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Esther comes into the king's presence: she is terrified, but God turns his heart.

 1 And he commanded her (no doubt but he was Mardochai) to go to the king, and petition for her people, and for her country.
Et mandavit ei ( haud dubium quin esset Mardochaeus) ut ingrederetur ad regem, et rogaret pro populo suo et pro patria sua.

 2 Remember, (said he,) the days of thy low estate, how thou wast brought up by my hand, because Aman the second after the king hath spoken against us unto death.
Memorare, inquit, dierum humilitatis tuae, quomodo nutrita sis in manu mea, quia Aman secundus a rege locutus est contra nos in mortem :

 3 And do thou call upon the Lord, and speak to the king for us, and deliver us from death.
et tu invoca Dominum, et loquere regi pro nobis, et libera nos de morte.

 4 And on the third day she laid away the garments she wore, and put on her glorious apparel.
Die autem tertio deposuit vestimenta ornatus sui, et circumdata est gloria sua.

 5 And glittering in royal robes, after she had called upon God the ruler and Saviour of all, she took two maids with her,
Cumque regio fulgeret habitu, et invocasset omnium rectorem et salvatorem Deum, assumpsit duas famulas,

 6 And upon one of them she leaned, as if for delicateness and overmuch tenderness she were not able to bear up her own body.
et super unam quidem innitebatur, quasi prae deliciis et nimia teneritudine corpus suum ferre non sustinens :

 7 And the other maid followed her lady, bearing up her train flowing on the ground.
altera autem famularum sequebatur dominam, defluentia in humum indumenta sustentans.

 8 But she with a rosy colour in her face, and with gracious and bright eyes, hid a mind full of anguish, and exceeding great fear.
Ipsa autem roseo colore vultum perfusa, et gratis ac nitentibus oculis tristem celabat animum, et nimio timore contractum.

 9 So going in she passed through all the doors in order, and stood before the king, where he sat upon his royal throne, clothed with his royal robes, and glittering with gold, and precious stones, and he was terrible to behold.
Ingressa igitur cuncta per ordinem ostia, stetit contra regem, ubi ille residebat super solium regni sui, indutus vestibus regiis, auroque fulgens, et pretiosis lapidibus, eratque terribilis aspectu.

 10 And when he had lifted up his countenance, and with burning eyes had shewn the wrath of his heart, the queen sunk down, and her colour turned pale, and she rested her weary head upon her handmaid.
Cumque elevasset faciem, et ardentibus oculis furorem pectoris indicasset, regina corruit, et in pallorem colore mutato, lassum super ancillulam reclinavit caput.

 11 And God changed the king's spirit into mildness, and all in haste and in fear he leaped from his throne, and holding her up in his arms, till she came to herself, caressed her with these words:
Convertitque Deus spiritum regis in mansuetudinem, et festinus ac metuens exilivit de solio, et sustentans eam ulnis suis, donec rediret ad se, his verbis blandiebatur :

 12 What is the matter, Esther? I am thy brother, fear not.
Quid habes, Esther? ego sum frater tuus : noli metuere.

 13 Thou shalt not die: for this law is not made for thee, but for all others.
Non morieris : non enim pro te, sed pro omnibus haec lex constituta est.

 14 Come near then, and touch the sceptre.
Accede igitur, et tange sceptrum.

 15 And as she held her peace, he took the golden sceptre, and laid it upon her neck, and kissed her, and said: Why dost thou not speak to me?
Cumque illa reticeret, tulit auream virgam, et posuit super collum ejus, et osculatus est eam, et ait : Cur mihi non loqueris?

 16 She answered: I saw thee, my lord, as an angel of God, and my heart was troubled for fear of thy majesty.
Quae respondit : Vidi te, domine, quasi angelum Dei, et conturbatum est cor meum prae timore gloriae tuae.

 17 For thou, my lord, art very admirable, and thy. face is full of graces.
Valde enim mirabilis es, domine, et facies tua plena est gratiarum.

 18 And while she was speaking, she fell down again, and was almost in a swoon.
Cumque loqueretur, rursus corruit, et pene exanimata est.

 19 But the king was troubled, and all his servants comforted her.
Rex autem turbabatur, et omnes ministri ejus consolabantur eam.

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