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A copy of a letter sent by Aman to destroy the Jews. Mardochai's prayer for the people.

 1 And this was the copy of the letter: Artaxerxes the great king who reigneth from India to Ethiopia, to the princes and governors of the hundred and twenty-seven provinces, that are subject to his empire, greeting.
Rex maximus Artaxerxes ab India usque Aethiopiam centum viginti septem provinciarum principibus, et ducibus, qui ejus imperio subjecti sunt, salutem.

 2 Whereas I reigned over many nations, and had brought all the world under my dominion, I was not willing to abuse the greatness of my power, but to govern my subjects with clemency and lenity, that they might live quietly without any terror. and might enjoy peace, which is desired by all men.
Cum plurimis gentibus imperarem, et universum orbem meae ditioni subjugassem, volui nequaquam abuti potentiae magnitudine, sed clementia et lenitate gubernare subjectos, ut absque ullo terrore vitam silentio transigentes, optata cunctis mortalibus pace fruerentur.

 3 But when I asked my counsellors how this might be accomplished, one that excelled the rest in wisdom and fidelity, and was second after the king, Aman by name,
Quaerente autem me a consiliariis meis quomodo posset hoc impleri, unus qui sapientia et fide ceteros praecellebat, et erat post regem secundus, Aman nomine,

 4 Told me that there was a people scattered through the whole world, which used new laws, and acted against the customs of all nations, despised the commandments of kings, and violated by their opposition the concord of all nations.
indicavit mihi in toto orbe terrarum populum esse dispersum, qui novis uteretur legibus, et contra omnium gentium consuetudinem faciens, regum jussa contemneret, et universarum concordiam nationum sua dissensione violaret.

 5 Wherefore having learned this, and seeing one nation in opposition to all mankind using perverse laws, and going against our commandments, and disturbing the peace and concord of the provinces subject to us,
Quod cum didicissemus, videntes unam gentem rebellem adversus omne hominum genus perversis, uti legibus, nostrisque jussionibus contraire, et turbare subjectarum nobis provinciarum pacem atque concordiam,

 6 We have commanded that all whom Aman shall mark out, who is chief over all the provinces, and second after the king, and whom we honour as a father, shall be utterly destroyed by their enemies, with their wives and children, and that none shall have pity on them. on the fourteenth day of the twelfth month Adar of this present year:
jussimus ut quoscumque Aman, qui omnibus provinciis praepositus est et secundus a rege, et quem patris loco colimus, monstraverit, cum conjugibus ac liberis deleantur ab inimicis suis, nullusque eorum misereatur, quartadecima die duodecimi mensis Adar anni praesentis :

 7 That these wicked men going down to hell in one day, may restore to our empire the peace which they had disturbed.
ut nefarii homines uno die ad inferos descendentes, reddant imperio nostro pacem, quam turbaverant. Pergensque Mardochaeus, fecit omnia, quae ei mandaverat Esther.

 8 But Mardochai besought the Lord, remembering all his works,
Mardochaeus autem deprecatus est Dominum, memor omnium operum ejus,

 9 And said: O Lord, Lord, almighty king, for all things are in thy power, and there is none that can resist thy will, if thou determine to save Israel.
et dixit : Domine, Domine rex omnipotens, in ditione enim tua cuncta sunt posita, et non est qui possit tuae resistere voluntati, si decreveris salvare Israel.

 10 Thou hast made heaven and earth, and all things that are under the cope of heaven.
Tu fecisti caelum et terram, et quidquid caeli ambitu continetur.

 11 Thou art Lord of all, and there is none that can resist thy majesty.
Dominus omnium es, nec est qui resistat majestati tuae.

 12 Thou knowest all things, and thou knowest that it was not out of pride and contempt, or any desire of glory, that I refused to worship the proud Aman,
Cuncta nosti, et scis quia non pro superbia et contumelia, et aliqua gloriae cupiditate, fecerim hoc, ut non adorarem Aman superbissimum

 13 (For I would willingly and readily for the salvation of Israel have kissed even the steps of his feet,)
( libenter enim pro salute Israel etiam vestigia pedum ejus deosculari paratus essem),

 14 But I feared lest I should transfer the honour of my God to a man, and lest I should adore any one except my God.
sed timui ne honorem Dei mei transferrem ad hominem, et ne quemquam adorarem, excepto Deo meo.

 15 And now, O Lord, O king, O God of Abraham, have mercy on thy people, because our enemies resolve to destroy us, and extinguish thy inheritance.
Et nunc, Domine rex, Deus Abraham, miserere populi tui, quia volunt nos inimici nostri perdere, et haereditatem tuam delere.

 16 Despise not thy portion, which thou hast redeemed for thyself out of Egypt.
Ne despicias partem tuam, quam redemisti tibi de Aegypto.

 17 Hear my supplication, and be merciful to thy lot and inheritance, and turn our mourning into joy, that we may live and praise thy name, O Lord, and shut not the mouths of them that sing to thee.
Exaudi deprecationem meam, et propitius esto sorti et funiculo tuo, et converte luctum nostrum in gaudium, ut viventes laudemus nomen tuum, Domine : et ne claudas ora te canentium.

 18 And all Israel with like mind and supplication cried to the Lord, because they saw certain death hanging over their heads.
Omnis quoque Israel pari mente et obsecratione clamavit ad Dominum, eo quod eis certa mors impenderet.

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