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Josias destroyeth idolatry, repaireth the temple, and reneweth the covenant between God and the people.

[1] Josias was eight years old when he began to reign, and he reigned one and thirty years in Jerusalem.
Octo annorum erat Josias cum regnare coepisset, et triginta et uno anno regnavit in Jerusalem.

[2] And he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, and walked in the ways of David his father: he declined not, neither to the right hand, nor to the left.
Fecitque quod erat rectum in conspectu Domini, et ambulavit in viis David patris sui : non declinavit neque ad dextram, neque ad sinistram.

[3] And in the eighth year of his reign, when he was yet a boy, he began to seek the God of his father David: and in the twelfth year after he began to reign, he cleansed Juda and Jerusalem from the high places, and the groves, and the idols, and the graven things.
Octavo autem anno regni sui, cum adhuc esset puer, coepit quaerere Deum patris sui David : et duodecimo anno postquam regnare coeperat, mundavit Judam et Jerusalem ab excelsis, et lucis, simulacrisque et sculptilibus.

[4] And they broke down before him the altars of Baalim, and demolished the idols that had been set upon them: and be cut down the groves and the graven things, and broke them in pieces: and strewed the fragments upon the graves of them that had sacrificed to them.
Destruxeruntque coram eo aras Baalim : et simulacra, quae superposita fuerant, demoliti sunt : lucos etiam, et sculptilia succidit atque comminuit : et super tumulos eorum, qui eis immolare consueverant, fragmenta dispersit.

[5] And he burnt the bones of the priests on the altars of the idols, and he cleansed Juda and Jerusalem.
Ossa praeterea sacerdotum combussit in altaribus idolorum, mundavitque Judam et Jerusalem.

[6] And in the cities of Manasses, and of Ephraim, and of Simeon, even to Nephtali he demolished all.
Sed et in urbibus Manasse, et Ephraim, et Simeon, usque Nephthali, cuncta subvertit.

[7] And when he had destroyed the altars, and the groves, and had broken the idols in pieces, and had demolished all profane temples throughout all the land of Israel, he returned to Jerusalem.
Cumque altaria dissipasset, et lucos, et sculptilia contrivisset in frustra, cunctaque delubra demolitus esset de universa terra Israel, reversus est in Jerusalem.

[8] Now in the eighteenth year of his reign, when he had cleansed the land, and the temple of the Lord, he sent Saphan the son of Eselias, and Maasias the governor of the city, Joha the son of Joachaz the recorder, to repair the house of the Lord his God.
Igitur anno octavodecimo regni sui, mundata jam terra, et templo Domini, misit Saphan filium Eseliae, et Maasiam principem civitatis, et Joha filium Joachaz a commentariis, ut instaurarent domum Domini Dei sui.

[9] And they came to Helcias the high priest: and received of him the money which had been brought into the house of the Lord, and which the Levites and porters had gathered together from Manasses, and Ephraim, and all the remnant of Israel, and from all Juda, and Benjamin, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem,
Qui venerunt ad Helciam sacerdotem magnum : acceptamque ab eo pecuniam, quae illata fuerat in domum Domini, et quam congregaverant Levitae, et janitores de Manasse, et Ephraim, et universis reliquiis Israel, ab omni quoque Juda, et Benjamin, et habitatoribus Jerusalem,

[10] Which they delivered into the hands of them that were over the workmen in the house of the Lord, to repair the temple, and mend all that was weak.
tradiderunt in manibus eorum, qui praeerant operariis in domo Domini, ut instaurarent templum, et infirma quaeque sarcirent.

[11] But they gave it to the artificers, and to the masons, to buy stones out of the quarries, and timber for the couplings of the building, and to rafter the houses, which the kings of Juda had destroyed.
At illi dederunt eam artificibus, et caementariis, ut emerent lapides de lapicidinis, et ligna ad commissuras aedificii, et ad contignationem domorum, quas destruxerant reges Juda.

[12] And they did all faithfully. Now the overseers of the workmen were Jahath and Abdias of the sons of Merari, Zacharias and Mosollam of the sons of Caath, who hastened the work: all Levites skillful to play on instruments.
Qui fideliter cuncta faciebant. Erant autem praepositi operantium Jahath et Abdias de filiis Merari, Zacharias et Mosollam de filiis Caath, qui urgebant opus : omnes Levitae scientes organis canere.

[13] But over them that carried burdens for divers uses, were scribes, and masters of the number of the Levites, and porters.
Super eos vero, qui ad diversos usus onera portabant, erant scribae, et magistri de Levitis janitores.

[14] Now when they carried out the money that had been brought into the temple of the Lord, Helcias the priest found the book of the law of the Lord, by the hand of Moses.
Cumque efferrent pecuniam, quae illata fuerat in templum Domini, reperit Helcias sacerdos librum legis Domini per manum Moysi.

[15] And he said to Saphan the scribe: I have found the book of the law in the house of the Lord: and he delivered it to him.
Et ait ad Saphan scribam : Librum legis inveni in domo Domini : et tradidit ei.

[16] But he carried the book to the king, and told him, saying: Lo, all that thou hast committed to thy servants, is accomplished.
At ille intulit volumen ad regem, et nuntiavit ei, dicens : Omnia quae dedisti in manu servorum tuorum, ecce complentur.

[17] They have gathered together the silver that was found in the house of the Lord: and it is given to the overseers of the artificers, and of the workmen, for divers works.
Argentum, quod repertum est in domo Domini, conflaverunt : datumque est praefectis artificum, et diversa opera fabricantium.

[18] Moreover Helcias the priest gave me this book. And he read it before the king.
Praeterea tradidit mihi Helcias sacerdos hunc librum. Quem cum rege praesente recitasset,

[19] And when he had heard the words of the law, he rent his garments:
audissetque ille verba legis, scidit vestimenta sua :

[20] And he commanded Helcias, and Ahicam the son of Saphan, and Abdon the son of Micha, and Saphan the scribe, and Asaa the king's servant, saying:
et praecepit Helciae, et Ahicam filio Saphan, et Abdon filio Micha, Saphan quoque scribae, et Asaae servo regis, dicens :

[21] Go, and pray to the Lord for me, and for the remnant of Israel, and Juda, concerning all the words of this book, which is found: for the great wrath of the Lord hath fallen upon us, because our fathers have not kept the words of the Lord, to do all things that are written in this book.
Ite, et orate Dominum pro me, et pro reliquiis Israel et Juda, super universis sermonibus libri istius, qui repertus est : magnus enim furor Domini stillavit super nos, eo quod non custodierint patres nostri verba Domini ut facerent omnia quae scripta sunt in isto volumine.

[22] And Helcias and they that were sent with him by the king, went to Olda the prophetess, the wife of Sellum the son of Thecuath, the son of Hasra keeper of the wardrobe: who dwelt in Jerusalem in the Second part: and they spoke to her the words above mentioned.
Abiit ergo Helcias, et hi qui simul a rege missi fuerant, ad Oldam prophetidem, uxorem Sellum filii Thecuath filii Hasra custodis vestium, quae habitabat in Jerusalem in Secunda : et locuti sunt ei verba, quae supra narravimus.

[23] And she answered them: Thus saith the Lord the God of Israel: Tell the man that sent you to me:
At illa respondit eis : Haec dicit Dominus Deus Israel : Dicite viro, qui misit vos ad me :

[24] Thus saith the Lord: Behold I will bring evils upon this place, and upon the inhabitants thereof, and all the curses that are written in this book which they read before the king of Juda.
Haec dicit Dominus : Ecce ego inducam mala super locum istum et super habitatores ejus, cunctaque maledicta, quae scripta sunt in libro hoc, quem legerunt coram rege Juda.

[25] Because they have forsaken me, and have sacrificed to strange gods, to provoke me to wrath with all the works of their hands, therefore my wrath shall fall upon this place, and shall not be quenched.
Quia dereliquerunt me, et sacrificaverunt diis alienis, ut me ad iracundiam provocarent in cunctis operibus manuum suarum, idcirco stillabit furor meus super locum istum, et non extinguetur.

[26] But as to the king of Juda that sent you to beseech the Lord, thus shall you say to him: Thus saith the Lord the God of Israel: Because thou hast heard the words of this book,
Ad regem autem Juda, qui misit vos pro Domino deprecando, sic loquimini : Haec dicit Dominus Deus Israel : Quoniam audisti verba voluminis,

[27] And thy heart was softened. and thou hast humbled thyself in the sight of God for the things that are spoken against this place, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and reverencing my face, hast rent thy garments, and wept before me: I also have heard thee, saith the Lord.
atque emollitum est cor tuum, et humiliatus es in conspectu Dei super his quae dicta sunt contra locum hunc, et habitatores Jerusalem, reveritusque faciem meam scidisti vestimenta tua, et flevisti coram me : ego quoque exaudivi te, dicit Dominus.

[28] For now I will gather thee to thy fathers, and thou shalt be brought to thy tomb in peace: and thy eyes shall not see all the evil that I will bring upon this place, and the inhabitants thereof. They therefore reported to the king all that she had said.
Jam enim colligam te ad patres tuos, et infereris in sepulchrum tuum in pace : nec videbunt oculi tui omne malum, quod ego inducturus sum super locum istum, et super habitatores ejus. Retulerunt itaque regi cuncta quae dixerat.

[29] And he called together all the ancients of Juda and Jerusalem.
At ille convocatis universis majoribus natu Juda et Jerusalem,

[30] And went up to the house of the Lord, and all the men of Juda, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the priests and the Levites, and all the people from the least to the greatest. And the king read in their hearing, in the house of the Lord, all the words of the book.
ascendit in domum Domini, unaque omnes viri Juda et habitatores Jerusalem, sacerdotes et Levitae, et cunctus populus a minimo usque ad maximum. Quibus audientibus in domo Domini, legit rex omnia verba voluminis :

[31] And standing up in his tribunal, he made a covenant before the Lord to walk after him, and keep his commandments, and testimonies, and justifications with all his heart, and with all his soul, and to do the things that were written in that book which he had read.
et stans in tribunali suo, percussit foedus coram Domino ut ambularet post eum, et custodiret praecepta, et testimonia, et justificationes ejus in toto corde suo, et in tota anima sua, faceretque quae scripta sunt in volumine illo, quod legerat.

[32] And he adjured all that were found in Jerusalem and Benjamin to do the same: and the inhabitants of Jerusalem did according to the covenant of the Lord the God of their fathers.
Adjuravit quoque super hoc omnes, qui reperti fuerant in Jerusalem et Benjamin : et fecerunt habitatores Jerusalem juxta pactum Domini Dei patrum suorum.

[33] And Josias took away all the abominations out of all the countries of the children of Israel: and made all that were left in Israel, to serve the Lord their God. As long as he lived they departed not from the Lord the God of their fathers.
Abstulit ergo Josias cunctas abominationes de universis regionibus filiorum Israel : et fecit omnes, qui residui erant in Israel, servire Domino Deo suo. Cunctis diebus ejus non recesserunt a Domino Deo patrum suorum.

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