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Sophar reproves Job, for justifying himself, and invites him to repentance.

[1] Then Sophar the Naamathite answered, and said: [2] Shall not he that speaketh much, hear also? or shall a man full of talk be justified? [3] Shall men hold their peace to thee only? and when thou hast mocked others, shall no man confute thee? [4] For thou hast said: My word is pure, and I am clean in thy sight. [5] And I wish that God would speak with thee, and would open his lips to thee,

[6] That he might shew thee the secrets of wisdom, and that his law is manifold, and thou mightest understand that he exacteth much less of thee, than thy iniquity deserveth. [7] Peradventure thou wilt comprehend the steps of God, and wilt find out the Almighty perfectly? [8] He is higher than heaven, and what wilt thou do? he is deeper than hell, and how wilt thou know? [9] The measure of him is longer than the earth, and broader than the sea. [10] If he shall overturn all things, or shall press them together, who shall contradict him?

[11] For he knoweth the vanity of men, and when he seeth iniquity, doth he not consider it? [12] A vain man is lifted up into pride, and thinketh himself born free like a wild ass's colt. [13] But thou hast hardened thy heart, and hast spread thy hands to him. [14] If thou wilt put away from thee the iniquity that is in thy hand, and let not injustice remain in thy tabernacle: [15] Then mayst thou lift up thy face without spot, and thou shalt be steadfast, and shalt not fear.

[16] Thou shalt also forget misery, and remember it only as waters that are passed away. [17] And brightness like that of the noonday, shall arise to thee at evening: and when thou shalt think thyself consumed, thou shalt rise as the day star. [18] And thou shalt have confidence, hope being set before thee, and being buried thou shalt sleep secure. [19] Thou shalt rest, and there shall be none to make thee afraid: and many shall entreat thy face. [20] But the eyes of the wicked shall decay, and the way to escape shall fail them, and their hope the abomination of the soul.

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