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The offerings are delivered to the workmen, the curtains, coverings, boards, bars, veil, pillars, and hanging are made.

 1 Beseleel, therefore, and Ooliab, and every wise man, to whom the Lord gave wisdom and understanding, to know how to work artificially, made the things that are necessary for the uses of the sanctuary, and which the Lord commanded.
Fecit ergo Beseleel, et Ooliab, et omnis vir sapiens, quibus dedit Dominus sapientiam et intellectum, ut scirent fabre operari quae in usus sanctuarii necessaria sunt, et quae praecepit Dominus.

 2 And when Moses had called them, and every skillful man, to whom the Lord had given wisdom, and such as of their own accord had offered themselves to the making of the work,
Cumque vocasset eos Moyses et omnem eruditum virum, cui dederat Dominus sapientiam, et qui sponte sua obtulerant se ad faciendum opus,

 3 He delivered all the offerings of the children of Israel unto them. And while they were earnest about the work, the people daily in the morning offered their vows.
tradidit eis universa donaria filiorum Israel. Qui cum instarent operi, quotidie mane vota populus offerebat.

 4 Whereupon the workmen being constrained to come,
Unde artifices venire compulsi,

 5 Said to Moses: The people offereth more than is necessary.
dixerunt Moysi : Plus offert populus quam necessarium est.

 6 Moses therefore commanded proclamation to be made by the crier's voice: Let neither man nor woman offer any more for the work of the sanctuary. And so they ceased from offering gifts,
Jussit ergo Moyses praeconis voce cantari : Nec vir, nec mulier quidquam offerat ultra in opere sanctuarii. Sicque cessatum est a muneribus offerendis,

 7 Because the things that were offered did suffice, and were too much.
eo quod oblata sufficerent et superabundarent.

 8 And all the men that were wise of heart, to accomplish the work of the tabernacle, made ten curtains of twisted fine linen, and violet, and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, with varied work, and the art of embroidering:
Feceruntque omnes corde sapientes ad explendum opus tabernaculi, cortinas decem de bysso retorta, et hyacintho, et purpura, coccoque bis tincto, opere vario, et arte polymita :

 9 The length of one curtain was twenty-eight cubits, and the breadth four: all the curtains were of the same size.
quarum una habebat in longitudine viginti octo cubitos, et in latitudine quatuor; una mensura erat omnium cortinarum.

 10 And he joined five curtains, one to another, and the other five he coupled one to another.
Conjunxitque cortinas quinque, alteram alteri, et alias quinque sibi invicem copulavit.

 11 He made also loops of violet in the edge of the curtain on both sides, and in the edge of the other curtain in like manner,
Fecit et ansas hyacinthinas in ora cortinae unius ex utroque latere, et in ora cortinae alterius similiter,

 12 That the loops might meet one against another, and might be joined each with the other.
ut contra se invicem venirent ansae, et mutuo jungerentur.

 13 Whereupon also he cast fifty rings of gold, that might catch the loops of the curtains, and they might be made one tabernacle.
Unde et quinquaginta fudit circulos aureos, qui morderent cortinarum ansas, et fieret unum tabernaculum.

 14 He made also eleven curtains of goats' hair, to cover the roof of the tabernacle:
Fecit et saga undecim de pilis caprarum ad operiendum tectum tabernaculi :

 15 One curtain was thirty cubits long and four cubits broad: all the curtains were of one measure.
unum sagum in longitudine habebat cubitos triginta, et in latitudine cubitos quatuor : unius mensurae erant omnia saga :

 16 Five of which he joined apart, and the other six apart.
quorum quinque junxit seorsum, et sex alia separatim.

 17 And he made fifty loops in the edge of one curtain, and fifty in the edge of another curtain, that they might be joined one to another.
Fecitque ansas quinquaginta in ora sagi unius, et quinquaginta in ora sagi alterius, ut sibi invicem jungerentur.

 18 And fifty buckles of brass wherewith the roof might be knit together, that of all the curtains there might be made one covering.
Et fibulas aeneas quinquaginta, quibus necteretur tectum, ut unum pallium ex omnibus sagis fieret.

 19 He made also a cover for the tabernacle of rams' skins dyed red: and another cover over that of violet skins.
Fecit et opertorium tabernaculi de pellibus arietum rubricatis : aliudque desuper velamentum de pellibus janthinis.

 20 He made also the boards of the tabernacle of setim wood standing.
Fecit et tabulas tabernaculi de lignis setim stantes.

 21 The length of one board was ten cubits: and the breadth was one cubit and a half.
Decem cubitorum erat longitudo tabulae unius : et unum ac semis cubitum latitudo retinebat.

 22 There were two mortises throughout every board, that one might be joined to the other. And in this manner he made for all the boards of the tabernacle.
Binae incastraturae erant per singulas tabulas, ut altera alteri jungeretur. Sic fecit in omnibus tabernaculi tabulis.

 23 Of which twenty were at the south side southward,
E quibus viginti ad plagam meridianam erant contra austrum,

 24 With forty sockets of silver, two sockets were put under one board on the two sides of the corners, where the mortises of the sides end in the corners.
cum quadraginta basibus argenteis. Duae bases sub una tabula ponebantur ex utraque parte angulorum, ubi incastraturae laterum in angulis terminantur.

 25 At that side also of the tabernacle, that looketh toward the north, he made twenty boards.
Ad plagam quoque tabernaculi, quae respicit ad aquilonem, fecit viginti tabulas,

 26 With forty sockets of silver, two sockets for every board.
cum quadraginta basibus argenteis, duas bases per singulas tabulas.

 27 But against the west, to wit, at that side of the tabernacle, which looketh to the sea, he made six boards,
Contra occidentem vero, id est, ad eam partem tabernaculi quae mare respicit, fecit sex tabulas,

 28 And two others at each corner of the tabernacle behind:
et duas alias per singulos angulos tabernaculi retro :

 29 Which were also joined from beneath unto the top, and went together into one joint. Thus he did on both sides at the corners:
quae junctae erant a deorsum usque sursum, et in unam compaginem pariter ferebantur. Ita fecit ex utraque parte per angulos :

 30 So there were in all eight boards and they had sixteen sockets of silver, to wit, two sockets under every board.
ut octo essent simul tabulae, et haberent bases argenteas sedecim, binas scilicet bases sub singulis tabulis.

 31 He made also bars of setim wood, five to hold together the boards of one side of the tabernacle,
Fecit et vectes de lignis setim, quinque ad continendas tabulas unius lateris tabernaculi,

 32 And five others to join together the boards of the other side: and besides these, five other bars at the west side of the tabernacle towards the sea.
et quinque alios ad alterius lateris coaptandas tabulas : et extra hos, quinque alios vectes ad occidentalem plagam tabernaculi contra mare.

 33 He made also another bar, that might come by the midst of the boards from corner to corner.
Fecit quoque vectem alium, qui per medias tabulas ab angulo usque ad angulum perveniret.

 34 And the board works themselves he overlaid with gold, casting for them sockets of silver. And their rings he made of gold, through which the bars might be drawn: and he covered the bars themselves with plates of gold.
Ipsa autem tabulata deauravit, fusis basibus earum argenteis. Et circulos eorum fecit aureos, per quos vectes induci possent : quos et ipsos laminis aureis operuit.

 35 He made also a veil of violet, and purple, scarlet, and fine twisted linen, varied and distinguished with embroidery:
Fecit et velum de hyacintho, et purpura, vermiculo, ac bysso retorta, opere polymitario, varium atque distinctum :

 36 And four pillars of setim wood, which with their heads be overlaid with gold, casting for them sockets of silver.
et quatuor columnas de lignis setim, quas cum capitibus deauravit, fusis basibus earum argenteis.

 37 He made also a hanging in the entry of the tabernacle of violet, purple, scarlet, and fine twisted linen, with the work of an embroiderer.
Fecit et tentorium in introitu tabernaculi ex hyacintho, purpura, vermiculo, byssoque retorta, opere plumarii :

 38 And five pillars with their heads, which he covered with gold, and their sockets he cast of brass.
et columnas quinque cum capitibus suis, quas operuit auro, basesque earum fudit aeneas.

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