to them.
Tribui autem Levi non dedit possessionem : quoniam Dominus Deus Israel ipse est possessio ejus, ut locutus est illi.

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