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Many submit themselves to Holofernes. He destroyeth their cities, and their gods, that Nabuchodonosor only might be called God.

 1 Then the kings and the princes of all the cities and provinces, of Syria, Mesopotamia, and Syria Sobal, and Libya, and Cilicia sent their ambassadors, who coming to Holofernes, said:
Tunc miserunt legatos suos universarum urbium, ac provinciarum reges ac principes, Syriae scilicet Mesopotamiae, et Syriae Sobal, et Libyae, atque Ciliciae, qui venientes ad Holofernem, dixerunt :

 2 Let thy indignation towards us cease: for it is better for us to live and serve Nabuchodonosor the great king, and be subject to thee, than to die and to perish, or suffer the miseries of slavery.
Desinat indignatio tua circa nos : melius est enim ut viventes serviamus Nabuchodonosor regi magno, et subditi simus tibi, quam morientes cum interitu nostro ipsi servitutis nostrae damna patiamur.

 3 All our cities and our possessions, all mountains and hills, and fields, and herds of oxen, and flocks of sheep, and goats, and horses, and camels, and all our goods, and families are in thy sight:
Omnis civitas nostra, omnisque possessio, omnes montes, et colles, et campi, et armenta boum, gregesque ovium, et caprarum, equorumque et camelorum, et universae facultates nostrae, atque familiae, in conspectu tuo sunt :

 4 Let all we have be subject to thy law.
sint omnia nostra sub lege tua.

 5 Both we and our children are thy servants.
Nos, et filii nostri, servi tui sumus.

 6 Come to us a peaceable lord, and use our service as it shall please thee.
Veni nobis pacificus dominus, et utere servitio nostro, sicut placuerit tibi.

 7 Then he came down from the mountains with horsemen, in great power, and made himself master of every city, and all the inhabitants of the land.
Tunc descendit de montibus cum equitibus in virtute magna, et obtinuit omnem civitatem, et omnem inhabitantem terram.

 8 And from all the cities he took auxiliaries valiant men, and chosen for war.
De universis autem urbibus assumpsit sibi auxiliarios viros fortes, et electos ad bellum.

 9 And so great a fear lay upon all those provinces, that the inhabitants of all the cities, both princes and nobles, as well as the people, went out to meet him at his coming.
Tantusque metus provinciis illis incubuit, ut universarum urbium habitatores principes, et honorati simul cum populis exirent obviam venienti,

 10 And received him with garlands, and lights, and dances, and timbrels, and flutes.
excipientes eum cum coronis, et lampadibus, ducentes choros in tympanis, et tibiis.

 11 And though they did these things, they could not for all that mitigate the fierceness of his heart:
Nec ista tamen facientes, ferocitatem ejus pectoris mitigare potuerunt :

 12 For he both destroyed their cities and cut down their groves.
nam et civitates eorum destruxit, et lucos eorum excidit.

 13 For Nabuchodonosor the king had commanded him to destroy all the gods of the earth, that he only might be called God by those nations which could be brought under him by the power of Holofernes.
Praeceperat enim illi Nabuchodonosor rex, ut omnes deos terrae exterminaret, videlicet ut ipse solus diceretur deus ab his nationibus, quae potuissent Holofernis potentia subjugari.

 14 And when he had passed through all Syria Sobal, and all Apamea, and all Mesopotamia, he came to the Idumeans into the land of Gabaa,
Pertransiens autem Syriam Sobal, et omnem Apameam, omnemque Mesopotamiam, venit ad Idumaeos in terram Gabaa,

 15 And he took possession of their cities, and stayed there for thirty days, in which days he commanded all the troops of his army to be united.
accepitque civitates eorum, et sedit ibi per triginta dies, in quibus diebus adunari praecepit universum exercitum virtutis suae.

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