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Josaphat accompanies Achab in his expedition against Ramoth; where Achab is slain, as Micheas had foretold.

 1 Now Josaphat was rich and very glorious, and was joined by affinity to Achab.
Fuit ergo Josaphat dives et inclytus multum, et affinitate conjunctus est Achab.

 2 And he went down to him after some years to Samaria: and Achab at his coming killed sheep and oxen in abundance for him and the people that came with him: and he persuaded him to go up to Ramoth Galaad.
Descenditque post annos ad eum in Samariam : ad cujus adventum mactavit Achab arietes, et boves plurimos ipsi, et populo qui venerat cum eo : persuasitque illi ut ascenderet in Ramoth Galaad.

 3 And Achab king of Israel said to Josaphat king of Juda: Come with me to Ramoth Galaad. And he answered him: Thou art as I am, and my people as thy people, and we will be with thee in the war.
Dixitque Achab rex Israel ad Josaphat regem Juda : Veni mecum in Ramoth Galaad. Cui ille respondit : Ut ego, et tu : sicut populus tuus, sic et populus meus : tecumque erimus in bello.

 4 And Josaphat said to the king of Israel: Inquire, I beseech thee, at present the word of the Lord.
Dixitque Josaphat ad regem Israel : Consule, obsecro, impraesentiarum sermonem Domini.

 5 So the king of Israel gathered together of the prophets four hundred men, and he said to them: Shall we go to Ramoth Galaad to fight, or shall we forbear? But they said: Go up, and God will deliver it into the king's hand.
Congregavit igitur rex Israel prophetarum quadringentos viros, et dixit ad eos : In Ramoth Galaad ad bellandum ire debemus, an quiescere? At illi, Ascende, inquiunt, et tradet Deus in manu regis.

 6 And Josaphat said: Is there not here a prophet of the Lord, that we may inquire also of him?
Dixitque Josaphat : Numquid non est hic prophetes Domini, ut ab illo etiam requiramus?

 7 And the king of Israel said to Josaphat: There is one man, of whom we may ask the will of the Lord: but I hate him, for he never prophesieth good to me, but always evil: and it is Micheas the son of Jemla. And Josaphat said: Speak not thus, O king.
Et ait rex Israel ad Josaphat : Est vir unus, a quo possumus quaerere Domini voluntatem : sed ego odi eum, quia non prophetat mihi bonum, sed malum omni tempore : est autem Michaeas filius Jemla. Dixitque Josaphat : Ne loquaris rex hoc modo.

 8 And the king of Israel called one of the eunuchs, and said to him: Call quickly Micheas the son of Jemla.
Vocavit ergo rex Israel unum de eunuchis, et dixit ei : Voca cito Michaeam filium Jemla.

 9 Now the king of Israel, and Josaphat king of Juda, both sat on their thrones, clothed in royal robes, and they sat in the open court by the gate of Samaria, and all the prophets prophesied before them.
Porro rex Israel, et Josaphat rex Juda, uterque sedebant in solio suo, vestiti cultu regio : sedebant autem in area juxta portam Samariae, omnesque prophetae vaticinabantur coram eis.

 10 And Sedecias the son of Chanaana made him horns of iron, and said: Thus saith the Lord: With these shalt thou push Syria, till thou destroy it.
Sedecias vero filius Chanaana fecit sibi cornua ferrea, et ait : Haec dicit Dominus : His ventilabis Syriam, donec conteras eam.

 11 And all the prophets prophesied in like manner, and said: Go up to Ramoth Galaad, and thou shalt prosper, and the Lord will deliver them into the king's hand.
Omnesque prophetae similiter prophetabant, atque dicebant : Ascende in Ramoth Galaad, et prosperaberis, et tradet eos Dominus in manu regis.

 12 And the messenger that went to call Micheas, said to him: Behold the words of all the prophets with one mouth declare good to the king: I beseech thee therefore let not thy word disagree with them, and speak thou also good success.
Nuntius autem, qui ierat ad vocandum Michaeam, ait illi : En verba omnium prophetarum uno ore bona regi annuntiant : quaeso ergo te ut et sermo tuus ab eis non dissentiat, loquarisque prospera.

 13 And Micheas answered him: As the Lord liveth, whatsoever my God shall say to me, that will I speak.
Cui respondit Michaeas : Vivit Dominus, quia quodcumque dixerit mihi Deus meus, hoc loquar.

 14 So he came to the king: and the king said to him: Micheas, shall we go to Ramoth Galaad to fight, or forbear? And he answered him: Go up, for all shall succeed prosperously, and the enemies shall be delivered into your hands.
Venit ergo ad regem. Cui rex ait : Michaea, ire debemus in Ramoth Galaad ad bellandum, an quiescere? Cui ille respondit : Ascendite : cuncta enim prospera evenient, et tradentur hostes in manus vestras.

 15 And the king said: I adjure thee again and again to say nothing but the truth to me, in the name of the Lord.
Dixitque rex : Iterum, atque iterum te adjuro, ut mihi non loquaris, nisi quod verum est in nomine Domini.

 16 Then he said: I saw all Israel scattered in the mountains, like sheep without a shepherd: and the Lord said: These have no masters: let every man return to his own house in peace.
At ille ait : Vidi universum Israel dispersum in montibus, sicut oves absque pastore : et dixit Dominus : Non habent isti dominos : revertatur unusquisque in domum suam in pace.

 17 And the king of Israel said to Josaphat: Did I not tell thee that this man would not prophesy me any good, but evil?
Et ait rex Israel ad Josaphat : Nonne dixi tibi, quod non prophetaret iste mihi quidquam boni, sed ea quae mala sunt?

 18 Then he said: Hear ye therefore the word of the Lord: I saw the Lord sitting on his throne, and all the army of heaven standing by him on the right hand and on the left.
At ille, Idcirco, ait, audite verbum Domini : vidi Dominum sedentem in solio suo, et omnem exercitum caeli assistentem ei a dextris et a sinistris.

 19 And the Lord said: Who shall deceive Achab king of Israel, that he may go up and fall in Ramoth Galaad? And when one spoke in this manner, and another otherwise:
Et dixit Dominus : Quis decipiet Achab regem Israel ut ascendat et corruat in Ramoth Galaad? Cumque diceret unus hoc modo, et alter alio,

 20 There came forth a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said: I will deceive him. And the Lord said to him: By what means wilt thou deceive him?
processit spiritus, et stetit coram Domino, et ait : Ego decipiam eum. Cui Dominus, In quo, inquit, decipies?

 21 And he answered: I will go out, and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And the Lord said: Thou shalt deceive, and shalt prevail: go out, and do so.
At ille respondit : Egrediar, et ero spiritus mendax in ore omnium prophetarum ejus. Dixitque Dominus : Decipies, et praevalebis : egredere, et fac ita.

 22 Now therefore behold the Lord hath put a spirit of lying in the mouth of all thy prophets, and the Lord hath spoken evil against thee.
Nunc igitur, ecce Dominus dedit spiritum mendacii in ore omnium prophetarum tuorum, et Dominus locutus est de te mala.

 23 And Sedecias the son of Chanaana came, and struck Micheas on the cheek and said: Which way went the spirit of the Lord from me, to speak to thee?
Accessit autem Sedecias filius Chanaana, et percussit Michaeae maxillam, et ait : Per quam viam transivit spiritus Domini a me, ut loqueretur tibi?

 24 And Micheas said: Thou thyself shalt see in that day, when thou shalt go in from chamber to chamber, to hide thyself.
Dixitque Michaeas : Tu ipse videbis in die illo, quando ingressus fueris cubiculum de cubiculo ut abscondaris.

 25 And the king of Israel commanded, saying: Take Micheas, and carry him to Amen the governor of the city, and to Joas the son of Amelech,
Praecepit autem rex Israel, dicens : Tollite Michaeam, et ducite eum ad Amon principem civitatis, et ad Joas filium Amelech.

 26 And say: Thus saith the king: Put this fellow in prison, and give him bread and water in a small quantity till I return in peace.
Et dicetis : Haec dicit rex : Mittite hunc in carcerem, et date ei panis modicum, et aquae pauxillum, donec revertar in pace.

 27 And Micheas said: If thou return in peace, the Lord hath not spoken by me. And he said: Hear, all ye people.
Dixitque Michaeas : Si reversus fueris in pace, non est locutus Dominus in me. Et ait : Audite, omnes populi.

 28 So the king of Israel and Josaphat king of Juda went up to Ramoth Galaad.
Igitur ascenderunt rex Israel et Josaphat rex Juda in Ramoth Galaad.

 29 And the king of Israel said to Josaphat: I will change my dress, and so I will go to the battle, but put thou on thy own garments. And the king of Israel having changed his dress, went to the battle.
Dixitque rex Israel ad Josaphat : Mutabo habitum, et sic ad pugnam vadam : tu autem induere vestibus tuis. Mutatoque rex Israel habitu, venit ad bellum.

 30 Now the king of Syria had commanded the captains of his cavalry, saying: Fight ye not with small, or great, but with the king of Israel only.
Rex autem Syriae praeceperat ducibus equitatus sui, dicens : Ne pugnetis contra minimum, aut contra maximum, nisi contra solum regem Israel.

 31 So when the captains of the cavalry saw Josaphat, they said: This is the king of Israel. And they surrounded him to attack him: but he cried to the Lord, and he helped him, and turned them away from him.
Itaque cum vidissent principes equitatus Josaphat, dixerunt : Rex Israel est iste. Et circumdederunt eum dimicantes : at ille clamavit ad Dominum, et auxiliatus est ei, atque avertit eos ab illo.

 32 For when the captains of the cavalry saw, that he was not the king of Israel, they left him.
Cum enim vidissent duces equitatus, quod non esset rex Israel, reliquerunt eum.

 33 And it happened that one of the people shot an arrow at a venture, and struck the king of Israel between the neck and the shoulders, and he said to his chariot man: Turn thy hand, and carry me out of the battle, for I am wounded.
Accidit autem ut unus e populo sagittam in incertum jaceret, et percuteret regem Israel inter cervicem et scapulas. At ille aurigae suo ait : Converte manum tuam, et educ me de acie, quia vulneratus sum.

 34 And the fight was ended that day: but the king of Israel stood in his chariot against the Syrians until the evening, and died at the sunset.
Et finita est pugna in die illo : porro rex Israel stabat in curru suo contra Syros usque ad vesperam, et mortuus est occidente sole.

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