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All the ornaments of Aaron and his sons are made. And the whole work of the tabernacle is finished.

 1 And he made, of violet and purple, scarlet and fine linen, the vestments for Aaron to wear when he ministered in the holy places, as the Lord commanded Moses.
De hyacintho vero et purpura, vermiculo ac bysso, fecit vestes, quibus indueretur Aaron quando ministrabat in sanctis, sicut praecepit Dominus Moysi.

 2 So he made an ephod of gold, violet, and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine twisted linen.
Fecit igitur superhumerale de auro, hyacintho, et purpura, coccoque bis tincto, et bysso retorta,

 3 With embroidered work: and he cut thin plates of gold, and drew them small into threads, that they might be twisted with the woof of the aforesaid colours,
opere polymitario : inciditque bracteas aureas, et extenuavit in fila, ut possent torqueri cum priorum colorum subtegmine,

 4 And two borders coupled one to the other in the top on either side,
duasque oras sibi invicem copulatas in utroque latere summitatum,

 5 And a girdle of the same colours, as the Lord had commanded Moses.
et balteum ex eisdem coloribus, sicut praeceperat Dominus Moysi.

 6 He prepared also two onyx stones, fast set and closed in gold, and graven by the art of a lapidary, with the names of the children of Israel:
Paravit et duos lapides onychinos, astrictos et inclusos auro, et sculptos arte gemmaria nominibus filiorum Israel :

 7 And he set them in the sides of the ephod for a memorial of the children of Israel, as the Lord had commanded Moses.
posuitque eos in lateribus superhumeralis in monimentum filiorum Israel, sicut praeceperat Dominus Moysi.

 8 He made also a rational with embroidered work, according to the work of the ephod, of gold, violet, purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine twisted linen,
Fecit et rationale opere polymito juxta opus superhumeralis, ex auro, hyacintho, purpura, coccoque bis tincto, et bysso retorta :

 9 Foursquare, double, of the measure of a span.
quadrangulum, duplex, mensurae palmi.

 10 And he set four rows of precious stones in it. In the first row was a sardius, a topaz, an emerald.
Et posuit in eo gemmarum ordines quatuor. In primo versu erat sardius, topazius, smaragdus.

 11 In the second, a carbuncle, a sapphire, and a jasper.
In secundo, carbunculus, sapphirus, et jaspis.

 12 In the third, a ligurius, an agate, and an amethyst.
In tertio, ligurius, achates, et amethystus.

 13 In the fourth, a chrysolite, an onyx, and a beryl, set and enclosed in gold by their rows.
In quarto, chrysolithus, onychinus, et beryllus, circumdati et inclusi auro per ordines suos.

 14 And the twelve stones were engraved with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel, each one with its several name.
Ipsique lapides duodecim sculpti erant nominibus duodecim tribuum Israel, singuli per nomina singulorum.

 15 They made also in the rational little chains linked one to another of the purest gold,
Fecerunt in rationali et catenulas sibi invicem cohaerentes, de auro purissimo :

 16 And two hooks, and as many rings of gold. And they set the rings on either side of the rational,
et duos uncinos, totidemque annulos aureos. Porro annulos posuerunt in utroque latere rationalis,

 17 On which rings the two golden chains should hang, which they put into the hooks that stood out in the corners of the ephod.
e quibus penderent duae catenae aureae, quas inseruerunt uncinis, qui in superhumeralis angulis eminebant.

 18 These both before and behind so answered one another, that the ephod and the rational were bound together,
Haec et ante et retro ita conveniebant sibi, ut superhumerale et rationale mutuo necterentur,

 19 Being fastened to the girdle and strongly coupled with rings, which a violet fillet joined, lest they should flag loose, and be moved one from the other, as the Lord commanded Moses.
stricta ad balteum et annulis fortius copulata, quos jungebat vitta hyacinthina, ne laxa fluerent, et a se invicem moverentur, sicut praecepit Dominus Moysi.

 20 They made also the tunick of the ephod all of violet,
Feceruntque quoque tunicam superhumeralis totam hyacinthinam,

 21 And a hole for the head in the upper part at the middle, and a woven border round about the hole:
et capitium in superiori parte contra medium, oramque per gyrum capitii textilem :

 22 And beneath at the feet pomegranates of violet, purple, scarlet, and fine twisted linen:
deorsum autem ad pedes mala punica ex hyacintho, purpura, vermiculo, ac bysso retorta :

 23 And little bells of the purest gold, which they put between the pomegranates at the bottom of the tunick round about:
et tintinnabula de auro purissimo, quae posuerunt inter malogranata, in extrema parte tunicae per gyrum :

 24 To wit, a bell of gold, and a pomegranate, wherewith the high priest went adorned, when he discharged his ministry, as the Lord had commanded Moses.
tintinnabulum autem aureum, et malum punicum, quibus ornatus incedebat pontifex quando ministerio fungebatur, sicut praeceperat Dominus Moysi.

 25 They made also fine linen tunicks with woven work for Aaron and his sons:
Fecerunt et tunicas byssinas opere textili Aaron et filiis ejus :

 26 And mitres with their little crowns of fine linen:
et mitras cum coronulis suis ex bysso :

 27 And linen breeches of fine linen:
feminalia quoque linea, byssina :

 28 And a girdle of fine twisted linen, violet, purple, and scarlet twice dyed, of embroidery work, as the Lord had commanded Moses.
cingulum vero de bysso retorta, hyacintho, purpura, ac vermiculo bis tincto, arte plumaria, sicut praeceperat Dominus Moysi.

 29 They made also the plate of sacred veneration of the purest gold, and they wrote on it with the engraving of a lapidary, The Holy of the Lord:
Fecerunt et laminam sacrae venerationis de auro purissimo, scripseruntque in ea opere gemmario, Sanctum Domini :

 30 And they fastened it to the mitre with a violet fillet, as the Lord had commanded Moses.
et strinxerunt eam cum mitra vitta hyacinthina, sicut praeceperat Dominus Moysi.

 31 So all the work of the tabernacle and of the roof of the testimony was finished: and the children of Israel did all things which the Lord had commanded Moses.
Perfectum est igitur omne opus tabernaculi et tecti testimonii : feceruntque filii Israel cuncta quae praeceperat Dominus Moysi.

 32 And they offered the tabernacle and the roof and the whole furniture, the rings, the boards, the bars, the pillars, and their sockets,
Et obtulerunt tabernaculum et tectum et universam supellectilem, annulos, tabulas, vectes, columnas ac bases,

 33 The cover of rams' skins dyed red, and the other cover of violet skins,
opertorium de pellibus arietum rubricatis, et aliud operimentum de janthinis pellibus,

 34 The veil, the ark, the bars, the propitiatory,
velum; arcam, vectes, propitiatorium,

 35 The table, with the vessels thereof, and the loaves of proposition:
mensam cum vasis suis et propositionis panibus;

 36 The candlestick, the lamps, and the furniture of them with the oil:
candelabrum, lucernas, et utensilia earum cum oleo;

 37 The altar of gold, and the ointment, and the incense of spices:
altare aureum, et unguentum, et thymiama ex aromatibus,

 38 And the hanging in the entry of the tabernacle:
et tentorium in introitu tabernaculi;

 39 The altar of brass, the grate, the bars, and all the vessels thereof: the laver with the foot thereof: the hangings of the court, and the pillars with their sockets:
altare aeneum, retiaculum, vectes, et vasa ejus omnia; labrum cum basi sua; tentoria atrii, et columnas cum basibus suis;

 40 The hanging in the entry of the court, and the little cords, and the pins thereof. Nothing was wanting of the vessels, that were commanded to be made for the ministry of the tabernacle, and for the roof of the covenant.
tentorium in introitu atrii, funiculosque illius et paxillos. Nihil ex vasis defuit, quae in ministerium tabernaculi, et in tectum foederis jussa sunt fieri.

 41 The vestments also, which the priests, to wit, Aaron and his sons, used in the sanctuary,
Vestes quoque, quibus sacerdotes utuntur in sanctuario, Aaron scilicet et filii ejus,

 42 The children of Israel offered as the Lord had commanded.
obtulerunt filii Israel, sicut praeceperat Dominus.

 43 And when Moses saw all things finished, he blessed them.
Quae postquam Moyses cuncta vidit completa, benedixit eis.

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