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Stripes must not exceed forty. The ox is not to be muzzled. Of raising seed to the brother. Of the immodest woman. Of unjust weight. Of destroying the Amalecites.

 1 If there be a controversy between men, and they call upon the judges: they shall give the prize of justice to him whom they perceive to be just: and him whom they find to be wicked, they shall condemn of wickedness.
Si fuerit causa inter aliquos, et interpellaverint judices : quem justum esse perspexerint, illi justitiae palmam dabunt : quem impium, condemnabunt impietatis.

 2 And if they see that the offender be worthy of stripes: they shall lay him down, and shall cause him to be beaten before them. According to the measure of the sin shall the measure also of the stripes be:
Sin autem eum, qui peccavit, dignum viderint plagis : prosternent, et coram se facient verberari. Pro mensura peccati erit et plagarum modus :

 3 Yet so, that they exceed not the number of forty: lest thy brother depart shamefully torn before thy eyes.
ita dumtaxat, ut quadragenarium numerum non excedant : ne foede laceratus ante oculos tuos abeat frater tuus.

 4 Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out thy corn on the floor.
Non ligabis os bovis terentis in area fruges tuas.

 5 When brethren dwell together, and one of them dieth without children, the wife of the deceased shall not marry to another: but his brother shall take her, and raise up seed for his brother:
Quando habitaverint fratres simul, et unus ex eis absque liberis mortuus fuerit, uxor defuncti non nubet alteri : sed accipiet eam frater ejus, et suscitabit semen fratris sui :

 6 And the first son he shall have of her he shall call by his name, that his name be not abolished out of Israel.
et primogenitum ex ea filium nomine illius appellabit, ut non deleatur nomen ejus ex Israel.

 7 But if he will not take his brother's wife, who by law belongeth to him, the woman shall go to the gate of the city, and call upon the ancients, and say: My husband's brother refuseth to raise up his brother's name in Israel: and will not take me to wife.
Sin autem noluerit accipere uxorem fratris sui, quae ei lege debetur, perget mulier ad portam civitatis, et interpellabit majores natu, dicetque : Non vult frater viri mei suscitare nomen fratris sui in Israel, nec me in conjugem sumere.

 8 And they shall cause him to be sent for forthwith, and shall ask him. If he answer: I will not take her to wife:
Statimque accersiri eum facient, et interrogabunt. Si responderit : Nolo eam uxorem accipere :

 9 The woman shall come to him before the ancients, and shall take off his shoe from his foot, and spit in his face, and say: So shall it be done to the man that will not build up his brother's house:
accedet mulier ad eum coram senioribus, et tollet calceamentum de pede ejus, spuetque in faciem illius, et dicet : Sic fiet homini, qui non aedificat domum fratris sui.

 10 And his name shall be called in Israel, the house of the unshod.
Et vocabitur nomen illius in Israel, Domus discalceati.

 11 If two men have words together, and one begin to fight against the other, and the other's wife willing to deliver her husband out of the hand of the stronger, shall put forth her hand, and take him by the secrets,
Si habuerint inter se jurgium viri duo, et unus contra alterum rixari coeperit, volensque uxor alterius eruere virum suum de manu fortioris, miseritque manum, et apprehenderit verenda ejus :

 12 Thou shalt cut off her hand, neither shalt thou be moved with any pity in her regard.
abscides manum illius, nec flecteris super eam ulla misericordia.

 13 Thou shalt not have divers weights in thy bag, a greater and a less:
Non habebis in sacculo diversa pondera, majus et minus :

 14 Neither shall there be in thy house a greater bushel and a less.
nec erit in domo tua modius major, et minor.

 15 Thou shalt have a just and a true weight, and thy bushel shall be equal and true: that thou mayest live a long time upon the land which the Lord thy God shall give thee.
Pondus habebis justum et verum, et modius aequalis et verus erit tibi : ut multo vivas tempore super terram, quam Dominus Deus tuus dederit tibi.

 16 For the Lord thy God abhorreth him that doth these things, and he hateth all injustice.
Abominatur enim Dominus tuus eum qui facit haec, et aversatur omnem injustitiam.

 17 Remember what Amalec did to thee in the way when thou camest out of Egypt:
Memento quae fecerit tibi Amalec in via quando egrediebaris ex Aegypto :

 18 How he met thee: and slew the hindmost of the army, who sat down, being weary, when thou wast spent with hunger and labour, and he feared not God.
quomodo occurrerit tibi, et extremos agminis tui, qui lassi residebant, ceciderit, quando tu eras fame et labore confectus : et non timuerit Deum.

 19 Therefore when the Lord thy God shall give thee rest, and shall have subdued all the nations round about in the land which he hath promised thee: thou shalt blot out his name from under heaven. See thou forget it not.
Cum ergo Dominus Deus tuus dederit tibi requiem, et subjecerit cunctas per circuitum nationes in terra, quam tibi pollicitus est : delebis nomen ejus sub caelo. Cave ne obliviscaris.

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