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Esther is graciously received: she inviteth the king and Aman to dinner, Aman prepareth a gibbet for Mardochai.

 1 And on the third day Esther put on her royal apparel, and stood in the inner court of the king's house, over against the king's hall: now he sat upon his throne in the hall of the palace, over against the door of the house.
Die autem tertio induta est Esther regalibus vestimentis, et stetit in atrio domus regiae, quod erat interius, contra basilicam regis : at ille sedebat super solium suum in consistorio palatii contra ostium domus.

 2 And when he saw Esther the queen standing, she pleased his eyes, and he held out toward her the golden sceptre, which he held in his hand: and she drew near, and kissed the top of his sceptre.
Cumque vidisset Esther reginam stantem, placuit oculis ejus, et extendit contra eam virgam auream, quam tenebat manu : quae accedens, osculata est summitatem virgae ejus.

 3 And the king said to her: What wilt then, queen Esther? what is thy request? if thou shouldst even ask one half of the kingdom, it shall be given to thee.
Dixitque ad eam rex : Quid vis, Esther regina? quae est petitio tua? etiam si dimidiam partem regni petieris, dabitur tibi.

 4 But she answered: If it please the king. I beseech thee to come to me this day, and Aman with thee to the banquet which I have prepared.
At illa respondit : Si regi placet, obsecro ut venias ad me hodie, et Aman tecum ad convivium, quod paravi.

 5 And the king said forthwith: Call ye Aman quickly, that he may obey Esther's will. So the king and Aman came to the banquet which the queen had prepared for them.
Statimque rex, Vocate, inquit, cito Aman ut Esther obediat voluntati. Venerunt itaque rex et Aman ad convivium, quod eis regina paraverat.

 6 And the king said to her, after he had drunk wine plentifully: What dost thou desire should be given thee? and for what thing askest thou? although thou shouldst ask the half of my kingdom, thou shalt have it.
Dixitque ei rex, postquam vinum biberat abundanter : Quid petis ut detur tibi? et pro qua re postulas? etiam si dimidiam partem regni mei petieris, impetrabis.

 7 And Esther answered: My petition and request is this:
Cui respondit Esther : Petitio mea, et preces sunt istae :

 8 If I have found favour in the king's sight, and if it please the king to give me what I ask, and to fulfill my petition: let the king and Aman come to the banquet which I have prepared them, and tomorrow I will open my mind to the king.
si inveni in conspectu regis gratiam, et si regi placet ut det mihi quod postulo, et meam impleat petitionem : veniat rex et Aman ad convivium quod paravi eis, et cras aperiam regi voluntatem meam.

 9 So Aman went out that day joyful and merry. And when he saw Mardochai sitting before the gate of the palace, and that he not only did not rise up to honour him, but did not so much as move from the place where he sat, he was exceedingly angry:
Egressus est itaque illo die Aman laetus et alacer. Cumque vidisset Mardochaeum sedentem ante fores palatii, et non solum non assurrexisse sibi, sed nec motum quidem de loco sessionis suae, indignatus est valde :

 10 But dissembling his anger, and returning into his house, he called together to him his friends, and Zares his wife:
et dissimulata ira, reversus in domum suam, convocavit ad se amicos suos, et Zares uxorem suam :

 11 And he declared to them the greatness of his riches, and the multitude of his children, and with how great glory the king had advanced him above all his princes and servants.
et exposuit illis magnitudinem divitiarum suarum, filiorumque turbam, et quanta eum gloria super omnes principes et servos suos rex elevasset.

 12 And after this he said: Queen Esther also hath invited no other to the banquet with the king, but me: and with her I am also to dine tomorrow with the king:
Et post haec ait : Regina quoque Esther nullum alium vocavit ad convivium cum rege praeter me : apud quam etiam cras cum rege pransurus sum.

 13 And whereas I have all these things, I think I have nothing, so long as I see Mardochai the Jew sitting before the king's gate.
Et cum haec omnia habeam, nihil me habere puto, quamdiu videro Mardochaeum Judaeum sedentem ante fores regias.

 14 Then Zares his wife, and the rest of his friends answered him: Order a great beam to be prepared, fifty cubits high, and in the morning speak to the king, that Mardochai may be hanged upon it, and so thou shalt go full of joy with the king to the banquet. The counsel pleased him, and he commanded a high gibbet to be prepared.
Responderuntque ei Zares uxor ejus, et ceteri amici : Jube parari excelsam trabem, habentem altitudinis quinquaginta cubitos, et dic mane regi ut appendatur super eam Mardochaeus, et sic ibis cum rege laetus ad convivium. Placuit ei consilium, et jussit excelsam parari crucem.

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