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Job declares the shortness of man's days: and professes his belief of a resurrection.

[1] Man born of a woman, living for a short time, is filled with many miseries. [2] Who cometh forth like a flower, and is destroyed, and fleeth as a shadow, and never continueth in the same state. [3] And dost thou think it meet to open thy eyes upon such an one, and to bring him into judgment with thee? [4] Who can make him clean that is conceived of unclean seed? is it not thou who only art? [5] The days of man are short, and the number of his months is with thee: thou hast appointed his bounds which cannot be passed.

[6] Depart a little from him, that he may rest, until his wished for day come, as that of the hireling. [7] A tree hath hope: if it be cut, it groweth green again, and the boughs thereof sprout. [8] If its root be old in the earth, and its stock be dead in the dust: [9] At the scent of water, it shall spring, and bring forth leaves, as when it was first planted. [10] But man when he shall be dead, and stripped and consumed, I pray you where is he?

[11] As if the waters should depart out of the sea, and an emptied river should be dried up: [12] So man when he is fallen asleep shall not rise again; till the heavens be broken, he shall not awake, nor rise up out of his sleep. [13] Who will grant me this, that thou mayst protect me in hell, and hide me till thy wrath pass, and appoint me a time when thou wilt remember me? [14] Shall man that is dead, thinkest thou, live again? all the days in which I am now in warfare, I expect until my change come. [15] Thou shalt call me, and I will answer thee: to the work of thy hands thou shalt reach out thy right hand.

[13] "That thou mayst protect me in hell": That is, in the state of the dead; and in the place where the souls are kept waiting for their Redeemer.

[16] Thou indeed hast numbered my steps, but spare my sins. [17] Thou hast sealed up my offences as it were in a bag, but hast cured my iniquity. [18] A mountain falling cometh to nought, and a rock is removed out of its place. [19] Waters wear away the stones, and with inundation the ground by little and little is washed away: so in like manner thou shalt destroy man. [20] Thou hast strengthened him for a little while, that he may pass away for ever: thou shalt change his face, and shalt send him away.

[21] Whether his children come to honour or dishonour, he shall not understand. [22] But yet his flesh, while he shall live, shall have pain, and his soul shall mourn over him.

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