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The prophecy of Azarias. Asa's covenant with God. He deposeth his mother.

 1 And the spirit of God came upon Azarias the son of Oded,
Azarias autem filius Oded, facto in se spiritu Dei,

 2 And he went out to meet Asa, and said to him: Hear ye me, Asa, and all Juda and Benjamin: The Lord is with you, because you have been with him. If you seek him, you shall find: but if you forsake him, he will forsake you.
egressus est in occursum Asa, et dixit ei : Audite me, Asa, et omnis Juda et Benjamin : Dominus vobiscum, quia fuistis cum eo. Si quaesieritis eum, invenietis : si autem dereliqueritis eum, derelinquet vos.

 3 And many days shall pass in Israel without the true God, and without a priest a teacher, and without the law.
Transibant autem multi dies in Israel absque Deo vero, et absque sacerdote doctore, et absque lege.

 4 And when in their distress they shall return to the Lord the God of Israel, and shall seek him, they shall find him.
Cumque reversi fuerint in angustia sua ad Dominum Deum Israel, et quaesierint eum, reperient eum.

 5 At that time there shall be no peace to him that goeth out and cometh in, but terrors on every side among all the inhabitants of the earth.
In tempore illo, non erit pax egredienti et ingredienti, sed terrores undique in cunctis habitatoribus terrarum :

 6 For nation shall fight against nation, and city against city, for the Lord will trouble them with all distress.
pugnavit enim gens contra gentem, et civitas contra civitatem, quia Dominus conturbabit eos in omni angustia.

 7 Do you therefore take courage, and let not your hands be weakened: for there shall be a reward for your work.
Vos ergo confortamini, et non dissolvantur manus vestrae : erit enim merces operi vestro.

 8 And when Asa had heard the words, and the prophecy of Azarias the son of Oded the prophet, he took courage, and took away the idols out of all the land of Juda, and out of Benjamin, and out of the cities of mount Ephraim, which he had taken, and he dedicated the altar of the Lord, which was before the porch of the Lord.
Quod cum audisset Asa, verba scilicet, et prophetiam Azariae filii Oded prophetae, confortatus est, et abstulit idola de omni terra Juda et de Benjamin et ex urbibus, quas ceperat, montis Ephraim, et dedicavit altare Domini quod erat ante porticum Domini.

 9 And he gathered together all Juda and Benjamin, and the strangers with them of Ephraim, and Manasses, and Simeon: for many were come over to him out of Israel, seeing that the Lord his God was with him.
Congregavitque universum Judam et Benjamin, et advenas cum eis de Ephraim, et de Manasse, et de Simeon : plures enim ad eum confugerant ex Israel, videntes quod Dominus Deus illius esset cum eo.

 10 And when they were come to Jerusalem in the third month, in the fifteenth year of the reign of Asa,
Cumque venissent in Jerusalem mense tertio, anno decimoquinto regni Asa,

 11 They sacrificed to the Lord in that day of the spoils, and of the prey, that they had brought, seven hundred oxen, and seven thousand rams.
immolaverunt Domino in die illa de manubiis, et praeda, quam adduxerant, boves septingentos, et arietes septem millia.

 12 And he went in to confirm as usual the covenant, that they should seek the Lord the God of their fathers with all their heart, and with all their soul.
Et intravit ex more ad corroborandum foedus ut quaererent Dominum Deum patrum suorum in toto corde, et in tota anima sua.

 13 And if any one, said he, seek not the Lord the God of Israel, let him die, whether little or great, man or woman.
Si quis autem, inquit, non quaesierit Dominum Deum Israel, moriatur, a minimo usque ad maximum, a viro usque ad mulierem.

 14 And they swore to the Lord with a loud voice with joyful shouting, and with sound of trumpet, and sound of comets,
Juraveruntque Domino voce magna in jubilo, et in clangore tubae, et in sonitu buccinarum,

 15 All that were in Juda with a curse: for with all their heart they swore, and with all their will they sought him, and they found him, and the Lord gave them rest round about.
omnes qui erant in Juda cum execratione : in omni enim corde suo juraverunt, et in tota voluntate quaesierunt eum, et invenerunt : praestititque eis Dominus requiem per circuitum.

 16 Moreover Maacha the mother of king Asa he deposed from the royal authority, because she had made in a grove an idol of Priapus: and he entirely destroyed it, and breaking it into pieces, burnt it at the torrent Cedron.
Sed et Maacham matrem Asa regis ex augusto deposuit imperio, eo quod fecisset in luco simulacrum Priapi : quod omne contrivit, et in frustra comminuens combussit in torrente Cedron.

 17 But high places were left in Israel: nevertheless the heart of Asa was perfect all his days.
Excelsa autem derelicta sunt in Israel : attamen cor Asa erat perfectum cunctis diebus ejus,

 18 And the things which his father had vowed, and he himself had vowed, he brought into the house of the Lord, gold and silver, and vessels of divers uses.
eaque quae voverat pater suus, et ipse, intulit in domum Domini, argentum, et aurum, vasorumque diversam supellectilem.

 19 And there was no war unto the five and thirtieth year of the kingdom of Asa.
Bellum vero non fuit usque ad trigesimum quintum annum regni Asa.

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