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Ezechias inviteth all Israel to celebrate the pasch; the solemnity is kept fourteen days.

 1 And Ezechias sent to all Israel and Juda: and he wrote letters to Ephraim and Manasses, that they should come to the house of the Lord in Jerusalem, and keep the phase to the Lord the God of Israel.
Misit quoque Ezechias ad omnem Israel et Judam : scripsitque epistolas ad Ephraim et Manassen ut venirent ad domum Domini in Jerusalem, et facerent Phase Domino Deo Israel.

 2 For the king, taking counsel, and the princes, and all the assembly of Jerusalem, decreed to keep the phase the second month.
Inito ergo consilio regis et principum, et universi coetus Jerusalem, decreverunt ut facerent Phase mense secundo.

 3 For they could not keep it in its time; because there were not priests enough sanctified, and the people was not as yet gathered together to Jerusalem.
Non enim potuerant facere in tempore suo, quia sacerdotes, qui possent sufficere, sanctificati non fuerant, et populus nondum congregatus fuerat in Jerusalem.

 4 And the thing pleased the king, and all the people.
Placuitque sermo regi, et omni multitudini.

 5 And they decreed to send messengers to all Israel from Bersabee even to Dan, that they should come, and keep the phase to the Lord the God of Israel in Jerusalem: for many had not kept it as it is prescribed by the law.
Et decreverunt ut mitterent nuntios in universum Israel, de Bersabee usque Dan, ut venirent, et facerent Phase Domino Deo Israel in Jerusalem : multi enim non fecerant sicut lege praescriptum est.

 6 And the posts went with letters by commandment of the king, and his princes, to all Israel and Juda, proclaiming according to the king's orders: Ye children of Israel, turn again to the Lord the God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Israel: and he will return to the remnant of you that have escaped the hand of the king of the Assyrians.
Perrexeruntque cursores cum epistolis ex regis imperio, et principum ejus, in universum Israel et Judam, juxta id, quod rex jusserat, praedicantes : Filii Israel, revertimini ad Dominum Deum Abraham, et Isaac, et Israel : et revertetur ad reliquias, quae effugerunt manum regis Assyriorum.

 7 Be not like your fathers, and brethren, who departed from the Lord the God of their fathers, and he hath given them up to destruction, as you see.
Nolite fieri sicut patres vestri et fratres, qui recesserunt a Domino Deo patrum suorum, qui tradidit eos in interitum, ut ipsi cernitis.

 8 Harden not your necks, as your fathers did: yield yourselves to the Lord, and come to his sanctuary, which he hath sanctified for ever: serve the Lord the God of your fathers, and the wrath of his indignation shall be turned away from you.
Nolite indurare cervices vestras, sicut patres vestri : tradite manus Domino, et venite ad sanctuarium ejus, quod sanctificavit in aeternum : servite Domino Deo patrum vestrorum, et avertetur a vobis ira furoris ejus.

 9 For if you turn again to the Lord: your brethren, and children shall find mercy before their masters, that have led them away captive, and they shall return into this land: for the Lord your God is merciful, and will not turn away his face from you, if you return to him.
Si enim vos reversi fueritis ad Dominum : fratres vestri, et filii habebunt misericordiam coram dominis suis, qui illos duxerunt captivos, et revertentur in terram hanc : pius enim et clemens est Dominus Deus vester, et non avertet faciem suam a vobis, si reversi fueritis ad eum.

 10 So the posts went speedily from city to city, through the land of Ephraim, and of Manasses, even to Zabulon, whilst they laughed at them and mocked them.
Igitur cursores pergebant velociter de civitate in civitatem per terram Ephraim et Manasse usque ad Zabulon, illis irridentibus et subsannantibus eos.

 11 Nevertheless some men of Aser, and of Manasses, and of Zabulon, yielding to the counsel, came to Jerusalem.
Attamen quidam viri ex Aser, et Manasse, et Zabulon acquiescentes consilio, venerunt Jerusalem.

 12 But the hand of God was in Juda, to give them one heart to do the word of the Lord, according to the commandment of the king, and of the princes.
In Juda vero facta est manus Domini ut daret eis cor unum, ut facerent juxta praeceptum regis et principum verbum Domini.

 13 And much people were assembled to Jerusalem to celebrate the solemnity of the unleavened bread in the second month:
Congregatique sunt in Jerusalem populi multi ut facerent solemnitatem azymorum, in mense secundo :

 14 And they arose and destroyed the altars that were in Jerusalem, and took away all things in which incense was burnt to idols, and cast them into the torrent Cedron.
et surgentes destruxerunt altaria quae erant in Jerusalem, atque universa, in quibus idolis adolebatur incensum, subvertentes, projecerunt in torrentem Cedron.

 15 And they immolated the phase on the fourteenth day of the second month. And the priests and the Levites being at length sanctified offered holocausts in the house of the Lord.
Immolaverunt autem Phase quartadecima die mensis secundi. Sacerdotes quoque atque Levitae tandem sanctificati, obtulerunt holocausta in domo Domini :

 16 And they stood in their order according to the disposition, and law of Moses the man of God: but the priests received the blood which was to be poured out, from the hands of the Levites,
steteruntque in ordine suo juxta dispositionem, et legem Moysi hominis Dei : sacerdotes vero suscipiebant effundendum sanguinem de manibus Levitarum,

 17 Because a great number was not sanctified: and therefore the Levites immolated the phase for them that came not in time to be sanctified to the Lord.
eo quod multa turba sanctificata non esset : et idcirco immolarent Levitae Phase his, qui non occurrerant sanctificari Domino.

 18 For a great part of the people from Ephraim, and Manasses, and Issachar, and Zabulon, that had not been sanctified, ate the phase otherwise than it is written: and Ezechias prayed for them, saying: The Lord who is good will shew mercy,
Magna etiam pars populi de Ephraim et Manasse, et Issachar, et Zabulon, quae sanctificata non fuerat, comedit Phase, non juxta quod scriptum est : et oravit pro eis Ezechias, dicens : Dominus bonus propitiabitur

 19 To all them, who with their whole heart, seek the Lord the God of their fathers: and will not impute it to them that they are not sanctified.
cunctis, qui in toto corde requirunt Dominum Deum patrum suorum : et non imputabit eis quod minus sanctificati sunt.

 20 And the Lord heard him, and was merciful to the people.
Quem exaudivit Dominus, et placatus est populo.

 21 And the children of Israel, that were found at Jerusalem, kept the feast of unleavened bread seven days with great joy, praising the Lord every day: the Levites also, and the priests, with instruments that agreed to their office.
Feceruntque filii Israel, qui inventi sunt in Jerusalem, solemnitatem azymorum septem diebus in laetitia magna, laudantes Dominum per singulos dies : Levitae quoque, et sacerdotes per organa, quae suo officio congruebant.

 22 And Ezechias spoke to the heart of all the Levites, that had good understanding concerning the Lord: and they ate during the seven days of the solemnity, immolating victims of peace offerings, and praising the Lord the God of their fathers.
Et locutus est Ezechias ad cor omnium Levitarum, qui habebant intelligentiam bonam super Domino : et comederunt septem diebus solemnitatis, immolantes victimas pacificorum, et laudantes Dominum Deum patrum suorum.

 23 And it pleased the whole multitude to keep other seven days: which they did with great joy.
Placuitque universae multitudini ut celebrarent etiam alios dies septem : quod et fecerunt cum ingenti gaudio.

 24 For Ezechias the king of Juda had given to the multitude a thousand bullocks, and seven thousand sheep: and the princes had given the people a thousand bullocks, and ten thousand sheep: and a great number of priests was sanctified.
Ezechias enim rex Juda praebuerat multitudini mille tauros, et septem millia ovium : principes vero dederant populo tauros mille, et oves decem millia : sanctificata est ergo sacerdotum plurima multitudo.

 25 And all the multitude of Juda with the priests and Levites, and all the assembly, that came out of Israel; and the proselytes of the land of Israel, and that dwelt in Juda were full of joy.
Et hilaritate perfusa omnis turba Juda, tam sacerdotum et Levitarum, quam universae frequentiae, quae venerat ex Israel : proselytorum quoque de terra Israel, et habitantium in Juda.

 26 And there was a great solemnity in Jerusalem, such as had not been in that city since the time of Solomon the son of David king of Israel.
Factaque est grandis celebritas in Jerusalem, qualis a diebus Salomonis filii David regis Israel in ea urbe non fuerat.

 27 And the priests and the Levites rose up and blessed the people: and their voice was heard: and their prayer came to the holy dwelling place of heaven.
Surrexerunt autem sacerdotes atque Levitae benedicentes populo : et exaudita est vox eorum : pervenitque oratio in habitaculum sanctum caeli.

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