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Judith's prayer, to beg of God to fortify her in her undertaking.

 1 And when they were gone, Judith went into her oratory: and putting on haircloth, laid ashes on her head: and falling down prostrate before the Lord, she cried to the Lord, saying:
Quibus ascendentibus, Judith ingressa est oratorium suum : et induens se cilicio, posuit cinerem super caput suum : et prosternens se Domino, clamabat ad Dominum, dicens :

 2 O Lord God of my father Simeon, who gavest him a sword to execute vengeance against strangers, who had defiled by their uncleanness, and uncovered the virgin unto confusion:
Domine Deus patris mei Simeon, qui dedisti illi gladium in defensionem alienigenarum, qui violatores extiterunt in coinquinatione sua, et denudaverunt femur virginis in confusionem :

 3 And who gavest their wives to be made a prey, and their daughters into captivity: and all their spoils to be divided to thy servants, who were zealous with thy zeal: assist, I beseech thee, O Lord God, me a widow.
et dedisti mulieres illorum in praedam, et filias illorum in captivitatem : et omnem praedam in divisionem servis tuis, qui zelaverunt zelum tuum : subveni, quaeso te Domine Deus meus, mihi viduae.

 4 For thou hast done the things of old, and hast devised one thing after another: and what thou hast designed hath been done.
Tu enim fecisti priora, et illa post illa cogitasti : et hoc factum est quod ipse voluisti.

 5 For all thy ways are prepared, and in thy providence thou hast placed thy judgments.
Omnes enim viae tuae paratae sunt, et tua judicia in tua providentia posuisti.

 6 Look upon the camp of the Assyrians now, as thou wast pleased to look upon the camp of the Egyptians, when they pursued armed after thy servants, trusting in their chariots, and in their horsemen, and in a multitude of warriors.
Respice castra Assyriorum nunc, sicut tunc castra Aegyptiorum videre dignatus es, quando post servos tuos armati currebant, confidentes in quadrigis, et in equitatu suo, et in multitudine bellatorum.

 7 But thou lookedst over their camp, and darkness wearied them.
Sed aspexisti super castra eorum, et tenebrae fatigaverunt eos.

 8 The deep held their feet, and the waters overwhelmed them.
Tenuit pedes eorum abyssus, et aquae operuerunt eos.

 9 So may it be with these also, O Lord, who trust in their multitude, and in their chariots, and in their pikes, and in their shields, and in their arrows, and glory in their spears,
Sic fiant et isti, Domine, qui confidunt in multitudine sua, et in curribus suis, et in contis, et in scutis, et in sagittis suis, et in lanceis gloriantur,

 10 And know not that thou art our God, who destroyest wars from the beginning, and the Lord is thy name.
et nesciunt quia tu ipse es Deus noster, qui conteris bella ab initio, et Dominus nomen est tibi.

 11 Lift up thy arm as from the beginning, and crush their power with thy power: let their power fall in their wrath, who promise themselves to violate thy sanctuary, and defile the dwelling place of thy name, and to beat down with their sword the horn of thy altar.
Erige brachium tuum sicut ab initio, et allide virtutem illorum in virtute tua : cadat virtus eorum in iracundia tua, qui promittunt se violare sancta tua, et polluere tabernaculum nominis tui, et dejicere gladio suo cornu altaris tui.

 12 Bring to pass, O Lord, that his pride may be cut off with his own sword.
Fac Domine ut gladio proprio ejus superbia amputetur :

 13 Let him be caught in the net of his own eyes in my regard, and do thou strike him by the graces of the words of my lips.
capiatur laqueo oculorum suorum in me, et percuties eum ex labiis caritatis meae.

 14 Give me constancy in my mind, that I may despise him: and fortitude that I may overthrow him.
Da mihi in animo constantiam, ut contemnam illum; et virtutem, ut evertam illum.

 15 For this will be a glorious monument for thy name, when he shall fall by the hand of a woman.
Erit enim hoc memoriale nominis tui, cum manus feminae dejecerit eum.

 16 For thy power, O Lord, is not in a multitude, nor is thy pleasure in the strength of horses, nor from the beginning have the proud been acceptable to thee: but the prayer of the humble and the meek hath always pleased thee.
Non enim in multitudine est virtus tua, Domine, neque in equorum viribus voluntas tua est, nec superbi ab initio placuerunt tibi : sed humilium et mansuetorum semper tibi placuit deprecatio.

 17 O God of the heavens, creator of the waters, and Lord of the whole creation, hear me a poor wretch, making supplication to thee, and presuming of thy mercy.
Deus caelorum, creator aquarum, et Dominus totius creaturae, exaudi me miseram deprecantem, et de tua misericordia praesumentem.

 18 Remember, O Lord, thy covenant, and put thou words in my mouth, and strengthen the resolution in my heart, that thy house may continue in thy holiness:
Memento, Domine, testamenti tui, et da verbum in ore meo, et in corde meo consilium corrobora, ut domus tua in sanctificatione tua permaneat :

 19 And all nations may acknowledge that thou art God, and there is no other besides thee.
et omnes gentes agnoscant quia tu es Deus, et non est alius praeter te.

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