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Judith's speech to Holofernes.

 1 Then Holofernes said to her: Be of good comfort, and fear not in thy heart: for I have never hurt a man that was willing to serve Nabuchodonosor the king.
Tunc Holofernes dixit ei : Aequo animo esto, et noli pavere in corde tuo : quoniam ego numquam nocui viro, qui voluit servire Nabuchodonosor regi :

 2 And if thy people had not despised me, I would never have lifted up my spear against them.
populus autem tuus, si non contempsisset me, non levassem lanceam meam super eum.

 3 But now tell me, for what cause hast thou left them, and why it hath pleased thee to come to us?
Nunc autem dic mihi, qua ex causa recessisti ab illis, et placuit tibi ut venires ad nos?

 4 And Judith said to him: Receive the words of thy handmaid, for if thou wilt follow the words of thy handmaid, the Lord will do with thee a perfect thing.
Et dixit illi Judith : Sume verba ancillae tuae, quoniam si secutus fueris verba ancillae tuae, perfectam rem faciet Dominus tecum.

 5 For as Nabuchodonosor the king of the earth liveth, and his power liveth which is in thee for chastising of all straying souls: not only men serve him through thee, but also the beasts of the field obey him.
Vivit enim Nabuchodonosor rex terae, et vivit virtus ejus, quae est in te ad correptionem omnium animarum errantium : quoniam non solum homines serviunt illi per te, sed et bestiae agri obtemperant illi.

 6 For the industry of thy mind is spoken of among all nations, and it is told through the whole world, that thou only art excellent, and mighty in all his kingdom, and thy discipline is cried up in all provinces.
Nuntiatur enim animi tui industria universis gentibus, et indicatum est omni saeculo, quoniam tu solus bonus et potens es in omni regno ejus, et disciplina tua omnibus provinciis praedicatur.

 7 It is known also what Achior said, nor are we ignorant of what thou hast commanded to be done to him.
Nec hoc latet, quod locutus est Achior, nec illud ignoratur, quod ei jusseris evenire.

 8 For it is certain that our God is so offended with sins, that he hath sent word by his prophets to the people, that he will deliver them up for their sins.
Constat enim, Deum nostrum sic peccatis offensum, ut mandaverit per prophetas suos ad populum, quod tradat eum pro peccatis suis.

 9 And because the children of Israel know they have offended their God, thy dread is upon them.
Et quoniam sciunt se offendisse Deum suum filii Israel, tremor tuus super ipsos est.

 10 Moreover also a famine hath come upon them, and for drought of water they are already to be counted among the dead.
Insuper etiam fames invasit eos, et ab ariditate aquae jam inter mortuos computantur.

 11 And they have a design even to kill their cattle, and to drink the blood of them.
Denique hoc ordinant, ut interficient pecora sua, et bibant sanguinem eorum :

 12 And the consecrated things of the Lord their God which God forbade them to touch, in corn, wine, and oil, these have they purposed to make use of, and they design to consume the things which they ought not to touch with their hands: therefore because they do these things, it is certain they will be given up to destruction.
et sancta Domini Dei sui quae praecepit Deus non contingi, in frumento, vino, et oleo, haec cogitaverunt impendere, et volunt consumere quae nec manibus deberent contingere : ergo quoniam haec faciunt, certum est quod in perditionem dabuntur.

 13 And I thy handmaid knowing this, am fled from them, and the Lord hath sent me to tell thee these very things.
Quod ego ancilla tua cognoscens, fugi ab illis, et misit me Dominus haec ipsa nuntiare tibi.

 14 For I thy handmaid worship God even now that I am with thee, and thy handmaid will go out, and I will pray to God,
Ego enim ancilla tua Deum colo, etiam nunc apud te : et exiet ancilla tua, et orabo Deum,

 15 And he will tell me when he will repay them for their sins, and I will come and tell thee, so that I may bring thee through the midst of Jerusalem, and thou shalt have all the people of Israel, as sheep that have no shepherd, and there shall not so much as one dog bark against thee:
et dicet mihi quando eis reddat peccatum suum, et veniens nuntiabo tibi, ita ut ego adducam te per mediam Jerusalem, et habebis omnem populum Israel, sicut oves quibus non est pastor, et non latrabit vel unus canis contra te :

 16 Because these things are told me by the providence of God.
quoniam haec mihi dicta sunt per providentiam Dei.

 17 And because God is angry with them, I am sent to tell these very things to thee.
Et quoniam iratus est illis Deus, haec ipsa missa sum nuntiare tibi.

 18 And all these words pleased Holofernes, and his servants, and they admired her wisdom, and they said one to another:
Placuerunt autem omnia verba haec coram Holoferne, et coram pueris ejus, et mirabantur sapientiam ejus, et dicebant alter ad alterum :

 19 There is not such another woman upon earth in look, in beauty, and in sense of words.
Non est talis mulier super terram in aspectu, in pulchritudine, et in sensu verborum.

 20 And Holofernes said to her: God hath done well who sent thee before the people, that thou mightest give them into our hands:
Et dixit ad illam Holofernes : Benefecit Deus, qui misit te ante populum, ut des illum tu in manibus nostris :

 21 And because thy promise is good, if thy God shall do this for me, he shall also be my God, and thou shalt be great in the house of Nabuchodonosor, and thy name shall be renowned through all the earth.
et quoniam bona est promissio tua, si fecerit mihi hoc Deus tuus, erit et Deus meus, et tu in domo Nabuchodonosor magna eris, et nomen tuum nominabitur in universa terra.

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