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Pharao and his people are threatened with the death of their firstborn.

 1 And the Lord said to Moses: Yet one plague more will I bring upon Pharao and Egypt, and after that he shall let you go and thrust you out.
Et dixit Dominus ad Moysen : Adhuc una plaga tangam Pharaonem et Aegyptum, et post haec dimittet vos, et exire compellet.

 2 Therefore thou shalt tell all the people that every man ask of his friend, and every woman of her neighbour, vessels of silver, and of gold.
Dices ergo omni plebi ut postulet vir ab amico suo, et mulier a vicina sua, vasa argentea et aurea.

 3 And the Lord will give favour to his people in the sight of the Egyptians. And Moses was a very great man in the land of Egypt, in the sight of Pharao's servants, and of all the people.
Dabit autem Dominus gratiam populo suo coram Aegyptiis. Fuitque Moyses vir magnus valde in terra Aegypti coram servis Pharaonis et omni populo.

 4 And he said: Thus said the Lord: At midnight I will enter into Egypt.
Et ait : Haec dicit Dominus : Media nocte egrediar in Aegyptum :

 5 And every firstborn in the land of the Egyptians shall die, from the firstborn of Pharao who sitteth on his throne, even to the first born of the handmaid that is at the mill, and all the firstborn of beasts.
et morietur omne primogenitum in terra Aegyptiorum, a primogenito Pharaonis, qui sedet in solio ejus, usque ad primogenitum ancillae quae est ad molam, et omnia primogenita jumentorum.

 6 And there shall be a great cry in all the land of Egypt, such as neither hath been before, nor shall be hereafter.
Eritque clamor magnus in universa terra Aegypti, qualis nec ante fuit, nec postea futurus est.

 7 But with all the children of Israel there shall not a dog make the least noise, from man even to beast: that you may know how wonderful a difference the Lord maketh between the Egyptians and Israel.
Apud omnes autem filios Israel non mutiet canis ab homine usque ad pecus : ut sciatis quanto miraculo dividat Dominus Aegyptios et Israel.

 8 And all these thy servants shall come down to me, and shall worship me, saying: Go forth thou, and all the people that is under thee: after that we will go out.
Descendentque omnes servi tui isti ad me, et adorabunt me, dicentes : Egredere tu, et omnis populus qui subjectus est tibi : post haec egrediemur.

 9 And he went out from Pharao exceeding angry. But the Lord said to Moses: Pharao will not hear you, that many signs may be done in the land of Egypt.
Et exivit a Pharaone iratus nimis. Dixit autem Dominus ad Moysen : Non audiet vos Pharao ut multa signa fiant in terra Aegypti.

 10 And Moses and Aaron did all the wonders that are written, before Pharao. And the Lord hardened Pharao's heart, neither did he let the children of Israel go out of his land.
Moyses autem et Aaron fecerunt omnia ostenta, quae scripta sunt, coram Pharaone. Et induravit Dominus cor Pharaonis, nec dimisit filios Israel de terra sua.

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