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The people are circumcised: they keep the pasch. The manna ceaseth. An angel appeareth to Josue.

 1 Now when all the kings of the Amorrhites, who dwelt beyond the Jordan westward, and all the kings of Chanaan, who possessed the places near the great sea, had heard that the Lord had dried up the waters of the Jordan before the children of Israel, till they passed over, their heart failed them, and there remained no spirit in them, fearing the coming in of the children of Israel.
Postquam ergo audierunt omnes reges Amorrhaeorum, qui habitabant trans Jordanem ad occidentalem plagam, et cuncti reges Chanaan, qui propinqua possidebant magni maris loca, quod siccasset Dominus fluenta Jordanis coram filiis Israel donec transirent, dissolutum est cor eorum, et non remansit in eis spiritus, timentium introitum filiorum Israel.

 2 At that time the Lord said to Josue: Make thee knives of stone, and circumcise the second time the children of Israel.
Eo tempore ait Dominus ad Josue : Fac tibi cultros lapideos, et circumcide secundo filios Israel.

 3 He did what the Lord had commanded, and he circumcised the children of Israel in the hill of the foreskins.
Fecit quod jusserat Dominus, et circumcidit filios Israel in colle praeputiorum.

 4 Now this is the cause of the second circumcision: All the people that came out of Egypt that were males, all the men fit for war, died in the desert, during the time of the long going about in the way.
Haec autem causa est secundae circumcisionis : omnis populus, qui egressus est de Aegypto generis masculini, universi bellatores viri, mortui sunt in deserto per longissimos viae circuitus,

 5 Now these were all circumcised. But the people that were born in the desert,
qui omnes circumcisi erant. Populus autem qui natus est in deserto,

 6 During the forty years of the journey in the wide wilderness, were uncircumcised: till all they were consumed that had not heard the voice of the Lord, and to whom he had sworn before, that he would not shew them the land flowing with milk and honey.
per quadraginta annos itineris latissimae solitudinis incircumcisus fuit : donec consumeretur qui non audierant vocem Domini, et quibus ante juraverat ut non ostenderet eis terram lacte et melle manantem.

 7 The children of these succeeded in the place of their fathers, and were circumcised by Josue: for they were uncircumcised even as they were born, and no one had circumcised them in the way.
Horum filii in locum successerunt patrum, et circumcisi sunt a Josue : quia sicut nati fuerant, in praeputio erant, nec eos in via aliquis circumciderat.

 8 Now after they were all circumcised, they remained in the same place of the camp, until they were healed.
Postquam autem omnes circumcisi sunt, manserunt in eodem castrorum loco, donec sanarentur.

 9 And the Lord said to Josue: This day have I taken away from you the reproach of Egypt. And the name of that place was called Galgal, until this present day.
Dixitque Dominus ad Josue : Hodie abstuli opprobrium Aegypti a vobis. Vocatumque est nomen loci illius Galgala, usque in praesentem diem.

 10 And the children of Israel abode in Galgal, and they kept the phase on the fourteenth day of the month, at evening, in the plains of Jericho:
Manseruntque filii Israel in Galgalis, et fecerunt Phase quartadecima die mensis ad vesperum in campestribus Jericho :

 11 And they ate on the next day unleavened bread of the corn of the land, and frumenty of the same year.
et comederunt de frugibus terrae die altero, azymos panes, et polentam ejusdem anni.

 12 And the manna ceased after they ate of the corn of the land, neither did the children of Israel use that food any more, but they ate of the corn of the present year of the land of Chanaan.
Defecitque manna postquam comederunt de frugibus terrae, nec usi sunt ultra cibo illo filii Israel, sed comederunt de frugibus praesentis anni terrae Chanaan.

 13 And when Josue was in the field of the city of Jericho, he lifted up his eyes, and saw a man standing over against him: holding a drawn sword, and he went to him, and said: Art thou one of ours, or of our adversaries?
Cum autem esset Josue in agro urbis Jericho, levavit oculos, et vidit virum stantem contra se, evaginatum tenentem gladium, perrexitque ad eum, et ait : Noster es, an adversariorum?

 14 And he answered: No: but I am prince of the host of the Lord, and now I am come.
Qui respondit : Nequaquam : sed sum princeps exercitus Domini, et nunc venio.

 15 Josue fell on his face to the ground. And worshipping, said: What saith my lord to his servant?
Cecidit Josue pronus in terram, et adorans ait : Quid dominus meus loquitur ad servum suum?

 16 Loose, saith he, thy shoes from off thy feet: for the place whereon thou standest is holy. And Josue did as was commanded him.
Solve, inquit, calceamentum tuum de pedibus tuis : locus enim, in quo stas, sanctus est. Fecitque Josue ut sibi fuerat imperatum.

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