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A canticle for the remembrance of the law. Moses is commanded to go up into a mountain, from whence he shall see the promised land but not enter into it.

 1 Hear, O ye heavens, the things I speak, let the earth give ear to the words of my mouth.
Audite, caeli, quae loquor : audiat terra verba oris mei.

 2 Let my doctrine gather as the rain, let my speech distil as the dew, as a shower upon the herb, and as drops upon the grass.
Concrescat ut pluvia doctrina mea, fluat ut ros eloquium meum, quasi imber super herbam, et quasi stillae super gramina.

 3 Because I will invoke the name of the Lord: give ye magnificence to our God.
Quia nomen Domini invocabo : date magnificentiam Deo nostro.

 4 The works of God are perfect, and all his ways are judgments: God is faithful and without any iniquity, he is just and right.
Dei perfecta sunt opera, et omnes viae ejus judicia : Deus fidelis, et absque ulla iniquitate, justus et rectus.

 5 They have sinned against him, and are not of his children in their filth: they are a wicked and perverse generation.
Peccaverunt ei, et non filii ejus in sordibus : generatio prava atque perversa.

 6 Is this the return thou makest to the Lord, O foolish and senseless people? Is not he thy father, that hath possessed thee, and made thee, and created thee?
Haeccine reddis Domino, popule stulte et insipiens? numquid non ipse est pater tuus, qui possedit te, et fecit, et creavit te?

 7 Remember the days of old, think upon every generation: ask thy father, and he will declare to thee: thy elders and they will tell thee.
Memento dierum antiquorum, cogita generationes singulas : interroga patrem tuum, et annuntiabit tibi : majores tuos, et dicent tibi.

 8 When the Most High divided the nations: when he separated the sons of Adam, he appointed the bounds of people according to the number of the children of Israel.
Quando dividebat Altissimus gentes, quando separabat filios Adam, constituit terminos populorum juxta numerum filiorum Israel.

 9 But the Lord's portion is his people: Jacob the lot of his inheritance.
Pars autem Domini, populus ejus : Jacob funiculus haereditatis ejus.

 10 He found him in a desert land, in a place of horror, and of vast wilderness: he led him about, and taught him: and he kept him as the apple of his eye.
Invenit eum in terra deserta, in loco horroris, et vastae solitudinis : circumduxit eum, et docuit : et custodivit quasi pupillam oculi sui.

 11 As the eagle enticing her young to fly, and hovering over them, he spread his wings, and hath taken him and carried him on his shoulders.
Sicut aquila provocans ad volandum pullos suos, et super eos volitans, expandit alas suas, et assumpsit eum, atque portavit in humeris suis.

 12 The Lord alone was his leader: and there was no strange god with him.
Dominus solus dux ejus fuit, et non erat cum eo deus alienus :

 13 He set him upon high land: that he might eat the fruits of the fields, that he might suck honey out of the rock, and oil out of the hardest stone,
constituit eum super excelsam terram, ut comederet fructus agrorum : ut sugeret mel de petra, oleumque de saxo durissimo;

 14 Butter of the herd, and milk of the sheep with the fat of lambs, and of the rams of the breed of Basan: and goats with the marrow of wheat, and might drink the purest blood of the grape.
butyrum de armento, et lac de ovibus cum adipe agnorum, et arietum filiorum Basan : et hircos cum medulla tritici, et sanguinem uvae biberet meracissimum.

 15 The beloved grew fat, and kicked: he grew fat, and thick and gross, he forsook God who made him, and departed from God his saviour.
Incrassatus est dilectus, et recalcitravit : incrassatus, impinguatus, dilatatus, dereliquit Deum factorem suum, et recessit a Deo salutari suo.

 16 They provoked him by strange gods, and stirred him up to anger, with their abominations.
Provocaverunt eum in diis alienis, et in abominationibus ad iracundiam concitaverunt.

 17 They sacrificed to devils and not to God: to gods whom they knew not: that were newly come up, whom their fathers worshipped not.
Immolaverunt daemoniis et non Deo, diis quos ignorabant : novi recentesque venerunt, quos non coluerunt patres eorum :

 18 Thou hast forsaken the God that beget thee, and hast forgotten the Lord that created thee.
Deum qui te genuit dereliquisti, et oblitus es Domini creatoris tui.

 19 The Lord saw, and was moved to wrath: because his own sons and daughters provoked him.
Vidit Dominus, et ad iracundiam concitatus est : quia provocaverunt eum filii sui et filiae.

 20 And he said: I will hide my face from them, and will consider what their last end shall be: for it is a perverse generation, and unfaithful children.
Et ait : Abscondam faciem meam ab eis, et considerabo novissima eorum : generatio enim perversa est, et infideles filii.

 21 They have provoked me with that which was no god, and have angered me with their vanities: and I will provoke them with that which is no people, and will vex them with a foolish nation.
Ipsi me provocaverunt in eo qui non erat Deus, et irritaverunt in vanitatibus suis : et ego provocabo eos in eo qui non est populus, et in gente stulta irritabo illos.

 22 A fire is kindled in my wrath, and shall burn even to the lowest hell: and shall devour the earth with her increase, and shall burn the foundations of the mountains.
Ignis succensus est in furore meo, et ardebit usque ad inferni novissima : devorabitque terram cum germine suo, et montium fundamenta comburet.

 23 I will heap evils upon them, and will spend my arrows among them.
Congregabo super eos mala, et sagittas meas complebo in eis.

 24 They shall be consumed with famine, and birds shall devour them with a most bitter bite: I will send the teeth of beasts upon them, with the fury of creatures that trail upon the ground, and of serpents.
Consumentur fame, et devorabunt eos aves morsu amarissimo : dentes bestiarum immittam in eos, cum furore trahentium super terram, atque serpentium.

 25 Without, the sword shall lay them waste, and terror within, both the young man and the virgin, the sucking child with the man in years.
Foris vastabit eos gladius, et intus pavor, juvenem simul ac virginem, lactentem cum homine sene.

 26 I said: Where are they? I will make the memory of them to cease from among men.
Dixi : Ubinam sunt? cessare faciam ex hominibus memoriam eorum.

 27 But for the wrath of the enemies I have deferred it: lest perhaps their enemies might be proud, and should say: Our mighty hand, and not the Lord, hath done all these things.
Sed propter iram inimicorum distuli : ne forte superbirent hostes eorum, et dicerent : Manus nostra excelsa, et non Dominus, fecit haec omnia.

 28 They are a nation without counsel, and without wisdom.
Gens absque consilio est, et sine prudentia.

 29 O that they would be wise and would understand, and would provide for their last end.
Utinam saperent, et intelligerent, ac novissima providerent.

 30 How should one pursue after a thousand, and two chase ten thousand? Was it not, because their God had sold them, and the Lord had shut them up?
Quomodo persequatur unus mille, et duo fugent decem millia? nonne ideo, quia Deus suus vendidit eos, et Dominus conclusit illos?

 31 For our God is not as their gods: our enemies themselves are judges.
Non enim est Deus noster ut dii eorum : et inimici nostri sunt judices.

 32 Their vines are of the vineyard of Sodom, and of the suburbs of Gomorrha: their grapes are grapes of gall, and their clusters most bitter.
De vinea Sodomorum, vinea eorum, et de suburbanis Gomorrhae : uva eorum, uva fellis, et botri amarissimi.

 33 Their wine is the gall of dragons, and the venom of asps, which is incurable.
Fel draconum vinum eorum, et venenum aspidum insanabile.

 34 Are not these things stored up with me, and sealed up in my treasures?
Nonne haec condita sunt apud me, et signata in thesauris meis?

 35 Revenge is mine, and I will repay them in due time, that their foot may slide: the day of destruction is at hand, and the time makes haste to come.
Mea est ultio, et ego retribuam in tempore, ut labatur pes eorum : juxta est dies perditionis, et adesse festinant tempora.

 36 The Lord will judge his people, and will have mercy on his servants: he shall see that their hand is weakened, and that they who were shut up have also failed, and they that remained are consumed.
Judicabit Dominus populum suum, et in servis suis miserebitur : videbit quod infirmata sit manus, et clausi quoque defecerunt, residuique consumpti sunt.

 37 And he shall say: Where are their gods, in whom they trusted?
Et dicet : Ubi sunt dii eorum, in quibus habebant fiduciam?

 38 Of whose victims they ate the fat, and drank the wine of their drink offerings: let them arise and help you, and protect you in your distress.
de quorum victimis comedebant adipes, et bibebant vinum libaminum : surgant, et opitulentur vobis, et in necessitate vos protegant.

 39 See ye that I alone am, and there is no other God besides me: I will kill and I will make to live: I will strike, and I will heal, and there is none that can deliver out of my hand.
Videte quod ego sim solus, et non sit alius Deus praeter me : ego occidam, et ego vivere faciam : percutiam, et ego sanabo, et non est qui de manu mea possit eruere.

 40 I will lift up my hand to heaven, and I will say: I live for ever.
Levabo ad caelum manum meam, et dicam : Vivo ego in aeternum.

 41 If I shall whet my sword as the lightning, and my hand take hold on judgment: I will render vengeance to my enemies, and repay them that hate me.
Si acuero ut fulgur gladium meum, et arripuerit judicium manus mea : reddam ultionem hostibus meis, et his qui oderunt me retribuam.

 42 I will make my arrows drunk with blood, and my sword shall devour flesh, of the blood of the slain and of the captivity, of the bare head of the enemies.
Inebriabo sagittas meas sanguine, et gladius meus devorabit carnes; de cruore occisorum, de captivitate, nudati inimicorum capitis.

 43 Praise his people, ye nations, for he will revenge the blood of his servants: and will render vengeance to their enemies, and he will be merciful to the land of his people.
Laudate, gentes, populum ejus, quia sanguinem servorum suorum ulciscetur : et vindictam retribuet in hostes eorum, et propitius erit terrae populi sui.

 44 So Moses came and spoke all the words of this canticle in the ears of the people, and Josue the son of Nun.
Venit ergo Moyses, et locutus est omnia verba cantici hujus in auribus populi, ipse et Josue filius Nun.

 45 And he ended all these words, speaking to all Israel.
Complevitque omnes sermones istos, loquens ad universum Israel,

 46 And he said to them: Set your hearts on all the words, which I testify to you this day: which you shall command your children to observe and to do, and to fulfill all that is written in this law:
et dixit ad eos : Ponite corda vestra in omnia verba, quae ego testificor vobis hodie : ut mandetis ea filiis vestris custodire et facere, et implere universa quae scripta sunt legis hujus :

 47 For they are not commanded you in vain, but that every one should live in them, and that doing them you may continue a long time in the land whither you are going over the Jordan to possess it.
quia non incassum praecepta sunt vobis, sed ut singuli in eis viverent : quae facientes longo perseveretis tempore in terra, ad quam, Jordane transmisso, ingredimini possidendam.

 48 And the Lord spoke to Moses the same day, saying:
Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen in eadem die, dicens :

 49 Go up into this mountain Abarim, (that is to say, of passages,) unto mount Nebo, which is in the land of Moab over against Jericho: and see the land of Chanaan, which I will deliver to the children of Israel to possess, and die thou in the mountain.
Ascende in montem istum Abarim, id est, transitum, in montem Nebo, qui est in terra Moab contra Jericho : et vide terram Chanaan, quam ego tradam filiis Israel obtinendam, et morere in monte.

 50 When thou art gone up into it thou shalt be gathered to thy people, as Aaron thy brother died in mount Hor, and was gathered to his people:
Quem conscendens jungeris populis tuis, sicut mortuus est Aaron frater tuus in monte Hor, et appositus populis suis :

 51 Because you trespassed against me in the midst of the children of Israel, at the waters of contradiction in Cades of the desert of Sin: and you did not sanctify me among the children of Israel.
quia praevaricati estis contra me in medio filiorum Israel ad aquas contradictionis in Cades deserti Sin : et non sanctificastis me inter filios Israel.

 52 Thou shalt see the land before thee, which I will give to the children of Israel, but thou shalt not enter into it.
E contra videbis terram, et non ingredieris in eam, quam ego dabo filiis Israel.

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